Monday, June 12, 2006

A 'Don't Forget' List For The 'Poor Memory' Public.

With a clash of the titans (PM and former PM) taking centre stage we can be forgiven for not concerning ourselves with 'less important' items of news and perhaps even showing disinterest on events which only recently we cared passionately about. That, after all is what we term as 'short public memory'. Nevertheless it is not wrong to jog our memories a bit on those issues that mattered quite recently. Thus, this 'don't forget' list.

1) A) Datuk Shahrir Samad and the whip issue.
B) 'Close one eye' MP for Jasin.

2) Banning of 'Lelaki Komunis Terakhir.'

3) Disappointed SPM toppers who failed to get scholarships.

4) The hijacking of the Article 11 Forum.

5) The politicisation and Islamisation of the Education Department.

6) The fuel hike.

7) The energy tariff hike.

8) Lessons from the Sarawak state elections.

9) Mayhem caused by local authorities.

10) Matrade building controversy.

11) National Service and problems associated with it.

12) Brutal crackdown on a peaceful public demonstration at KLCC.

13) IPCMC and the police website.

14) Ulu Klang landslide and the subsequent finger pointing.

15) Traffic summons ops.

16) Former TNB Executive Chairman Ani Arope's disclosures.

17) Tearing down and demolishing places of worship by local authorities aided by the police.

18) MPPJ's billboard scandal.

19) The dictatorial and ruthless immigration department and Permanent Residents.

**** Of course this is definitely not an exhaustive list but as I mentioned earlier it's just to serve as a memory jogger.


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