Friday, August 31, 2007

President Bush Praises Pak Lah, Says PM's Leadership "Very Constructive Force For Region"

President George W. Bush has described Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's leadership as a very constructive force for Southeast Asia.

He said Malaysia was an interesting example of how a free society could deal with movements that could conceivably change and alter the nature of the free society.

"I respect the way the prime minister has used freedom and the openness of society to deal with frustration. I mean, all societies have frustrated people. The question is will the outlet of that frustration lead to violence or peace," Bush said in a rare roundtable Thursday with five journalists from Asia Pacific, including Bernama.

"Malaysia is an example of a country where frustrations have been channelled in a positive way.

"I respect Prime Minister Badawi, admire his leadership," Bush, who met Abdullah at the White House in 2004, said when commenting on Abdullah's leadership in handling extremism and terrorism in the country.

Abdullah is a proponent for moderation, advocating Islam Hadhari (Civilisational Islam) in Malaysia and everywhere he goes.

The camaraderie between the two leaders could be seen when the president said: "When his wife (the late Datin Seri Endon Mahmood) died, I tried to call him early just to let him know I cared about him."

When told that Abdullah had remarried, Bush appeared surprised and said: "Has he? Good. I'll congratulate him. Thanks for giving me that heads-up. I'm going to congratulate him. That's neat.

When told by his aide that he did congratulate the prime minister, Bush laughed at his memory lapse and said: "Exactly. I'm going to congratulate him again. I'll double the congratulations."

He later admitted that he forgot and asked his aide whether he had called or written a note to the prime minister. He was told that he had written a note. "That's right, yes. (I also) sent him a couple of flowers," Bush said.

The president congratulated Malaysia on its 50th Independence Day Friday, and said he looked forward to continuing meaningful discussions on the bilateral free trade agreement with the United States' 10th largest trading partner.

The two countries are currently negotiating a free trade agreement. Talks have hit a snag over financial services, intellectual property, competition policies, government procurement and labour.
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Israeli Scientists Discover Antioxidant To Combat Wrinkles

Israeli scientists have developed a new method for fighting skin wrinkles.

Scientists at the Hebrew University and the Bar-Ilan University succeeded in isolating a plant-based antioxidant that delays the aging process by countering the breakdown of collagen fibers in the skin, according to a report Thursday on the science news website of Alpha-Galileo.

Antioxidants operate against free radicals found in small quantities in the body which cause a breakdown of many tissues such as the collagen and elastin fibers in the body, including the skin and when this happens, there is a loss of skin elasticity and the formation of wrinkles, according to leading research Dr. Orit Bossi from the Hebrew University.

"A problem with many of the commercial antioxidants found today in the market that are said to retard the aging process is that they oxidize quickly and therefore their efficiency declines with time," Bossi was quoted as saying.

According to the researchers, Vitamin C oxidizes rapidly and is sensitive to high temperatures, so is the antioxidant EGCG which is found in green tea, and vitamin E. But the antioxidant they used in research is able to withstand high temperatures, soluble in water, and does not oxidize easily and thus remains effective over time.

However the researchers did not reveal the plant source they used to derive the antioxidant, since the research is in the process of being patented, the report said.

The researchers conducted experiments on mice skin tissue which resembles that of humans by applying the antioxidant on two skin cell groups - those which had been exposed to the sun's rays and received the antioxidant and those which also had been exposed to sun but did not receive the antioxidant.

The results showed that the untreated cells showed a rise in free radicals causing wrinkles, while those cells which had been treated showed no significant increase in the free radicals level. The researchers are looking towards a new generation of cosmetic products which will not only combat wrinkles but will be more effective against deeper levels of skin wrinkles than current products. (Xinhua)
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

National Laughing Stock Maika Holdings - Well Beyond The Long Arm Of The Law

Former MIC deputy president Datuk S. Subramaniam was shoved around during a heated exchange between rival groups of shareholders at the 24th annual general meeting of Maika Holdings here Thursday.

Subramaniam, who was furious after being prevented from putting up a suggestion to Maika Holdings chairman Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdul Manaf, walked out of the hall, accompanied by several of his supporters and returned about 15 minutes later.

One shareholder, who attempted to throw curry powder at others, was apprehended and taken out of the hall. He suffered a gash on the head while resisting. He asked to see the former deputy president and only went away after being assured by Subramaniam that he was all right.

Another shareholder, S. Nadarajah caused a furore when he said that the AGM was conducted in a gangster-style manner. He, however, later apologised for making the comments.

Officials said about 900 shareholders attended the annual general meeting, the first time that such a huge number had turned up in the company's history.
Abdul Rashid had a tough time controlling the meeting with shareholders from the rival camps; one aligned with MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu and the other with Subramaniam, shouting at each other.

Despite the heated exchanges, the meeting went on smoothly, with Abdul Rashid replying to the questions put forward by the various shareholders including DAP's Ipoh Barat MP M. Kulasegaran.

At about 1pm, the shareholders were asked to vote on the various resolutions including one calling for the sale of the insurance company Oriental Capital Assurance Bhd for RM129.8 mil. Maika's management claimed that the sale of OCAB would enable the company to clear its outstanding debts and repay the shareholders who wanted to withdraw their investments.

Speaking to reporters later, Subramaniam said he was pushed when he tried to put forward a suggestion at the meeting.

He said he was not opposed to the sale of OCAB but wanted Maika should give the first option to an Indian community-linked company or cooperative so that its majority stake would remain in the community's hands. (TheStar Update)

***** Maika Holdings stands out prominently and embarrassingly as the prime legacy of the numero uno samseng of Malaysia's increasingly marginalized Indian community. It is a monument to the deceit and cruel hoax perpetrated on poor and gullible Indians who in a moment of illusory optimism paid out good money on a stillborn bad deal.

To this very day the samseng's squad of goons have successfully prevented anyone from questioning the loss and diversion of hundreds of millions of ringgit. They have effectively clamped down, smothered and bludgeoned 'troublesome' answer seekers, while time and time again proving that in the Malaysian context they are a power and law unto themselves.

If you think that Umno is bad, it's probably because you've not realized how much worse the MIC and its deeply entrenched band of gangsters and hoodlums really are.
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Update: Subra Lodges Police Report On Him Being Roughed Up At Maika AGM.

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Well Done SAC (I) Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff

Police have arrested two men under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for allegedly sending SMSes to spread rumours about race riots in the state. The two men, in their 20s, were arrested yesterday following police reports lodged over the matter over the past few days.

It is learnt that more are expected to be picked up as investigations into the case progressed.

Acting state police chief Senior Asst Comm (I) Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff confirmed the arrests and said investigations were being carried out under Section 28 of the Internal Security Act. “I wish to stress here that security in the state is under control and that the SMSes and e-mails being circulated are purely rumours and malicious,” he said.

SAC I Mokhtar said the police would not hesitate to take action against anyone for spreading or forwarding such messages including investigating them under the ISA.

It is learnt that as a precautionary measure, police have stepped up patrols around the city and have even increased roadblocks.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said that there was no truth to the rumours of a race riot in the country. He said the SMS messages of racial clashes in Pasir Gudang, Johor, which had been circulating since Monday were “lies, lies and nothing more than lies.”

***** That was indeed fast! As many of you would be aware, one such SMS which was circulated claimed that that the kaum India would be causing trouble and perpetrating violence at Pasir Gudang. It advised that Malays be very careful, exercise vigilance and stay indoors or at least away from that area on the 29th and 30th of August! I wonder what could have been the purpose of implicating one race group and scaring another and could there be some bigger dalang behind these SMS-sending idiots?

It is to the credit of the acting Johor CPO Mohd Mokhtar that he has taken speedy action and nabbed the guilty rumour mongering bastards. The authorities should now proceed to immediately charge these scum in court and let them languish in jail without continuing to resort to the ISA.

In the past fortnight as our newspapers have been reporting, the acting CPO has cracked down on criminals on several fronts. This is in sharp contrast to the earlier chap (I wonder what happened to him) when the Johor police looked jaded and lethargic. These days we find few opportunities to congratulate the police, especially its senior officers. We need efficient pegawai2 kanan like Mohd Mokhtar. Well done.
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Bootlicking Sycophancy At Its Worst - Khairy Selected To Hoist Malayan Flag In Re-Enactment!

From today's TheStar:
Umno deputy youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin is used to having thousands of eyes watch his every move and thinks nothing of it.
However, what he has been asked to do tonight has got him feeling like a bundle of nerves.

He has been given the important task of hoisting the Malayan flag during the re-enactment of the countdown to independence, which occurred at Dataran Merdeka in 1957, when an Umno Youth member hoisted the flag.

Tomorrow night, he will carry the Declaration of Independence to be handed over to the VIPs at the mammoth Merdeka celebration at Merdeka Stadium.

“I am scared, really. I have been practising and wanting to get it perfectly right. This is huge and makes the Merdeka more meaningful to me personally,” said Khairy when met during a rehearsal at Merdeka Stadium last night.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim were also present at the rehearsal.

Khairy said he received a call from Umno Youth leader Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein a few weeks ago who informed him of the “duties.”

“I was overwhelmed then, and I still am,” he added.

***** Are we so short of eligible, deserving and talented young Malay men that we have to depend on a political opportunist to hoist the flag? His only qualification is that of being a notoriously high profile son-in-law of the Prime Minister.

The bootlickers in Umno of whom there are literally thousands, merely to ingratiate themselves to the party president have selected, despite I'm sure their very private reservations, this totally undeserving character to do the honours. Those
servile and obsequious 'pemimpin' who go crawling on all fours to the 'hallowed' offices at level 4 Putrajaya, should be ashamed of themselves at this blatant display of pure, unadulterated sycophancy.

And this Khairy character proudly claims to 'struggle' for maruah bangsa when those that surround him and his father-in-law do not have even the slightest idea of what it means to have maruah! Maruahless baruahs.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Bunch Of Religious Loonies

The powerful Sanatan Dharma Mahasabha (SDM) in Trinidad and Tobago has joined forces with other religious groups to protest the government's decision to install condom vending machines in the country.

SDM secretary general Satnarayan Maharaj said the move would encourage promiscuity. "Condom vending machines would encourage the development of a condom culture in society," Maharaj said.

Maharaj has called the condom vending machines "a bogus rationale" in the fight against illicit sexual activity and by extension, the fight against HIV/AIDS. There are 520,000 Indo-Trinidadians in this country. (Daily News & Analysis)

***** No one religion has monopoly over fanatics and softheaded imbeciles. At least on that score all religions have something in common. To these zealots, it does not matter if millions over the next decade die of HIV/AIDS as long as their religious convictions and conscience is soothed by the total elimination of one practical defence against the deadly HIV virus, the humble condom.

Sometimes I really wonder if religion is the root of all evil.
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Royal Malaysia Police Now 'Famous' In Indonesia!

Police are still investigating a report on an alleged assault by four plainclothes policemen on an Indonesian karate official at Nilai near here early Friday morning.

Negeri Sembilan Police Chief Datuk Mohd Noh Kandah said the case was investigated under Section 323 of the Penal Code for causing hurt.

"We have received two reports regarding the incident, one from the victim and the other from the police," he said when contacted Tuesday.

However, he declined to comment on the incident which had received extensive coverage in the Indonesian newspapers, especially Sinar Harapan.

The official, who is Indonesia's chief karate umpire Donald Pieter Luther Kolopita, was allegedly handcuffed and assaulted by four men said to be policemen while walking back to his hotel in Nilai.

Kolopita was here to attend the recently concluded 8th Asian Karate Championship at the Nilai Indoor Stadium.

The Indonesian team pulled out from the championship at the last minute due the alleged assault.

Kolopita alleged that four men, said to be policemen, had jumped out of a van, arrested and beat him up while onlookers dared not come to his aid.

Meanwhile, Negeri Sembilan Youth and Sports Action Committee chairman Datuk Jamlus Aziz said the state government viewed the case seriously and asked police to speed up their investigations. (Bernama)

***** As if the IGP doesn't have enough on his hands, now this criminal act by our cops threatens to become an international incident. But if Zak Mad Deros can get away scot free from dozens of charges in court, one wonders if the same should not apply to samseng policemen. After all if guilty-as-hell politicians are not punished why should low level policemen be brought to book? Semuanya will ultimately be ok! Unless of course our abang2 in Jakarta decide to do a little testicle squeezing.
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Related report: President Yudhoyono calls on Malaysia to punish Indonesian referee's attackers.

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California Senate Opens With Hindu Prayer

The California Senate heard a Hindu opening prayer on Monday, the first in its 157 years history, when Hindu chaplain Rajan Zed recited the Gayatri and other ancient Sanskrit mantras.

Starting with "Om", the mystical syllable containing the universe, which in Hinduism is used to introduce and conclude religious work, he read from the Rig Veda.
He also delivered from the Bhagavad Gita and ended the prayer with the last mantra of Rig Veda, before concluding with "Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti", which he then translated as "Peace, Peace, Peace be unto all".

Before starting the prayer, he sprinkled Gangajal (holy water from river Ganga in India) on the podium. Zed, after reciting the original lines in Sanskrit, then read the English translation of the verses.

Reverend Canon James D. Richardson, Chaplain of California State Senate, introduced Rajan Zed while Don Perata, Senate President Pro Tem; Senator Christine Kehoe (San Jose) and Senator Elaine Alquist (San Diego) personally welcomed him. "This day of August 27, 2007, is an esteemed day for all Californians and momentous day for us when opening prayers from ancient Hindu scriptures are being read in this majestic hall of democracy," Zed remarked.

Zed created history on July 12 last when he opened the United States Senate session in Washington DC with a Hindu prayer for the first time in its 218 years history. (Rediff News)

***** An excellent example of religious tolerance which should by right be emulated everywhere. But try that here and you'll probably usher in World War 3 or a 21st century version of May 13.
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PM Gets It Wrong Again, Says "Malaysia Neither Secular Nor Theocratic Country"

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says the application of Islam Hadhari does not mean Malaysia is a theocratic country. "The Islam Hadhari approach is a guide to the government in implementing its responsibility in a fair and just manner to all Malaysians.

"The Islam Hadhari approach also fulfills the need to preserve harmony in a multi ethnic and multi religious country," he added. "The government which I am leading is a government based on the principles of Parliamentary democracy and is responsible to Parliament," he said.

He said at the same time the Cabinet which is made up of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, Christians and others approach in a consensus manner to discuss and produce national development policies.

Abdullah said the government always paid attention and implemented what is best to preserve unity and the people's interest including ensuring each Malaysian is free to practise their religion. "All quarters receive aid from the government, whether they are Mosques, Surau's, Temple or Churches. The country's development has been implemented fairly, without any ethnic community or religious community being oppressed," he said.

Abdullah said this was what was meant by his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, when he said that Malaysia was an Islamic country. He added that this was the sort of administration used by the Malaysian government for the last 50 years. "This unique formula has been successfully tested and I don't see why a government formed such a way could not be continued into the future," Abdullah said. "I also reject the argument that this is against the social contract which was decided together by our leaders in the past," he added.

He reminded all that the Federal Constitution was formulated and undertaken in an understanding and cooperative manner by the three largest communities during their struggle to achieve independence and only contains articles which take into account the the needs of various communities to live in a peaceful manner.

"For example, even though Islam is the official religion of the Federation, the adherents of other religions are free to practice their religion. "The application of Islamic principles in the country's administration which I have stated earlier has in no way changed the Social Contract or the basis of our Constitution," Abdullah stressed.

He added the government allows the space to various quarters to voice their views. "However it is absolutely wrong if certain quarters thought that such a space has no limitation," Abdullah said.

He said it was not the government's intention to bar the freedom to voice views but any act or words which could whip up emotions or anger among the various communities in the country would have exceeded the freedom allowed. "We must be aware that there is too much at stake, economic, political and social stability that could be destroyed if religious or ethnic sensitivity is not taken into account," Abdullah said, adding that was the reason why the government would not hesitate to take legal action when certain quarters who abused freedom of speech.

In a written reply to Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur), Abdullah reiterated that Malaysia is neither a secular nor a theocratic country.

"Malaysia is an Islamic country which is administered based on the principles of Islam and at the same time holds strong to the principles of Parliamentary democracy guided by the highest law of the land - The Federal Constitution," said Abdullah. (The Sun)

***** After that long-winded beating around the bush, expressing untenable, old arguments ad nauseam interspersed with feel-good terms and Umno-style catchphrases, nowhere in his speech does he justify his statement that Malaysia is neither
a secular nor a theocratic country. The part where Pak Lah tries to get Najib off the hook for unwisely declaring that Malaysia is an Islamic state is a classic example of pathetic obfuscation.

It's more like an exercise in avoiding getting to the point of the issue. It is indeed very, very difficult to counter the well founded reasons given by neutral, internationally renowned legal experts who firmly maintain that "secular we are and secular we have always been." The heart may yearn for a theocratic state but the legal provisions and constitutional stipulations deem otherwise and clearly point to the direction of a de facto and de jure secular nation, with or without Islam Hadhari.
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All Malaysians Have Equal Rights To Quality Education - Najib. Rights Yes, But No Opportunities Lah Bradder!

All Malaysians have equal rights to quality education regardless of race and religion, and they also deserve at least 11 years of formal education.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said this after receiving the inaugural ABE-Edward de Bono International Gold Medal (the Educator) Award 2007 at a special ceremony here tonight.

Since the country gained its independence 50 years ago, he said, education always sat on top of the government's agenda and many professionals had been produced out of it. He said: "Each and every Malaysian must enjoy the right to have quality education... and that right is a process that has taken place in our education system."

And more universities and private colleges were built to provide better access to tertiary education, he added.

Najib was elected to be the first recipient of the award in recognition of his vast contribution to the development of quality and excellent education in Malaysia and elsewhere.

Among his noted contributions are the roles he played in promoting Malaysia as the education hub and broadening the base of education by expanding educational facilities to rural areas which has benefited the children of Felda settlers, among others.

During his tenure as the education minister from 1995 to 1999, the education system was improved with better teaching and learning methods. He was also instrumental in establishing the Higher Education Fund Corporation to help students pursue university studies.

The citation was read out by ABE committee member Datuk Seri Azim Mohd Zabidi.

Tonight's award was the second presented by ABE to Najib for his achievements and contributions to education after the Stockton Award at the first Conference of the Malaysian Export Council in May 1999. Najib said the Educator Award was not for him personally but a recognition to all Malaysians who believe in education. (Bernama)

***** So Umno treasurer, Bukit Bintang Umno chief and Bank Simpanan Nasional chairman Azim Zabidi was instrumental in dishing out this 'award'! And I had actually thought that some bona fide mat salleh organisation had somehow unknowingly made a gross blunder. Silly me.

Of course no one can dispute the fact which Najib stated so eloquently that "
all Malaysians have equal rights to quality education regardless of race and religion." No arguments on that score. But do those rights translate into real opportunities in this fair and just land of ours? One must be both blind and deaf and a little retarded mentally to claim that all Malaysians have equal opportunities to quality education. (Whether we truly provide quality education in the first place is in itself highly debatable, but let us not belabour the issue.)

In all the years that Najib was education minister the one thing I can vividly remember was his live telecasted announcements of the PMR(SRP), SPM and STPM results from the homes of selected top Malay students. That was the height of rank opportunism and political pimping.

If truth be said, Najib like the ministers before and after him had 'contributed' to the deterioration of our already low education standards by attempting to change the system for his own political gain. For far too long has the education ministry been the playground of ambitious Prime Minister wannabes and the damage they have done to the nation is much more than what many 'treasonous' ISA detainees are accused of.
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Monday, August 27, 2007

When Did Nazri Become A Public Relations Officer For The Chief Justice?

Read this typical Nazri spin, this time on behalf of the Chief Justice. Read it and laugh or shake your head in disgust.
The rulers did not object to the list of potential candidates for the post of Chief Justice of Malaya at their recent conference as claimed by some parties, Minister at the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz said today. "They (the Conference of Rulers) did not object but they did raise some points," he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi would be making an announcement on the appointment soon, he told reporters after the official opening of the new RM270 million court complex by Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin in Jalan Duta here.

Nazri said Abdullah met Tuanku Mizan last Wednesday to discuss the list of potential candidates to fill the post which had been vacant since the retirement of Tan Sri Siti Norma Yaakob on Jan 5.

On another issue, Nazri said the writing of judgements was not the only criterion to promote judges. There were other criteria like patience and hard work which were considered before a person got his promotion, he said when asked to comment on a judge who was said to have failed to write 33 judgments.

Earlier, Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, in his speech, said that having all the courts under one roof would reduce the backlog of cases. "Both the prosecution and the lawyers can be in court for a case which doesn't take up much time and then hop over to another court to continue with another case. At least in this court complex, cases that don't take up much time need not be postponed," he said.
***** Common sense will tell you that a judge who failed to write 33 judgments cannot even remotely be described as hardworking. What does Nazri take the public for? Day by day the credibility of our politicians, judges (especially the Chief Justice) and the public institutions are going down the longkang. When will redemption come?
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Osama Bin Laden - Good Example Of 'A Miss Is As Good As A Mile'

United States troops in Afghanistan came so close to discovering Osama bin Laden in the winter of 2004-2005 that his supporters were on the verge of killing him to prevent his capture, Newsweek reported on Sunday.

Bin Laden's entourage, ordered to kill the al-Qaeda chief and themselves to avoid capture, were about to take the drastic action using a special code word when nearby US troops moved off in a different direction, the magazine said in its latest issue on sale on Monday.

"If there's a 99 percent risk of the sheikh (Bin Laden) being captured, he told his men that they should all die and martyr him as well," Newsweek quoted Egyptian al-Qaeda operative Sheikh Said as telling Taliban official Omar Farooqi.

The near-miss by US forces occurred on the lawless border area between Afghanistan and Pakistan, the magazine reported.

In its cover story on the six-year-old search for Bin Laden, the alleged mastermind of the September 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, Newsweek also said the intense US search for him has made little progress in several years.

"There hasn't been a serious lead on Osama bin Laden since early 2002," Bruce Reidel, a retired CIA South Asia expert, told the magazine. "What we're doing now is shooting in the dark in outer space. The chances of hitting anything are zero," said an unidentified intelligence official.

The publication also reported that US security officials believe al-Qaeda is still planning dramatic attacks on the West comparable to 9/11. (Independent Online)
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Keng Yaik's Indirect Advice To Umno - "No Racist Agenda Please"

In a very diplomatic speech, the political veteran and Gerakan adviser Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik has advised 'Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties' to focus more on the national agenda instead of communal interest.

While Dr Lim studiously avoided naming Umno as the number one and possibly sole culprit with a blatantly racist agenda in BN, he in general terms said that "of late, the component parties seemed to be much inclined to safeguarding racial interest, hence diverting from the main objective of BN's formation, that was, to focus on the national development agenda for the interest of all communities."

"They have forgotten why BN was established in 1974, and I remember Tun Abdul Razak (the Prime Minister then) calling on all component parties to unite for the sake of people and country," he said when opening the Penang Gerakan annual delegates' conference here Sunday.

Dr Lim said BN members were too comfortable with the country's prosperity that they had forgotten the basis of the coalition's formation. "Seeing this trend, Gerakan thus has a role to bring back the BN to its original struggle," he added.

He said if all component parties only pursued their own communal agenda, then the national development goals would not be achieved.

"I'm directing this at all parties, whether they are looking after the interest of the Malays, Chinese or Indians. Gerakan is not the champion for any particular race but for all Malaysians," he said.

***** Although he said that he was directing his advice at all BN component parties, there is no doubt that it was exclusively meant for the berjuanging Umno warlords. I mean, who else is nowadays indulging in this ethnic one-upmanship for petty political benefit other than Umno?

Realistically speaking, given the quality of MCA leaders these days, it is a great surprise that they are actually performing fairly well in their ministerial and party duties. But the good news stops there. They seem quite contented to be passengers in the ship of government, leaving the smooth or rough sailing in the hands of their Umno Tuans. It is beyond their capacity to champion communal interests openly and neither do they have the individual or collective clout to see through any purely ethnic agenda. They know it and so do their Tuans.

As for the other major race-based party, the one-man-show that is the MIC, their president Samy Vellu is too busy focusing on enriching bumi businessmen with multi-billion ringgit government contracts. In fact he is probably more pro-Malay than some of the sandiwara practising Umno politicians out to make fortunes for themselves. And in any case, the MIC like the present MCA is nothing but an errand boy of the real masters of the nation.

So who was
Dr Lim referring to in his speech on racist shit-stirrers and those with malevolent communal agendas?
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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Temasek Holdings To Buy LSE Stakes From Nasdaq?

Temasek Holdings, the Singapore government-owned investment agency, has approached Nasdaq to buy its 30 percent stake, worth 800 million pounds, in the London Stock Exchange, a newspaper reported on Sunday.

The Sunday Times said in an unsourced report that Temasek had made the approach in recent days and the deal could lead to a full takeover of the LSE by the Singaporean investor.

On August 20, Nasdaq Stock Market said it might sell its stake in the LSE to bolster its chances of buying Nordic exchange operator OMX and it was already in touch with interested parties.
The U.S. exchange company said later in the day in a statement that it would not sell its LSE stake to a single buyer.

The newspaper said several parties, including the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, may enter the fray as well as investment and infrastructure funds.
In a separate report, the Observer newspaper said, quoting an investment banker, that Nasdaq was seeking to sell up to half of its LSE stake to Deutsche Boerse .

Nasdaq, eager to expand its presence in overseas markets, is locked in a $4 billion bidding war with Borse Dubai for OMX, which owns exchanges in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and the Baltic states. Temasek and Nasdaq were not immediately reachable.

***** It looks like the Singapore chaps are making strategic moves worldwide and are consolidating their financial position and progressing in leaps and bounds, while unfortunately we .......
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Chinese Connection In Race Row Over Monument To Martin Luther King Jr

A place has been prepared for a monument to the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr on the most hallowed ground in America. But the nature of that memorial is causing a dispute that threatens to sully the memory of a man renowned for his intent to unite people.

The rumpus is over the ethnicity of the sculptor who will carve the monument. A Chinese sculptor has been chosen to carve a monument three storeys high on the National Mall in Washington, where it will be placed between the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials. But a loose-knit and growing group of critics is demanding that a black sculptor, or at least an American, should have been chosen. The protesters have been joined by human rights advocates who say King would have abhorred the Chinese government's record on religious and civil liberties.

Gilbert Young, a black painter from Atlanta who has launched a website and a petition to try to change the project, said: "I believe that black artists have the right to interpret ourselves first. If nobody steps up to the plate to do that, then certainly pass it along to someone else."

The memorial foundation directing the project seems surprised at the criticism. Ten of the 12 people on the committee that chose the sculptor, Lei Yixin, are black. Lei is working closely on the design with two black sculptors in the US, organisers said, and the overall project is being directed by a black-owned architectural firm.

Lei has carved monuments to many of China's national figures, including Mao Tse-tung. Ann Lao, a native of China now living in Los Angeles bristles at the human rights record of her home country and said King would never condone its policies. The granite used for the statue is likely to be mined by workers labouring in unsafe and unfair conditions, the human rights activist said.

Lao, Young and others plan to present their online petition to legislators in Washington next month in an effort to force the foundation to reconsider the project. The monument is scheduled to be completed in 2009.

It was 44 years ago on Tuesday that Dr King delivered his "I have a dream..." speech. (The Independent On Sunday)

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Super Greedy Rehda Refuses To Build Low-Cost Houses, Asks Govt To Review Policy

The greedmongers which the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (Rehda) Malaysia has proved to be, has asked the government to review the policy requiring developers to put up 30 per cent low-cost units in housing estates they develop, says Bernama.

Rehda President Ng Seing Liong said this was because Syarikat Perumahan Negara Berhad, Jabatan Perumahan Negara and state agencies were also actively delivering affordable or low-cost housing to the people. "Since there are already agencies building low-cost houses, we just want the government to review the policy. That's all. There is no other reason," he said, adding that the request had nothing to do with a recent call by Rehda for an increase in the price of low-cost houses, from RM42,000 to RM60,000.

Basically what this avaricious 'gentleman' is saying is that "hey, it's not our business to cater for the frigging poor. Let the government do it. We wanted to charge a higher rate for this bloody low-cost crap and the 'heartless' kerajaan said 'no'. So we're not going to do it. Our business is to make money, tons and tons of it and we're not going to share it or spend even a sen of it on anyone, least of all on the poor disgraceful sods who want to stay in low-cost houses."

Grand meeting of the vultures:

Ng spoke to reporters after chairing the 7th meeting of the Malaysian Developers Council. The meeting was also attended by Sabah Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (Shareda) President Kong Kwok Wah and Sarawak Housing and Real Estate Developers Association (Sheda) President William Wei How Sieng.

, Ng reportedly said Rehda would abide by the advice of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi not to increase the price of low-cost houses and that the association would not raise the matter again.

But today after consultations with fellow vultures, Ng also urged the government not to implement the proposed automated pricing mechanism to regulate the prices of cement and steel bars because Rehda felt that it was not fair for developers to take on the burden of the production cost of materials incurred by manufacturers.
He said the two major construction materials should be made available in the free market, giving developers the alternative to look for cheaper materials, even importing them.

One group of vultures envious of another more privileged vulture group:

Ng also said that developers should not be asked to provide utility facilities such as water piping system and electrical poles in housing estates, which would later be taken over by the public utility companies for collection of revenue.
"As the utility companies are privatised entities and profit-driven, private developers should not be made to contribute to their infrastructure expenditure and capital contribution," he said.

***** Every bugger is out to make as much as he can while the Malaysian sun still shines or at least until the 'sun'-in-law arrives in strength to darken the sky.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cabinet Creates New Federal Territories Awards. Let's See How Many Umno Warlords And Towkays Are Honoured

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong will confer new awards, honours and medals specially for the Federal Territories in conjunction with the Federal Territories' anniversary celebration beginning next year.

Chief Secretary to the Government, Tan Sri Sidek Hassan said they were proposed by Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin who felt that this was necessary as the Federal Territories did not bestow awards and honours like the other states.

He said the Cabinet at its meeting on July 25 agreed to create the Darjah Yang Mulia Mahkota Wilayah's family comprising Seri Mahkota Wilayah (SMW) which carries the title "Datuk Seri," Panglima Mahkota Wilayah (PMW) which carries the title "Datuk," Johan Mahkota Wilayah (JMW), Kesatria Mahkota Wilayah (KMW), Ahli Mahkota Wilayah (AMW) and Pingat Pangkuan Mahkota Wilayah (PPW).

The number of annual recipients of the awards, honours and medals is restricted to 250 with the investiture ceremony next year to be held at Istana Negara here.

Of the awards, the Seri Mahkota Wilayah is limited to 25 recipients, PMW (75), JMW (200) while the number recipients for other awards are not predetermined.
Sidek said the total number of recipients was not definite and could be added with the approval of the Cabinet.

The conferment of the honours' list would be arranged by the Federal Territories Ministry with the cooperation of the Protocol and International Conference Secretariat of the Prime Minister's Department, he said in a statement today.

He said the proposal was based on the opinion that since its declaration in 1974, Federal Territories had recorded robust growth with three regions under its ambit, namely Kuala Lumpur, Labuan (1984) and Putrajaya (2001).

"Taking into consideration the large population of the Federal Territories besides its status as the main `gateway' of the country's administration and development, it was appropriate that the honours' list be accorded to honour and recognise the contribution of Federal Territories' residents as well as non-residents," he said.

Nominations are opened in several categories namely the civil service, local authorities and statutory bodies, private sector, associations, volunteer and sport bodies, foreign citizens, armed forces and police personnel and members of political parties.

The forms will be distributed beginning Aug 30 and the closing date is Oct 15. The forms are also posted on the Federal Territories Ministry's website. (Bernama)

This must be great news for the Federal Territories Minister! The earlier portfolio holder was crying his heart out because the KL Mayor had effectively consolidated his hold on the many multi-million ringgit contracts dished out by City Hall. Despite the machinations of the FT Umno to get the Minister to be the approving authority for contracts or at least share the spoils, the PM poured cold water on their hopes and plans, thus leaving the Mayor to make his own fortune unharassed.

Now like manna from syurga this award thingy has landed on the lap of what must be a very grateful and deliriously happy FT Minister. The only damper to this easy money making venture could be if unfortunately His Majesty, the Agong himself has to approve and sign the Honours list. It's not like Malacca where the CM could lean on the governor and dole out nearly 90 datukships, half of which went to Umnoputeras who helped him get elected as party vice-president.

In any case let us just wait and see how many dedicated and charitable workers in volunteer organisations, high achieving sportspersons and the really deserving in various fields are honoured with high awards. Going by the past record in most states, chances are the lowly
Pingat Pangkuan Mahkota Wilayah would be thrown down to the genuine, deserving candidates while the datuk titles will be reserved for mesyuarat attending senior civil servants, berjuanging umnoputeras, money and gift-bearing towkays and a few feel-good recipients like the Malaysian astronauts, climbers of hills and mountains and swimmers of straits and channels who are Umno members.

I would personally recommend the highest award for the Attorney-General and the Chief Justice for jointly placing Malaysia on the world legal map and providing much input for intellectual discussion in legal circles in many truly democratic countries as well as in law journals and newspapers from East to West. So what if the legal fraternity
frowns upon the actions of the above two luminaries? As far as we are concerned semuanya OK and Malaysia Boleh! That's all that matters. Who cares about pengkhianat like the Malaysian Bar Council? None of their office bearers are going to be honoured on this or any other list if we can help it.
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Friday, August 24, 2007

Lord Zam Says That "Bloggers Are Like Karaoke Singers!"

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin today likened bloggers to karaoke singers who take pleasure in their own singing but have no influence although they claimed to have received millions of hits. He said some people might enjoy their "singing", especially those who shared their views, but many rejected them because they sang "out of tune" and their views were unacceptable to the majority of the people.

He said some of the bloggers were those who had once received the attention of the mainstream media, but were now rejected, and so had to find a new avenue to vent their frustration. However, not many people read their pieces.

"Anyway, I see this development as something positive because with the opportunity to "sing in the karaoke", they can relieve their tension and 'addiction'.
"It also provides alternative reading to the public besides making the country more politically matured," he told reporters.

Zainuddin said mercenary and frustrated bloggers who used the blog for their own interest as well as that of certain groups only served to worsen the situation.
"The unwise actions of some bloggers tarnish the name of professional bloggers who use technology to spread knowledge, academic discussion, interest in specific fields and other matters of interest to the society," he said.

Zainuddin, who is also the member of Parliament for Merbok, said that although there were numerous bloggers, the mainstream newspapers would ultimately hold sway over the majority of the people. "In fact most of the bloggers hope to be quoted by the mainstream media because they believe that the media can attract readers," he said. (Bernama)

***** Yes, yes Zam. You're absolutely right as usual - bloggers are unemployed ladies or faggots, useless gobloks and uninfluential karaoke singers. But then why the f*** are you so concerned about what they blog? Why do you and your ilk act as if you get the shivers when bloggers expose all the terrible misdeeds which take place in the name of bangsa, agama dan negara? And why is it that only you umnoputeras are so bugged about what is being blogged? I don't see the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other minor parties worrying about blogs. Something that you don't want revealed perhaps?

If bloggers are that discredited, why do you and the other like-minded halfwits in government spend so much of your time trying to convince the public not to believe them? If truth be told, the average Tom Dick and Khairy have more faith in the internet media and blogs than your government propaganda.
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DPP Drops All Charges Against Zakaria Mad Deros. No Reasons Given. Malaysia Boleh!

All 37 charges against controversial Port Klang assemblyman Datuk Zakaria Md Deros and five of his business partners instituted by the Companies Commission (CC) have been withdrawn.

The CC had taken Zakaria and the five to court by virtue of their position as directors of Harvest Court Industries Bhd and Titi Steel Sdn Bhd, which had contravened the Companies Act 1965.

Each charge could be punished with a fine of up to RM30,000 and five years jail.

They were charged for failing to notify of change of address, failing to hold annual general meetings, failing to submit financial statements and failing to submit profit-and-loss accounts.

Mozni Sham Ahmad and Joseph R. Samuel who appeared for Zakaria, his partners and the two companies said the charges were withdrawn because the "outstanding problems had been settled".

Companies Commission's prosecutor Azmil Haron told magistrate Fadzilatul Isma Ahmad Refngah that he had been instructed to withdraw the charges against the two companies and its directors. (TheStar Update)

***** Am I surprised? No! Will things change in the present situation? No! Are you above the law? No! Are members of Malaysian Royalty above the law? No! Are certain Umnoputeras above the law? You bet! So sad.
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Declaring September As 'Bahasa Malaysia Month' Is Undisguised And Shameless Umno Sandiwara

From The Malay Mail: Throughout next month, all quarters, especially ministers and community leaders, should give priority to Bahasa Malaysia usage.

Deputy Education Minister Datuk Noh Omar said their interaction and correspondence should be in the national language during the National Language and Literature Month 2007 from Sept 1 to 30.

“The success of this programme requires the involvement of all levels of society and not just school students, but the national leaders and public and private sector as well,” he said.

Themed Language the Soul of the Nation, the national-level programme will be launched by Education Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and Terengganu Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh at the Terengganu Trade Centre in Kuala Terengganu on Sept 8. An exposition with 80 booths featuring language, literature and other publications will be held from Sept 4 to 9.

The BBSN, held for the eighth time, is to boost usage and proficiency and highlight the beauty of the national language, as well as instil love for literature among the people. It is also aimed at strengthening unity and encouraging the publication of language and literary works as part of building a national identity.

In conjunction with the language month, Noh also asked the local authorities to be more sensitive and ensure the correct use of Bahasa Malaysia on signboards. “This will help educate the public in using the language correctly because the DBP itself has had no power to enforce this as the related Act has yet to be amended,” he added.

***** What nonsense! The above measures that our self-appointed guardians of bangsa, agama dan negara 'plan' to take, have been in place and very much active for at least the past forty years! If they are bringing up the subject now it is merely to promote themselves as the ones who genuinely 'pelihara' our national language. The things these buggers will do to fish for votes! What is the point in claiming to be the protectors of race, language and religion of the Malays when the country is being systematically looted by these very guardians? Do these crooks believe their own bullshit? I wonder.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Don't Compete With Men, Work With Them," Women Entrepreneurs Told. Do You Agree With This Advice?

Women do not need to compete with men in the fields they are venturing into but to join forces to achieve mutual success, said Sabah Assistant Industrial Development Minister Jainab Ahmad Ayid today.

She said the women in male-dominated fields could offer effective solutions to make the venture successful.

"The issue of gender equality has been talked about for a long time. But a lot of women are still striving to prove their capabilities in the male-dominated environment.

"Men should not feel threatened but should consider the involvement of women as an opportunity to help make the business a success," she said at the opening of a seminar for women entrepreneurs on palm oil-related business opportunities here today.

Among the speakers at the one-day seminar were representatives from state government-owned palm oil company, POIC Sabah Sdn Bhd, which is also the organiser of the seminar, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Small Medium Industry Development Corp and the Malaysian Palm Oil Board.

Some 200 women entrepreneurs participated in the seminar. (Bernama)

***** Women, in the recent past, have run rings around men in almost every field, despite the odds stacked against them. Not to mention the deeply ingrained prejudices. Therefore I wonder if it is sound advice to say that women should not compete with men. It's very easy to say "work with men" without providing any credible evidence that it actually helps to work with rather than compete against them.

Anyway these are just my thoughts on the subject. You're welcome to give yours here.
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Western Pop Stars Hassled In Malaysia Over Sexy Concert Routines

Justin Timberlake boasted about "bringing sexy back" in his recent hit, but he shouldn't try that in Malaysia.

Some of the world's top pop stars are holding concerts in Muslim-majority Malaysia this year, but they're facing growing pressure to keep skimpy outfits and steamy dance moves off the stage amid protests by conservative Islamic critics who believe liberal Western performances can corrupt youths, event organizers said Wednesday.

Gwen Stefani made what she called "a major sacrifice" by donning clothes that revealed little skin at a Kuala Lumpur performance Tuesday, after Muslim students and political activists called for her concert to be scrapped because of her sexy reputation.

Promoters have announced that R&B superstar Beyonce, who is also known for a sultry image, is scheduled to perform on Nov. 1, amid efforts to lure other big names such as Timberlake, Kylie Minogue and Aerosmith to this Southeast Asian country in the Visit Malaysia Year 2007.

"We've informed Beyonce's management about this issue of clothes, but it takes some of the fun out of it," said Razlan Ahmad Razali, chairman of Pineapple Concerts, which is organizing Beyonce's planned concert.

"Beyonce won't be able to do the kind of show here that she does elsewhere," Razlan told The Associated Press. "She's a fashion icon, and we know that she often wears miniskirts and clothes that expose her navel during her performances. It's a pity to restrict her, because her costumes are all tasteful and glamorous."

Grammy-winning hip-hop star Kanye West faced a different problem when he came to Kuala Lumpur in April because government officials said he should not perform one of his biggest hits, "Jesus Walks," due to religious sensitivities surrounding the title, Razlan said.

Malaysia's government guidelines for public performances require a female artist to cover up from the top of her chest to her knees, including her shoulders. Performers may not hug or kiss, and their clothes must not have obscene or drug-related images or messages.

A Pussycat Dolls concert last year caused its Malaysian organizers to be fined 10,000 ringgit after the U.S. girl group was accused of flouting decency regulations.

Such concerns have made Malaysia less appealing to some stars. A concert promoter, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said the hassle about clothes was one of the reasons that sultry U.S. pop diva Christina Aguilera skipped Malaysia during a recent Asian tour that included neighboring Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines.

The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, the country's biggest political opposition group, which accused Stefani of promoting promiscuity and corrupting youths, says it will probably protest further if Beyonce, Timberlake or Minogue perform here.

"Even with Gwen Stefani, we're not satisfied just because she covered up at the concert," said party official Kamarulzaman Mohamed. "Outside, she still wears sexy clothes and influences teenagers who idolize her. It's bad to have immoral artists visiting Malaysia." (International Herald Tribune)

***** Oh boy! Shades of the Taliban and worse! 'Malay-istan' perhaps?
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Indonesia Demands Action Over Abused Maids In Malaysia

The Indonesian government on Wednesday upped the pressure on Malaysia to take swift action against abusive employers after the death of an Indonesian maid working in Kuala Lumpur.

The beaten body of 24-year-old Kunasir was found last week. Police are currently investigating a Malaysian couple for her murder.

"We need the Malaysian government to take swift action on this case. This cannot go on as there are just too many cases where our people have been mistreated," said A.M. Fachir, the Indonesian deputy chief of mission here.

In another recent case, an Indonesian maid climbed out of the window of a high-rise apartment in the Malaysian capital to escape an abusive employer. Fachir pointed to another case of an Indonesian maid who escaped violent employers four years ago.

The abusers were charged by police but have not yet been tried in court, while the maid remains in limbo in Kuala Lumpur, Fachir told a press conference at the Indonesian embassy.

Fachir also said the law seemed to be weighted against domestic workers, citing a recent case where a maid caught stealing 800 dollars was jailed for seven years.
"But serious cases involving Malaysia employers have yet to be tried and many times forgotten," he said.

Malaysia relies heavily on foreign workers for menial jobs, and the Indonesian embassy says about 300,000 Indonesian maids are employed here.

While local authorities have denied abuses are on the rise, the Indonesian embassy said more than 1,000 abused or unpaid workers seek refuge in its compound every year.

In the press conference on Tuesday, Zulkifli Dahlan, president of Malaysia's Foreign Workers' Agencies Association, said Kunasir had not gone through the proper training and was thus more susceptible to exploitative employers. "Malaysia is trying very hard to clamp down on this and the government has given us the authority to stamp out these problems," he said. (Channel Newsasia)

***** I suppose that the attention of the authorities and the judiciary is now focused on the Mongolian model murder trial. It wouldn't look very good if the C4 users are freed on some pretext or the other while the cruel employer of foreign maids is severely punished. By right the government should make it clear that maid abusing is not on and those found guilty will face the harshest punishment. Make an example of a few of the really cruel bastards and hopefully the others will think twice before they resort to serious abuse of these vulnerable foreigners.
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