Friday, May 14, 2010

Sack This Unabashed Cop Lover

From today's TheStar.
Cuepacs has called on politicians, non-governmental organisations and the public to stop bashing the police and be fair to them.

Its secretary-general, Ahmad Shah Mohd Zin, said of late the police had been under relentless criticism from various quarters over isolated incidents.

“Certain quarters just jumped on the bandwagon to pour out a barrage of hatred against the police for which they do not really deserve. Most of the time they are doing a great job, but hardly honoured,” he said.

He hoped Malaysians would refrain from unfair criticism of the police as it would demoralise them without any mention of the gratitude so many feel for their work.
***** What is wrong with this guy Ahmad Shah Mohd Zin? Who is he to advise us about whether we should criticize the cops or not? Is he saying that the police is above the law and therefore have some sort of immunity? Or is he simply currying favour with the authorities as it is perhaps time for his next promotion? If the cops behave like thugs then they should be publicly berated and brought to book. THAT is accountability and not what this rear licker is advocating. Cuepacs should sack this self serving slime ball.

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