Thursday, September 11, 2008

Army Will Not Meddle In Politics, Says Gen. Abdul Aziz Zainal

Malaysia's military chief said on Thursday that the army would not meddle in politics, as a deadline the country's opposition alliance has set itself to seize power nears.

Unlike in some other Asian countries, such as Thailand or the Philippines, the military plays no political role in Malaysia and there has never been a coup attempt in the country, which has seen 50 years of unbroken civilian rule.

Gen. Abdul Aziz Zainal, speaking ahead of his forces' 75th anniversary on Sept. 16, said the military would only act if co-opted by the police to maintain internal security.

Aziz, who earlier this week broke military protocol by asking the government to act against anyone who incited racial hatred, said the more than 100,000-strong military would remain apolitical.

Asked on whether the military would work with an Anwar Ibrahim-led government if the opposition comes to power by its self-imposed Sept. 16 deadline, Aziz said: "I don't know about change of government, you are only speculating. As far as I'm concerned, the present government is in power.

"We will keep to our primary role that is to defend the nation against any form of external threats. There is no intention whatsoever to interfere with political affairs of the nation," the 57-year-old Aziz said.

Opposition leader Anwar has to win the defection of 30 government MPs to have a majority in the 222-strong Malaysian parliament. At present his opposition coalition has 82 seats.

The ruling Barisan Nasional coalition this week sent around 50 of its MPs on a study trip to Taiwan, a move that Anwar said was aimed at preventing him from convincing them to switch sides. (Interactive Investor, UK)

***** It is timely that the Armed Forces Chief of Defence Gen. Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Hj Zainal has come out with this statement. Over the past few days he had been taken to task by commentators and political parties including PAS for straying into the political arena where he does not belong.

blogger bluntly wrote that the 'Army has no business to butt in the affairs of government. Your job is to defend the nation against the real enemies of state. It is sacred duty to stay in your barracks, not let the army to be used by politicians in power to suppress democratic dissent and stifle freedom'. It looks like the General has taken heed of such comments and thus clarified matters today. Good for him.
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Anonymous fooi said...

It is true that, the military should stay in their barrack. Their duties is to ensure the country and stay being attack. Political, the let intelligent people do it.

3:08 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous suka_aman said...

i'm sure the Army gonna stay away from the politics in Malaysia.i'm also positive that Gen.Abdul Aziz Zainal made his statement before regarding the racial tension and not the political situation.

if there are race riot happened,of course the Armed force gonna do their duty to stabilize the situation.

but i pray we dont have to be in that state again.

3:23 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We already have the police to take care of the internal affair. They are more than capable of handling any kind of internal problem short of communist insurgency.

The army would be well advised to concentrate on the border and look out. Let the police to look in.

Even with the police, we have to worry about excessive force being used on the citizen of this country.

I can't imagine what the soldiers could do!

4:06 PM GMT+8  
Blogger jeremy adnan said...

sememangnya tentera tidak patut masuk campur dalam urusan politik negara.namun bantuan tentera diperlukan sekiranya berlaku darurat dan kekacauan yang melampau seperti tragedi 13 Mei.

4:36 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Gunnfan said...

"I can't imagine what the soldiers could do!" ?

How about protect us from the police, fru, rela et al?

But yes the army getting involved would be a major pandora's box.

8:05 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peristiwa lanun menawan kapal MISC memberi kita 2 pengajaran

1. Tugas ATM dan Gen.Abdul Aziz Zainal yang lebih utama ialah menjaga nyawa rakyat Malaysia dan aset negara di luar negara. Bukannya melemahkan pihak yang mahu menyaingi Barsan Nasional dalam pilihanraya.

2. Mengapakah ATM tidak mampu menawan lanun dan menyelamat tebusan seperti dalam peristiwa Al Maunah di Bukit Jenalik? Adakah peristiwa Al Maunah di Bukit Jenalik memang satu sandiwara atau peristiwa tawanan lanun Somalia pula yang merupakan sandiwara?

Dalam peristiwa Al Maunah di Bukit Jenalik, ATM bertindak tanpa teragak-agak. Tetapi dalam menghadapi lanun Somalia, ATM sangat bersopan-santun.

7:01 AM GMT+8  
Blogger backstreetgluttons said...

It seems in Bolihland everybody is a lier especially the gomen people so what is new ?

8:23 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Army, if I ma not mistaken is under our "Agong" & therefore they should stay away from Politics.
HRH has full responsibility to use them in defence of the country.

4:11 PM GMT+8  
Blogger DIASPORA said...

I am an ex officer of the Royal Engineers. I am dismayed that the General in the first place had the need to interfere into matters that do not affect the Armed Forces unless he was forced to be a stooge by those in much higher echelons of power. Any further statements or clarifications being made by the Army or the "Massive Liar Boss' who thinks that the public of today are simians and fools should have their empty heads re examined.

It is a sad day that the Army "broke tradition" and in the process brought to ridicule and shame thousands of Officers and Men who had and continue to serve the Nation valiantly without seeking or looking for recognition excepet to see that the Motherland is free and safe from harm.

On behalf of my fellow past officers and men I ask that the Army refrains from such further involvement in future. Let such an action be our constant respect for all our comrades who had died in the service of this Nation.

Not the Politicians who have had and continue to rape; pillage, cheat, lie and rob the assets of the people.

Get rid of all half castes; quarter castes etc who claim more rights than the indigenous people of the land and you will finf the the UNITED MAMAK NATIONAL ORGANISATION (UMNO) is back to its position 50 years ago.

10:21 PM GMT+8  

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