Friday, January 09, 2009

Malaysia Muslims Urged To Shun U.S. Goods Over Gaza. Colgate, Starbucks, Coke Targets

A Malaysian Muslim group began a boycott of top U.S. products on Friday as protesters demanded a halt to the Gaza conflict amid growing anger in the Muslim world over Israel's 14-day offensive.

The Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia said Muslims in the Southeast Asian country would not buy goods produced by U.S. toothpaste manufacturer Colgate-Palmolive Co, soft drink maker Coca-Cola and coffee chain Starbucks to protest U.S. inaction against the attacks.

"We urge Muslim consumers internationally to unite so that we can teach a lesson to Israel and its allies," Ma'amor Osman, an official with the association, told reporters in the compound of the national mosque after Friday Muslim prayers.

"This is to object to the arrogance and cruelty of Israel and its allies towards the Palestinians."

He urged the Malaysian government to end all its contracts with U.S.-owned firms.

The United States is among Malaysia's single largest export markets, absorbing more than a tenth of its total shipments.
Read the whole story HERE.

***** What about the employees of the above companies, both Muslims and non-Muslims? Aren't they the ones who would be really affected by the boycott move if it ever succeeds? Why should this consumer group try to flex muscles it does not have? After all our government has already pressed the UN as well as the OIC for action over the Gaza issue. We can however be sure that the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia's protests would not have even the remotest of response from the Israeli aggressors. So why announce boycotts which won't work and have the end effect of hurting our own people? Perhaps the Muslim Consumers Association of Malaysia could not be bothered with such consequences as long as their religio-political agenda gets its fifteen minutes of fame.

As it is many of our workers are being laid off due to the economic downturn in the US. Why stupidly invite more trouble for ourselves?

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Blogger walski69 said...

Happy New Year, my friend!

As much as I find the situation in Gaza to be nothing but appalling, I just wonder: how far are these folks willing to go to boycott products made by US companies?

And why Coke, but not Pepsi? Or Starbucks, and not Coffee Bean? Boycott McDonalds, but not a word about Burger King/Wendy's/KFC/A&W?

Half-assed selectivity? Hypocrisy? Or a case of "Oops... didn't know there were so many"-itis?

8:41 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They should also start boycotting intel and amd processors. stop using the computers and stop posting these bullshits altogether. Maybe Malaysia should go to war with Israel literally speaking, send some troops with our Aircraft carrier (oops, we dont have one?).

9:56 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

must see:

12:09 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Abu Abdullah said...

The "genocide" that's supposedly going on must not be very pressing, because HAMAS has the free time and luxury to watch Polish porn on a satellite channel. Rhetorical question: if they have no food and no electricity like what all the Islamic propaganda said, shouldn't they be out scavenging for food and candles instead of sitting on their fat asses masturbating to Polish porn?

12:37 PM GMT+8  
Blogger cats.o.nine said...

comment from adchin(scm)

I think we should all look at charging Hamas with mass murder. If they
didn't poke Israel with their firecrackers, Israel wouldn't have

Israel is like my neighbor's dog. It's a huge ass Rotweiller. Doesn't
bite anyone, contrary to what they say that it bites people. Then a few
days ago, it bit someone. And why ? Idiot here was poking it with a
stick. I was out there drinking beer and when I saw idiot poking it with
a stick, I was thinking...... should I tell him that Rotweillers can kill
if they bite at the right places ? And the devil in me said, You just
keep quiet and see how long Rotty over there will be patient before he
bites Mad Homo there in the balls. 3 minutes and about 5 pokes later,
Mad Homo became writhing F**ker, because Ah Wong ( the Rotty ) really got
him very near his balls ( Dog must be cock eye, can't bite balls for
nuts ). So my neighbor runs out, screams at the dog, I go all
sympathetic Aiyoh, kena lampa ah ? Kena lampa ah ? And this guy is all
swearing in pain. To cut a long story short, I told my neighbor it's not
the dog's fault and he should be patient because the dog waited about 3
minutes and 5 pokes before he retaliated.......

You know what my neighbor said ?? And this is coming from someone who
had only Form 1 education........

Like those people in Israel. They are already lucky they are all not
dead yet, every day shoot rocket into Israel. ( I know what he actually
meant. He meant to say, those people in Gaza )

I told him, yup, that's one way to look at it, but if in the US, they
would have shot the dog and the guy whose testicles are now bitten, will
sue him, ha ha.....

So, charge Hamas with murder please, someone

8:53 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Shari said...

Whilst I'm sorry for the civilians in Gaza, I agree with the general concensus here that the blame has to be placed at Hamas door. They started firing rockets into Israel first. Hamas militants use civilians as cover so that they can win sympathy when civilians are killed. People in Malaysia who are anti-Israel and US are just being taken in by Hamas's propaganda.

12:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

typical of these chinese who support what they call justice and meritocracy in malaysia but not brutality and justice against muslims in other parts of the world. To these people i say go to hell with your hypocrisy...

4:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nothing more than a Mosquito trying to fuck an Elephant!!!What a stupid idea, I hope Israel exterminates the Palestinians once and forall. There will be peace forever in the region.
Screw Hamas

7:50 PM GMT+8  
Blogger koh said...

Barisan Nasional politicians are good at "bohong-bohong" Malaysians. Right. How many UMNO ministers have children studying in the US. Challenge them to bring back their children and boycott the US universities. Yes, bring this in public and ask these ministers and deputies to be transparent. Who are they having children studying in the States.

Malaysians will be surprised who is who!


10:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UMNOputras are trying to use the same tactic as Hamas now: use our children to wage war and instill hatred. I was astonished when TV1 shown "Kami Benci Israel" printed T-shirt....they are not discussing about the problem but spreading hatred....instigating animosity..

Can we solve problem by doing that?

Funny still, why the need to call for special Parliament seating just to discuss about Gaza? What a waste of time and money. This will be telecast live. Our country has tons of problem more urgent than Gaza, these problems are more related to our livelihood but were ot allow to discuss even on normal seating, why GAza??

1:02 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Abu Abdullah said...

What's so special about a bunch of Arabs who are despised by their own Arab brothers? Where were the daily worldwide protests against Pakistan by followers of the Religion of Peace when their peaceful brothers were shooting up Bombay?

2:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boycott US goods? Hey,cleanse the hospitals of all US medical equipment, wot? Camel's urine good enough, and wing of fly another. Malaysia's deranged geriatric can't wait to get the country into a failed state - a cesspool - much harmony with all OIC cesspools.

Be careful what you wish for.
Poverty is already knocking on the shores.

Abu Abdullah, your posts rocks. One cool guy. Keep 'em coming buddy.

5:18 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What blatant hypocrites malay leaders are. Sinfully so. They go beserk like rabid dogs at Israel when their own quran endorses the Right of Israel to return to their homeland. (Sura 5:21)(Sura 17:1)

And malay leaders join their Arab co-religionists in Maintaining Deadly Silence on DAFUR.

The Arab Sudanese govt made extensive use of attack aircraft – mainly Antonov supply planes dropping crude but lethal “barrel bombs” filled with metal shards, but also helicopter gunships and MiG jet fighters - in many areas of Darfur inhabited by Masalit, Fur, and Zaghawa civilians. It has bombed not only villages, but also some towns where the displaced have congregated. Gunships have been used to reconnoitre villages in advance of ground attacks. More than 400,000 Black African muslims have been murdered. Or don't black muslims matter?

Read any protest from the mamak?

The madhatter mahathir and his ilk have been significantly deaf, blind and deaf while screeching like banshees at the US and Israel.

The mamak conveniently forgets that it was 19 US MNCs (electronic) in the 1980's that propelled Malaysia's industrialisation . He should be tarred and feathered, hung and drawn. Tested and found wanting.

6:17 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Abu Abdullah said...

Oh, look! A swanky beachfront hotel in Gaza. A hotel! In Gaza! Why would anyone erect a hotel in a "concentration camp"? And why would tourists go to a "concentration camp"? Where did the "Palestinian" workers get the energy, material, and equipment to built the hotel if they were supposedly starving to death and under Israeli blockade? Look at all the well fed and nicely dressed "Palestinians" milling about in the photos. They sure don't look like those skeletal, flies-covered, poor and starving Africans.

3:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:28 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yea lagi satu sambungan dari yg atas......mmg lah kita tak mampu untuk least dengan menunjukkan sedkit keprihatinan dengan tidak membeli brgan US adalah satu yg bagus..ia juga memberi manfaat kepada brgan malaysia....hanya kesedaran memboikot itu mungkin kita akan menjadi tidak fanatik kepada barangan US.mungkin kita masih lagi menggunakan barangan US..tapi cukuplah sekadar hanya keperluan...kerana kita masih lagi jauh ketinggalan untuk menciipta sesuatu yg luar jangkaan..mungkin kita sendiri patut lebih belajar dan mempunyai sikap untuk lebih kreatif dan inovatif...sememangnya ia akan memberi impak kepda ekonomi malaysia...jika kita memboikot secara keseluruhan.tapi bak kat dr Mahatir.BOIKOT SECARA TERANCANG.itu maksudnya...bukan untuk menjadi hipokrit..tapi kita masih boleh lakukan sesuatu..takkanla nak tgk israel atau US serang negara arab je.kita perlukan sesuatu...mungkin presiden obama juga nmpk impak dari membedil negara arab islam itu.kita mesti bangkit...tidaklah hanya duduk diam tidak membuat sesuatu.DR MAHATHIR adalah seorang yang bijak.beliau tahu apa yg beliau rasakan betul.....klu mengikut sejarah pun..mat saleh sana sumer mula mencipta kerana org islam.mereka ingin berjaya seperti spt org islam dahulu kala.dan hasil nye mereka berjaya mengatasi orang islam.mengapa dahulu orang yahudi dan sebangsa dengannya tidak memboikot ilmu islam? kenapa diorang hiporkrit? jawapannya KERANA KEPERLUAN UNTUK BELAJAR.jadi mengapa tidak kita sendiri "reverse the situation"....fikirkanlah....-insan yang masih muda tapi masih boleh berfikir secara logik-

2:48 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous palestine911 said...

Help Gaza

5:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous yolex said...

hallo Salam kenal dari Indonesia

nice blog. v2b ny blog. thanks

3:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the Malay Race contributes more to the world than , well, let me think of something..... you will have any business getting snitty about any other nationality. Could it be black pepper? No, that's Indian. Ah, Clint Eastwood's ape? Maybe. Outside of piracy and eating placenta and praying to godlets besides Allah I don't see as how you guys have given the world a thing that would justify your vilifying Americans or Jews from fighting back against thugs. Forget they are "Muslim" and consider how YOU would handle thuggish killers who shoot at YOUR civilians. No, you won't , because you as a group are incapable of logical and non-mob mentality. Kill the Infidels is all that comes to mind. I remember those peaceloving Muslims dancing in the streets and passing out candy after 9-11. That sure won MY heart and mind over to their cause. Payback is a bitch , as we infidels in America say. I boycott McDonalds because they serve crap. I also boycott Malaysian canned foods because I know where they came from and ptomaine is something I try to avoid. Its just one of those infidel American things , I suppose. To conclude, boycott this (insert image of me shaking something at you).

8:32 AM GMT+8  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hanya orang yang jelas dengan tujuan hidup di muka bumi ini yang akn faham mengapa kita harus memboikot.cukup sekadar keperluan.mmg la kita tak mampu nak memboikot semua sekali to esok..dalam kubur,tuhan tanyer,apa kamu buat setelah menyaksikan saudara2 kamu disiksa?korang nak jawab apa?ow,kita tak mampu lakukan ape2..sbb itu bukan kuase kita..kita tiada kuasa utk menghentikan semua peperangan dan penindasan...jadi tiada apa yg kita lakukan..cukupla sekadar krajaan membantu sedikit pada pihak yg ditindas.
boleyh je kalo kita nak buat macmtuh..tapi sebagai muslim,tugas kita lebih dr solat 5 waktu.sedekah pada org susah.kita ada tanggungjawab kpd seluruh ummat islam.semoga dgn memboikot barangan yahudi dgn niat utk membantu saudara2 kt yg ditindas akan meningkatkan ketaqwaan kt pada Allah.kita sumbangkan apa yg kita mampu..kerana allah..yg selebihnya,hanya Allah akan menilai diri setiap individu.

11:36 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aaaah, I get it: Abu Abdullah is nothing but a shill for The Jewbies to post crap here: It's sad to post as someone you're not - but downright pathetic to post as an ethnic group you're oppressing! Dear Abdullah, the reason why there is no food or electricity in Palestine is because Israel is blockading the territory, not because of Hamas bombing them but because The Palestineans had the gall to elect someone other than Mahmoud Abbas, the corrupt crony of Washington! Oh wait, you want democracy only in countries where YOU live - Fools!

4:47 AM GMT+8  
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