Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Made-In-Malaysia Racism

From the Letters To The Editor section in today's The Star with the title

Let’s shut out the racial instigators
"While we gasp in horror when we hear others talking bad about our race, some of us, particularly among family and friends, do practise racism without us realising it!

It is just like gossip – we pretend that it isn’t nice to gossip but we do try to eavesdrop or korek-korek when we hear people gossiping.

The Malays fear that the Malay culture will be diluted or, worse, be wiped out when one talks about Bangsa Malaysia while the Chinese fear that the Malays will impose their ketuanan on them, and the Indians and other minorities are staring at being left out of the development of the country.

And it doesn’t help at all when a politician utters racial slurs that another politician from a so-called multi-racial party from the same front or the opposition decides to hammer away instead of doing what our forefathers did, which was discussing the issue privately.

Each and every politician quickly pours fuel into the fire that in turn creates a pattern of both fear, anger and revenge.

And worst still, we now have bloggers writing articles that are deemed seditious by the government. Time and time again, reminders and warnings have been given, yet these bloggers are not only disregarding court summonses but are also openly instigating the public to turn against the establishment.

If they can ignore the law, perhaps so can we, the respectful public.

In my opinion, discussing behind closed doors whenever we have problems is the best solution and this will also shut out the kaki panas kepala-kepala as well as instigators.

Whether we like it or not, we are here to stay permanently and before we try to tell others how to clean their house, we must first clean our own house.

Diversity colours Malaysia and thank God we are indeed different. But instead of using diversity to bridge the difference, we are using differences to widen the bridge of diversity.

As far as people like me, the non-decision makers, are concerned we don’t have issue with other races at all.

Politicians and bloggers can come and see us any time but to do that, they have to leave their phalanx of politician buddies and their computers and feel the ground that is holding us all. That ground is called Malaysia and it is OUR home."


Kuala Lumpur.
***** 'Common Man' has a point when he says that some issues, especially the 'sensitive' ones, are better discussed in private. I can understand his concern that matters may get out of hand if 'too much' is debated publicly.

However one must hasten to add that this is the strategy which has been employed over the past few decades with no apparent improvement. Even a zillion years of negotiating privately will not yield results if the status quo is maintained and where an openly racist scum like the Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail is allowed to continue spitting his venom with impunity.

Just imagine if the roles had been reversed and a chinaman had been brave (and foolish) enough to speak in such tones about the Malays. Umno would have gone to town with that statement and demanded the full force of the ISA be brought to bear on him. And you know what? Pak Lah would have gladly obliged and may have even gone further and revoked the courageous and foolhardy sod's citizenship.

This is the racial politics which Umno has been playing all these years. It would not be surprising if the majority of Umno members share the views of the Bukit Bendera bastard. For that matter don't even be surprised if a large number of Malays generally agree with the racist diatribe of the bugger. By cunningly taking advantage of the fears and prejudices of the Malays, Umno has over the past few decades been continously feeding 'communal poison' to them and in a Pavlovian way, reshaping their psyche.

So successful has Umno's devious scheme been that attempts to even slightly alter Malay perception will prove refractory. Therefore would sending the Bukit Bendera bum to Kamunting really solve the issue? Is there any viable solution to our national disunity problem? I really don't know. Many have placed their hopes on Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. For the sake of all Malaysians, DSAI will have to work hard and strive to achieve meaningful muhibbah which at least partly existed fifty years ago and which Umno totally destroyed in the intervening decades.

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Anonymous ceria! said...

the public are just fine with how they're now.they just want to love happily without any haywire.but it's the politicians that stir things up.

no.dont bear that in mind that not all Malays have such view and thinking of Datuk Ahmad Ismail.there are many malays who befriended with question about that.why must we feel intimidated with that the politician say.we just live our life and reject what is harmful to us.

racial sensitivity is not a's an issue that need to speak of rationally.

2:30 PM GMT+8  
Blogger only said...

benda perkauman jangan dibuat main-main.

sepatutnya kita tak perlu nak ungkit-ungkit tentang perkauman tambahan lagi kita dah makin lama semakin maju.jangan sempitkan minda kita dengan perkara sebegini.

semua kaum ada hak masing-masing kerana kita rakyat Malaysia.jadi tak perlulah nak kata bangsa mana-mana pun pendatang.

golongan yang betul-betul sebenarnya ada sebelum datangnya orang melayu,cina dan india adalah golongan orang asli!.merekalah penduduk asal di tanah kita ini.

2:50 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Malays are very accomodating people-judging from the number of illegal immigrants and the multiracial composition of the population. But when some people play kurang ajar they too will play rough. Reading some of the comments made by some of the bloggers would definitely warrant some strong responses.

3:53 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Theshi said...

I think argument that sensitive topics should be discussed in private has been used in the past to prevent any intellectual discourse on the matter.

I think this reasoning is used more to curb the publics right to information and opposing views.

The younger generation is more concerned about the state of affair of this country and closing discussions will only alienate them(and all of us eventually).

As the society matures we must encourage more open debate on issues rather than surpressing them. I know we still have a ways to being a mature society but there is no need to regress in this sense to accomodate the hot headed people in the country and those that are brainless.

4:04 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous White said...

If we are genuinely concern about our unity, we should start by implying and teaching unity in schools. Even children nowadays are affected by this issue.
Parents themselves should be willing to open up and start to acknowledge other people.
After all, the best education is set by example.

4:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hentikanlah isu-isu perkauman demi kesejahteraan negara kita. Sebelum negara kita terkenal sebagai sebuah negara yang mempunyai masyarakat majmuk yang sentiasa aman. Tapi sekarang nampaknya, satu persatu isu perkauman ditimbulkan dan diperbesarkan seolah-olah seperti tiada jalan penyelesaian. Sempena bulan Ramadan yang mulia ini, baiklah kita hentikan segala prasangka buruk dan perkara-perkara yang negatif ini...

4:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some fella like this one will come out and say some straightforward simple things like what all of us have been taught since 3 years old , like not quarelling in public etc.

why is this so common manners treated as something so exceptional and so enlightening aka godly advise as though manking just discovered/invented it ?

are Malaysians fools or something living in caves/trees and cannot read nor write ? That such kindergarten advise need to be considered so seriously at such a national level ?

4:42 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Garrett said...

I agree with "Common Man". A lot of us are racist without realizing it. Just because they don't openly show it does not mean that they're not. It's how they think. When you stereotype a certain race to be "so-and-so", that already is racism. There are parents who tell their children, "If you don't behave, the xxxx will come and take you away"! This is extreme racism! So, please think carefully before you accuse someone of being racist.

Anwar Ibrahim, whether racist or not, used to play the race card to the hilt when he was in UMNO. Today, he's not much better. By trying to garner more votes, he tells his listeners how tolerant he is, how all race are his children, etc. This in itself is a form of playing the race card! We all know how hopeless UMNO is when it comes to race relations, but at least we know how they are. But Anwar, his chameleonic acts really worries me. He claims that he is a changed man because he was in prison. Well, I'll believe him when he admits to the mistakes and bad judgement he made while in UMNO.

5:02 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as I am concern this Ahmad Ismail is nothing but a BUTO Ahmad, he should not use the title Datuk because he is a Buto and a disgrace to the Malay race. He is probably born through the arsehole.
Buto Ahmad

8:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "let's discuss sensitive issues behind closed doors" has been the BN's (read: UMNO's) policy right from the start!
So in other words, what UMNO says has been correct all along?!
"Common Man" must be an UMNO stooge.
Really there is only one issue here. If we cannot talk in the open about these so called "sensitive" issues, then we are not matured enough. If by now we are not nmatured enough, then please don't start talking about "Vision 2020". There is no way we are going to be a Develoiped Nation by 2020 at the rate we are going.
This discussing behind closed doors is a "veiled" way to "sweep the dirt under the rug". Sooner or later it's going to come out!
The only reason to "discuss behind closed doors" is so that UMNO can continue with its Racists policies!

9:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I see it, people sees UMNO as the sole instigator of the racial divide. Be real, what do you call MCA and MIC then? All of those other parties under the BN umbrella allows these things to happen.

We all know our differences already. The plight of people transcends skin color, creed, and religion. We are Malaysians. We need, no, we must strive to be better then our previous generations.

10:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous PleoMax said...

Datuk Ahmad should at least feel guilty and apologize for his stupid and clearly immature remark about the Chinese. Maybe he's doing to get the Malay votes thus forgetting that other races are equally important as well. Well, Datuk Ahmad, it's time for you to get back to you little school and learn something call Manner 101 and History 101

9:30 AM GMT+8  
Blogger dominic said...

Sensitive matters being discussed behind close doors have been done within the BN (UMNO/MCA/MIC) over the last 40 years. What has it done to do away with racism? None because UMNO said 'you sit' they sit, 'you stand' they stand. Over the years, what happened? Everyone in BN has become rich at the expense of the rakyat. We can see this report coming out now. (Refer to the Sun newspaper yesterday & today).
Now you see & hear MCA/Gerakan/MIC members/ministers coming out to object BUT is it too late? Do they think they can capture the other states lost during the 12th General Election? As long as the PK party does their job with 'CAT' policy, the chances are practically nil. I feel that racial sensitivity needs to be discussed openly with level-headedness. I also feel that a lot of 'imported culture' from other countries has been adopted by certain sections of our society so much so our own culture is suppressed and may even disappear without one realising it.

10:56 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous fuukahmadismail said...

There are racists worldwide so malaysia is no exception. However it is very dangerous when politicians utter racist remarks in public. The Negaraku rapper tho not a politician was treated like a criminal whereas this clown is treated with kid gloves!

11:29 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What? Discussion behind closed doors?? That means the respective politicians will betray their races viz Chinese, Indians, Kadazan, Iban etc.. 51 years still not enough? Moreover, this will only embolden those UMNOPUTRA racists to continue uttering racist statement in public like bathing Chinese blood with kriss, babi cina balik, keling etc.

12:27 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

English is full of racist words-Black hole, Black knight,Black maria, etc. You talk about Malays being racist. I know lots of rich fair skin people who are racist to the core and stick only to their group.These are also the people who benefit from the corruption by the so called umnoputera.

9:37 AM GMT+8  

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