Monday, May 17, 2010

Najib's 'Bribery is The Best Policy' Election Strategy Fails

Ban Election Bribery

So the opposition dramatically snatched a parliamentary seat in Sibu, a hitherto BN stronghold. This can be rightfully described as an 'historic' by-election, no doubt about that.

Two important conclusions that can be made from this result are 1) The influence and unlimited power of the BN and Umno is approaching its nadir. This is good for the country's future. 2) Money, even tonnes of it, can't buy everything. Najib splurged and promised millions in exchange for votes. But this sort of bribery didn't work with the Chinese. (Malays and Indians are a different kettle of fish however and we can fully expect Najib's 'development philanthropy' to target these communities more intensely in future polls).

You can bet your last election bribe ringgit that the Umno leadership especially its middle echelon will be wild at the 'ungrateful' Chinese. These leaders are so used to the 'you scratch my back, I scratch yours' practice, that any sign of independent thinking or action immediately elicits the 'you are a pengkhianat' knee jerk reaction. We can expect the Utusan Malaysia and a few intellectually challenged crony Malay 'patriots' to lead the clarion call to punish the Chinese in whichever way possible. 'Revoke the citizenship of these pendatang', 'don't test Malay patience and generosity', 'Malays are under threat by kafirs who will take over and enslave us' will be some of the more idiotic statements that will be made.

Amidst the hysteria, Tun Dr Mahathir will proclaim that this is what happens when the people continue to forget May 13 and ignore the noble intentions of 'ketuanan Melayu'. "If Umno and Najib continue to sideline Perkasa and other well meaning groups and persist in pampering the non-Malays and implementing the unfair NEM, we will become slaves and servants in our own tanah air," Mahathir will lament.

Ibrahim Ali, foaming in his mouth, may call for a Malay 'boikot' of the Chinese without giving details. He would probably conveniently omit selling all shares in and resigning from the board of directors of Chinese owned companies.

Najib however will as much as possible avoid commenting on the debacle and will instruct his henchmen to redouble efforts to create at least five more 'independent MPs' so that his 1Malaysia matlamat can take root.

All the non-Malay BN component parties will secretly curse Umno for this embarrassing loss while outwardly dismissing it as a minor setback.

All the above reactions may or may not take place but what the DAP should ensure is to NOT allow itself to gloat or appear pompous after this fine win. Modest deportment in the wake of a well deserved victory is a sure vote winner.

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