Sunday, May 28, 2006

One Man's News Is Another Man's Ignorance.

The time is 7.50pm in Malaysia. The news around the nation is about the police crackdown on a peaceful public demonstration in KL. That's what I thought when I went through several internet sites such as Harakah, Malaysiakini as well as the blogs.

But surprise, surprise the mainstream online papers including the Malaysian mother of all information, BERNAMA is absolutely quiet on the whole incident. It never took place mate!, seems to be their opinion.

Bernama's headline news at this time:
-- Death Toll In Yogyakarta Quake Reaches 4,000
-- MRCS, Mercy Malaysia Appeal For Donations For Indonesian Quake
-- NNN Fast Gaining Acceptance, Says Bernama
-- Malaysia Ready To Help Indonesian Quake Victims
-- It's Confirmed - Palanivel Takes On Subra For MIC No. 2 Post

**** And the list goes on and on and on, BUT no mention of any DEMO!!

Check out the NST: NEWS UPDATES (time now is 8.04pm)

Enforcement efforts drive illegal compact disc operators out of business - May 28, 7pm
Critical allowance for teachers serving in remote areas under review - May 28, 5:22pm
Tax refund within a month under E-filing system - May 28, 5:12pm

Why you not surprised aaah? No news about the police action here too!!

But hey there's always the Star right? The gutsy MCA paper. Sure they'll have something what?

From executive to street peddler
DPM’s wife rejects ‘misyar’ marriage
All our students in Yogyakarta safe
Samy: I gave Subra kiss of life
They thought it was another tsunami
Bollywood causes snarl
Cashing in on the direct sales boom
No fangs out, just wide smiles and lots of warmth
For 30 hours, the young and the old fast for a good cause
Make Felda handicraft fit for Harrods, urges Najib

Ooops! Wrong again. No change of news since morning. All on leave perhaps?

Welcome to the land of the blind where NO news is good news!


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