Friday, December 21, 2007

Mohammed Is Second Most Popular Name In UK

In multicultural Britain, Mohammed is the second most common name for boys after Jack, while Grace is the most popular name for girls.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed the most popular spelling - Mohammed, after the founder of Islam Prophet Mohammad-- had climbed five places to 17th in the annual list of top baby names.

However, when the seven other spellings of the name are taken into account, the total comes to 6,347 babies, making it the second most popular name of the year - up from 5,936 last year.

Although Jack topped the list with 6,772 babies, that figure fell 156 on last year, meaning if this trends continues next year, Mohammed and its variant spellings would become the most popular name in England and Wales.

The other spellings are Muhammad, Mohammad, Muhammed, Mohamed, Mohamad, Muhamed and Mohammod.

The last national census in 2001 had put the UK Muslim population at 1.6 million.

The official figures from the ONS tallies with a similar survey on baby names published by Bounty, the parenting club, earlier this week.

They confirmed Grace was the most popular name given to girls, pushing last year's top name, Olivia, to third spot.

These were separated by Ruby which is believed to have been given a boost by singer Charlotte Church, who picked the name for her daughter who was born in September.

The rest of the top five was made by Emily, which rose one place to number four and Jessica, which was last year's number three.

The celebrity factor also reflected in the top 50 with Jayden, the highest new entry for boys at 32, up from 68 last year, while Ava moved up 23 places in the girls' rankings to 41.

Jayden's rise could be attributed to Jaden Smith, son of movie star Will Smith, who appeared alongside his father in The Pursuit of Happiness.

Ava's surge in popularity is believed to be influenced by Myleene Klass, who named her daughter Ava in August.

An ONS spokesman said Leona almost trebled in popularity, with 238 babies given the name in 2007, following Leona Lewis winning last year's X Factor show.

Summer entered the girls' top 50 this year, rising 15 places to 44, replacing Anna and Paige, which dropped out of the list.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This shows a good sign that UK is a Muslim country in the making. So are France etc.

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