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PM Gets It Wrong Again, Says "Malaysia Neither Secular Nor Theocratic Country"

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says the application of Islam Hadhari does not mean Malaysia is a theocratic country. "The Islam Hadhari approach is a guide to the government in implementing its responsibility in a fair and just manner to all Malaysians.

"The Islam Hadhari approach also fulfills the need to preserve harmony in a multi ethnic and multi religious country," he added. "The government which I am leading is a government based on the principles of Parliamentary democracy and is responsible to Parliament," he said.

He said at the same time the Cabinet which is made up of Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, Christians and others approach in a consensus manner to discuss and produce national development policies.

Abdullah said the government always paid attention and implemented what is best to preserve unity and the people's interest including ensuring each Malaysian is free to practise their religion. "All quarters receive aid from the government, whether they are Mosques, Surau's, Temple or Churches. The country's development has been implemented fairly, without any ethnic community or religious community being oppressed," he said.

Abdullah said this was what was meant by his deputy, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, when he said that Malaysia was an Islamic country. He added that this was the sort of administration used by the Malaysian government for the last 50 years. "This unique formula has been successfully tested and I don't see why a government formed such a way could not be continued into the future," Abdullah said. "I also reject the argument that this is against the social contract which was decided together by our leaders in the past," he added.

He reminded all that the Federal Constitution was formulated and undertaken in an understanding and cooperative manner by the three largest communities during their struggle to achieve independence and only contains articles which take into account the the needs of various communities to live in a peaceful manner.

"For example, even though Islam is the official religion of the Federation, the adherents of other religions are free to practice their religion. "The application of Islamic principles in the country's administration which I have stated earlier has in no way changed the Social Contract or the basis of our Constitution," Abdullah stressed.

He added the government allows the space to various quarters to voice their views. "However it is absolutely wrong if certain quarters thought that such a space has no limitation," Abdullah said.

He said it was not the government's intention to bar the freedom to voice views but any act or words which could whip up emotions or anger among the various communities in the country would have exceeded the freedom allowed. "We must be aware that there is too much at stake, economic, political and social stability that could be destroyed if religious or ethnic sensitivity is not taken into account," Abdullah said, adding that was the reason why the government would not hesitate to take legal action when certain quarters who abused freedom of speech.

In a written reply to Lim Kit Siang (DAP-Ipoh Timur), Abdullah reiterated that Malaysia is neither a secular nor a theocratic country.

"Malaysia is an Islamic country which is administered based on the principles of Islam and at the same time holds strong to the principles of Parliamentary democracy guided by the highest law of the land - The Federal Constitution," said Abdullah. (The Sun)

***** After that long-winded beating around the bush, expressing untenable, old arguments ad nauseam interspersed with feel-good terms and Umno-style catchphrases, nowhere in his speech does he justify his statement that Malaysia is neither
a secular nor a theocratic country. The part where Pak Lah tries to get Najib off the hook for unwisely declaring that Malaysia is an Islamic state is a classic example of pathetic obfuscation.

It's more like an exercise in avoiding getting to the point of the issue. It is indeed very, very difficult to counter the well founded reasons given by neutral, internationally renowned legal experts who firmly maintain that "secular we are and secular we have always been." The heart may yearn for a theocratic state but the legal provisions and constitutional stipulations deem otherwise and clearly point to the direction of a de facto and de jure secular nation, with or without Islam Hadhari.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're wrong. Of course AAB beat around the Bush. If he beats the Bush, he will get walloped. Bush is US president, not some 3rd class PM like AAB. But Malaysia is getting fairer now - see how Zakaria Md Deros escaped criminal charge for being company director while bankrupt. This is because Malaysia is an Islamic country, not a secular one, like PM said.

12:45 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Trashed said...

Malaysia is a secular country with Islam as its official religion. Why is it so difficult for the PM to utter this very basic premise ?

If Islam Hadhari forms the guiding principles that the government follows, then its implementation has been misguided if one reviews the incident in Bangsar, KL where DBKL (a govt related body) removed Hindu icons from a restaurant - as an example.

3:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ABB is 68 years old, so....neither 6 nor 8 yrs old and based on his age, he has aged. On the same premise his mumbling on the status of the nation goes with the same blur. He grows herbs adn rear goats, but he is neither a farmer nor a herbalist. He is neither here nor there. He is neither competent nor incompetent. So our nation neither progress nor move backwards. probably this country should be in coma quite soon, dreaming about the historical past. Merdeka!

4:28 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Hadhari? Malaysia was formed 50 years ago with a set of secular constitution. Mind you, Hadhari was never heard of, nor had it stated anywhere in it. Hadhari was not born even then, how come it has anything to do with the constitution? Wake up! Since when BN has changed the status? Hey, MCA, MIC, ...what say you?

12:02 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, the bastards are trying to reconcile at it is nearing election once election is over and UMNO general assembly comes, they will be back at their game again, waving kris and all that. we've seen it all.....

8:24 AM GMT+8  

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