Sunday, December 23, 2007

Inwardly Ecstatic Gerakan To 'Act' Against Paranjothy Over 'Sensitive' Remarks

Gerakan has initiated disciplinary action against its Youth vice-chief S. Paranjothy over his racially sensitive remarks against Umno.

Gerakan acting president Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said Sunday the party viewed the matter seriously and that the case has been referred to the Disciplinary Committee for a decision on the action to be taken before it was to be brought to the party's Central Working Committee (CWC).

He said the action against Paranjothy could be in the form of a suspension or explusion from the party. "We will abide by the party's procedure before deciding on the form of action to be taken," he told a news conference at the Gerakan state head office here.

Paranjothy is alleged to have issued a press statement claiming that he was not happy with Umno and the way Indians in the country were being treated.

Koh said Paranjothy had disregarded the team spirit in Gerakan because as the party's Youth vice-chief he should have consulted other party leaders before making a major statement.

"His action is clearly contrary to my advice for Gerakan to always find constructive solutions to all problems, no matter how difficult, including matters related to the problems faced by the Indians," he added.

He regarded as inappropriate Paranjothy's open verbal "attack" of another BN component party. (Bernama)

***** It must be the best kept 'open secret' in Malaysian politics that whenever a courageous non-Malay politician publicly ticks off Umno, the non-Malay parties in the BN coalition almost to a man and woman silently nod in agreement. "That bugger got balls maah!" must be their innermost thought. "Good for him, at least he showed the arrogant racist bastards in Umno their place," would be their next hidden opinion.

This is followed a day later by uneasy mutterings, growls of disapproval and cries for blood from the middle rung idiots of Umno before the Big 2 speak their piece and ask for action to be taken. The leader of the offending component party then hauls in the outspoken one and has a word or two with him. "I know that you're absolutely right when you termed these Umno motherf*****s as racists. I know it, you know it, the whole bloody world knows it! But you simply can't go public and tell it as it is. Now you have no choice but to retract your statement and say sorry before Pak Lah or Najib haul your ass up. Also to make it look like we are sincerely upset, we'll for a time suspend you. But confidentially speaking, you've done a great job and have a bright future in our party. Keep it up, young man."

The courageous one is then cajoled into acting out the BN sandiwara for all to see and be amused. That may soothe prickly Umno egos but in fact the damage has already been done and the thinking public will realise that yet another salvo against race discrimination has been fired accurately at the hitherto invulnerable racist target, Umno, and the echo of that attack has reverberated around the globe. And there will be near universal support from the non-Malays for the brave one's scathing criticism of Umno.

Well done S. Paranjothy, you truly deserve a Datuk Seri title for a job well done.
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UPDATE: Paranjothy stands by his statement.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gerakan, you have shown that you are an opportunist with no backbone. When one of your Chinese member criticised the govenrment, you said that is his opinion. No actions were taken. Now when Paranjothy said something, what is the big Hoo Haa in taking action against him. Just close the story and say that is his opinion.

Dont be a 2 edged sword. A sly and a fox. That is Gerakan now. Remember, you got to have principles, then only people will support your party. What you have done is very hypocritic. Dr. Koh, you as an educated man, you know there is problem with the Indians. Why haven't you done anything. I guess, you are busy fishing for Chinese votes.

Remember, at least Paranjothy has backbone. You BN fools think through your arse. How could the country progress if the truth is not upheld. Since Gerakan is practising double standards,then in that case better for Khairi Jamaluddin to go to Penang and say not much is done for the Malays. You bloody stupid Chinese Gerakan, "United we Stand, Divided we Fall" You should stand by Paranjothy. His comment was exactly the same opinion of your Central Working Committee.

Hypocrit Gerakan.

12:31 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Geronimo said...

First UMNO hammered the Indians. Now Gerakan. What next?

6:30 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has been and always will be the Useless Malays No Otak (UMNO) attitude and modus operandi from 1958 on. Remember the Memo handed by the 10 last year?

The Malay psyche entrenched in ocean deep inferiority complex feels "safe" when others are marginalised, compliant, and submissive.

Malays are generally descendants of Hindu Malaya then who are so ashamed of their past every effort and endeavour is made to erase the true historical facts and implement Arabisation. Hence the utter hatred for the bulk of Indians who are Hindus. Makes them feel oh so superior to see Indians as the lowest labourers while the Malays themselves have embraced BRAHMINISM! Sheeeesh!!

9:16 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Either Paranjothy will get the sack or DPM will have to sort him out!
We need more Paranjothys"...however...

10:02 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who asked for the truth again and again? Really??

6:47 PM GMT+8  

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