Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dr Mahathir Quizzed By ACA In 'Lingamgate' Investigations

The ACA have interviewed former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad as part of their investigation into a scandal over judicial appointments.

Mahathir, whose critics say he presided over a weakening of the judiciary during his 22 years in power, said on Saturday that three officials had come to interview him on Friday for about an hour. He did not reveal the questions or his answers.

"The anti-corruption agency interviewed me and asked me questions and I answered them," the 82-year-old, who retired as leader in late 2003, told reporters.

The government has ordered a royal commission of inquiry into allegations that a lawyer with connections to government played a role in influencing judicial appointments.

It followed the release in September by opposition figure Anwar Ibrahim of a video said to have been recorded in 2002 and purporting to show the lawyer boasting to a judge over the phone of his ability to influence appointments.

In Malaysia, judicial appointments are made by the king, on the advice of the prime minister, though the Malaysian Bar Council has been lobbying for years for a special commission to handle the appointment of judges, free from politics.

Mahathir has always denied he sought to interfere in the judicial process during his rule, though Malaysian justice has been dogged since the late 1980s by the perception that it is not free from government interference.

Asked on Saturday for his criteria in appointing judges, Mahathir said he had only considered their judicial merits.

"Obviously when you promote people, you have to look into their qualifications, also their background and performance when they were magistrates," he said after launching a book at his think-tank in the administrative capital of Putrajaya.

Mahathir said he would also appear, if required, to give evidence at public hearings of the royal commission of inquiry. The hearings are scheduled to begin next month.

"Well, if I am required to testify, if the law requires I should testify, I cannot say no," he said. (Source - Reuters India)

****** Will anything come out of this ACA investigation or is it just part of a sandiwara to lull the average Malaysian into thinking that our government is serious in having an independent judiciary? Your guess is as good as mine.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mamak Mahathir is the who screwed up the Judiciary System. Now when the damage was done, he is pretending to be a good boy. Mamak Mahathir, you never let anything to be independent. You stuck your ass into everything.

You have socially engineered Malaysia into a corrupted country. Everyone including your sons made their money by raping the country.

5:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He should not had been questioned by the aca. This Malay Jew should instead be questioned by the Gestapo and then hauled off to the Dachau death camp

9:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am perplexed to hear him say in Readers digest about Indian and Chinese being immigrant race. Even Tunku was asked to go back to Siam (his mother siamese) when he retorted to the famous Seenivasgam to go back to India.
It is ironic to reflect Mahathir of Indian stock and of Immigrant race himself thinks that he is an Original piece of this earth.

12:15 PM GMT+8  

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