Saturday, May 09, 2009

Tone Deaf Prime Minister Touts 'Spirit Of 1Malaysia' In Vesak Day Message!
In what must be one of the most egregious examples of hypocrisy and disconnect, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, today called on Malaysians not to focus on differences between one another, but instead to actively look for similarities and common ground. "In the spirit of human progress, in the spirit of developing this great country, in the spirit of 1Malaysia," sermonized our dear leader!

Has the PM been cocooned in some store room at Putrajaya for the past two days? In the aforementioned period, his so-called '1Malaysia' concept (if we can call it that) has been ripped to shreds, along with the complete ruin of his political credibility and near bankrupt reputation.

Apart from the BN controlled mainstream media, there has been almost universal condemnation of the Umno-police-gangster nexus unleashed by on high in Putrajaya, resulting in the shameful invasion of the Perak State Assembly with the active connivance of the state civil service while the Regent of Perak cooled his heels in a nearby facility for five hours! Was His Royal Highness clueless to what was transpiring nearby? Oblivious to the fact that Umno was indulging in constitutional rape of his state's legislature? One wonders.

But at least one person was all tuned in to the flagrant abuses taking place in Ipoh. The same pemimpin who now sends this Vesak Day message! What cockiness. What thick skin! Having inflicted maximum damage to the country's political institutions in the past forty-eight-hours, one would have thought that he would at least have the decency to shut up while continuing to pretend that he is above the fray and not involved in the disgrace that took place in Perak. But no! He had to demonstrate how tone deaf he really is and at the same time assert his determination to lurch from scandal to bloody scandal virtually unscathed and blissfully unconcerned about repercussions while piously preaching unity and consensus building. And oh yes, touting the 'spirit' of 1Malaysia!!

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