Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Succeed On Your Own Steam," PM Urges Malays. Fine, But Will You Let Them?

The Malays must cultivate the strongest will to succeed and achieve anything they want without having to rely on help or subsidies, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said.

Abdullah said although Malays as a whole have improved their lot, there were still a lot more that needed to be done.

“We must value-add as I have said time and again. But there must be that something in us that will enable us to achieve that,” he said in his speech at the Gabungan Pelajar Malaysia Semenanjung's (GPMS') 60th anniversary dinner last night.

Abdullah said such an initiative was a challenge to the Government but said it was also up to the people to want it and do their part.

“We must, in the end, be able to walk unaided. That is the final goal. We must be able to move forward and develop without subsidies. Even if the goal is to reach the highest peak, we must believe we can do so on our own strength,” he said.

Emphasising that the world was changing quickly, Abdullah said the Malays also have to be quick to arm themselves with the latest knowledge to improve themselves.

On another note, Abdullah, who was a former president of the GPMS (1962-64), said the organisation had never been extremist.

“GPMS as it is, is the place to start to get involved in nationalism. But as far as I remember, then and now, we have never been extremist.”

Abdullah said the organisation was moderate in its approach in advocating the improvement of Malay education and culture.

“We have never held demonstrations to demand what we wanted and had instead lobbied those with influence in order to do so.” (The Star Online)

***** Pak Lah has clearly said what he expects and wants the Malays to do. But the tongkat-loving Malay students of UiTM have other ideas as this report tells us. Pathetic sods.
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Anonymous who needs cructches? said...

Just another statement issued for PR sake. If anyone think the malays are going to take it seriously, then pigs can fly.

As long as the NEP is there, as long as the subsidy mentality is there, they will never ever succeed.

12:24 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Edi神 said...

children are our future!

We should start with them

1:37 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Jed Yoong said...

First he VETOES opening up UiTM to non-bumis then THIS?

3:11 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is he really truly pro Malay and want Malays to succeed? Succeed on your own steam the PM urges. What policy changes or actions has PM enforced that will enourage the Malays to succed on their own?? Show us the real stuff and people will respect you. Don't make people sneer and laugh if don't have guts to perform and walk the talk.

4:23 PM GMT+8  
Blogger colorless said...

First you said they need help...ah, i mean cructhes or maybe wheel-chair. Now you said they have make it on their own.

9:39 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This PM is a laughing stork of the malay community.He is admitting they have been on crutches since independence.He needs to remind them of the handicaps of hand outs by us non muslims taxpayers for their education, their unpaid scholarship everything under the sun!He made them so small lah!Well it is making our day with laughter.

1:53 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The disdain I have for bumiputras that ask for hand outs are like those I have for able bodied beggars!

Both are only handicapped in between their ears!!


3:32 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have heard this one before from Pak Lah & from other UMNO Leadres!
Yup, just look at the recent UiTM fiasco. Now UiTM want to sue the Selangor MB!
The Bumiputras will only be able to compete with the others on an equal footing when Cows Fly!!!!!

7:21 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANd when the malays truly do, you people will migrate to another country in disbelief. For me if a party like DAP and PAS can get together never in a million years, this is like when pigs go to outer space, not only fly!

1:06 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous pancaroba said...

if other people is skeptical towards what Pak Lah said,i rather perceive it in a more positive way.

yes,its true that the Malays need to depend on them self more.the Malays can prove that they dont need any crutch to hold them.this have been proven that many Malays had already achieve success in many niches.

to put it in a simple way is you'll earn for what you work for.there's no easy road for success.

2:53 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous CoolRhino said...

This is exactly what we-all Malaysians must do. We've been 'suap' by endless subsidies by the previous governement that we can't seems to remember the last time we try to stand with our own feet.
Then how are we suppose to 'bersaing' with the rest when all that we can/ capable of doing is asking for subsidies from the government?

3:48 PM GMT+8  

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