Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Agony No Parent Should Endure.

When 14-year-old Hazrill Reemey Eng, breathed his last after being struck by lightning while seeking shelter at a park in USJ16, Subang Jaya, during a downpour on Thursday he set into motion a series of emotional shock waves that devastated his family, causing grief and anguish to his friends and schoolmates and sadness to his fellow citizens.

I felt for the parents when I first read about the unfortunate, tragic accident. It is a terrible event that most of us can connect to. Children are not supposed to die that young. He had a whole lifetime ahead of him but fate had different ideas and snatched him away to be united with the Lord.

Hazrill is the eldest of four siblings. He has a brother, Mohd Daniel Aniq, 12, and two sisters, Nur Diana, nine, and two-year-old Nelly Adlina. Said his father, Mohd Hushaini Eng, "he was my first child. He was not only my son. For 14 years he was like a friend and now he’s gone." I felt like crying when I read that. I've got only one child, a daughter nearly six months old and I know how precious she is to my wife and I. Here they've raised their firstborn for 14 years, only to see his lifeless body, ravaged by lightning.

Hazrill died on his mother's birthday, a day that will never again be celebrated by her or her family; it will be an annual day of mourning, stocktaking and resolving to put the past behind and soldier on for the sake of their other children.

No parent should be subjected to the agony of this kind of loss. I remember when the son of Carlos Menem, the former President of Argentina, died in a helicopter crash in 1995. A South American leader in his eulogy said that it is sad enough for a son to grieve his father's bereavement but never should any father be subjected to the mental torture of witnessing his son's funeral. That line somehow struck a chord and I've often thought about it and have for the first time shared it with others.

I pray along with other Malaysians that Hazrill's family members have the courage to endure this great sorrow and may The Merciful God bless his soul.


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