Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hindraf Supporters Shave Their Heads In Protest

A group of ethnic Indians shaved their heads on Thursday as over 100 protesters gathered near the Malaysian capital demanding the release of five of their leaders.

The leaders were detained under a controversial security law for raising their voice against alleged marginalisation of the community.

The protesters gathered at the Batu Caves Hindu temple compound and offered prayers for the early release of the Hindu Rights Action Front (Hindraf) leaders.

The leaders had been held at a detention camp in Kamunting, about 200 km from here, under the Internal Security Act, which allows authorities to hold people without trial for a minimum period of two years.

At least 16 Indians shaved their heads on the banks of a nearby river and walked to the temple, carrying posters of Mahatma Gandhi.

The act of shaving their head was a protest against the ISA detention and also as a prayer for their early release, activists gathered there said.

The fresh protests came an ethnic Indian minister, who had vociferously condemned the protests called by Hindraf, admitted that the recent street demonstrations had prompted the community to raise the unresolved issues faced by it and had affected the loyalty of Indians towards the government to a certain degree.

Malaysia Indian Congress president Samy Vellu said there were Indians who began questioning why the issues raised by the community had not been resolved by the government.
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Anonymous SM said...

Did Semi Value really say that? That's tantamount to admitting that he & the MIC have not done their job all these years!
Say what you may about HINDRAF, it's because of them that EVERYONE is taking notice not only of the Indians here but also the unfair racial policies are finally coming out in the open!

9:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SAMY is facing a dilemma now. He is unable to Deliver BN Indian Votes and Fearful of Protest Votes was advised by UMNO Youth Hishamuddin to Send MIC youths on Nationwide 1-week Tour for Damage Control.
It has finally dawn and sunk on Samy Vellu and his MIC stalwarts that the recent HINDRAF uprising has greatly affected his ability to deliver the votes in the coming GE which might greatly affect a number of marginal seats in which the Indians votes might hold sway for the BN candidates. The BN think tank is fearful of these “protest votes” and the UMNO Youth through its leader Datuk Hishamuddin has advised the MIC youths to do a quick “damage control” exercise and go on a Nation wide tour to correct the change in “loyalty”. The hurt and damage would be difficult to correct & erase now and this is more so with the five Hindraf icons safely locked up in Kamunting. What has been done cannot be so easily undone within a week.
More details
Go H E R E

and see why Indians got "hot" on Hindraf rally day

11:19 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Time to go said...

I hope the government loses many seats. I hope that would be a testimony of their sheer arrogance. I hope they learn their lessons. My biggest hope is for Samy Vellu to lose to anyone.
I am disgusted to call him as the community leader. Malaysia should be like Australia. If we dont like a government, we should be able to kick the government out. The people's power does not exist because of the monopoly of the BN.
The losers are the Malaysians. Anyhow, I hope the big boys of BN loses as a protest. I hope BN learns to treat everyone with respect irrespective of race, religion and creed.

11:25 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Trishul said...

I just wish the opposition takes the opportunity wisely.


9:30 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...


I agree with you guys. However, one thing to remember...the BN is not stupid!
The Opposition have to unite. PAS, DAP & Keadilan have to be able to work together & not screw up each other! This is the best chance they have in a long time.
The BN will use whatever means they can in winning & we know how they are don't we?
However, the Opposition will have to show us that they can come up with a reasonable line-up.
Yes, the Australians kicked out Howard & a few days ago the ANC kicked their President.
The question is - Malaysia boleh?

10:54 AM GMT+8  

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