Friday, August 15, 2008

Malaysian Teachers Arrested For Allegedly Molesting Students. What About Racially Abusive Teachers?

Two Malaysia elementary school teachers have been arrested after their students lodged reports of allegedly being molested, news reports said Friday.

Investigations revealed suspicions that the teachers, aged 35 and 27, from two different schools in the southern state of Johor, molested their students in various places within the school premises and at a park, the Star daily reported.

In the latest police report lodged last week by the parents of a 12-year-old girl, the 35-year-old teacher, who was on duty in the counseling room where she was sent to for not having turned up for classes, was accused of showing her pornographic pictures in his computer before molesting her.

In the other incident, several 12-year-old students lodged separate reports, claiming their 27-year-old teacher had molested them since March, with one boy accusing the teacher of attempting to sodomize him after pretending to offer him a ride to the local mosque.

State Criminal Investigation Department chief Amer Awal has confirmed the two cases and appealed to witnesses to assist in the investigations. (M&C)

***** Sexually obsessed and perverted teachers who
sodomize pupils after pretending to offer a ride to the local mosque are not OK, but racist ones, especially those who abuse minorities, it seems are par for the course. Even in THIS there is discrimination! And we are a democratic country!

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Anonymous whatgoesaround.. said...

what a rascist society we live in. we speak truth ppl shout "don't challenge our hak istimewa" but it is ok for rascists to 'close one eye' when their own abuse others racially. Malaysia boleh!

11:31 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous former student said...

teacher are supposedly not to take advantage on their pupils/students.we are depending on teachers to educate not to's sad that there are some irreponsible teachers like this in our educational system.if the teachers them self dont respect the code ethics of our educational system,then dont blame the society for not to put trust in teachers any longer

i'm sure that there are only a few rotten apples among the teacher but this few should be curbed to maintan the integrity and hounour of the teaching profession.

11:57 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the "more special than you" attitude, they can get away with such things if the one abused is not their group.

Democracy does not mean racial equality. Its just a tag to identify the government's ideology.

There are still quite a number of pro-white racists in the other democratic countries in the world.

Do you remember Pauline Hanson (Australia)?

People with such a decadent (ketingglan zaman) mindset is ONE of the MAIN cause of WAR and SUFFERING.

12:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous youthconcern said...

Agree with former student. Teachers are responsible to educate our children for the sake of the future and the country. If they themselves show a bad exmaple to the students, the students might just follow their teacher's footstep.

2:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Racial abusive teachers cant be arrested, because this is a sensitive issue. It might cause other race to be angry with the arrestment. Some other alternative solutions are better than arrestment to prevent riots and mudslingings between races in order to maintain a harmony relationship for both side race.

2:47 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous hypergal said...

oh cmon.. so u saying they shud be CONSISTENT in their double standards?? so since we dont prosecute racially abusive teachers, why bother with the ones that molest students? r.e.a.l.l.y??

we have a right to feel outraged at racism esp if towards us, but that shouldn't come at the expense of belittling other victims.

2:54 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Racial abusive teachers cant be arrested, because this is a sensitive issue. It might cause other race to be angry ....."

This is an idiotic and downright stupid statement! We are talking about school teachers here!People entrust their young children,who have very impressionable minds to these people.Teachers who take advantage of these young children, sexually or insulting them racially are no different --they are pure scumbags with a very perverted thought process.

9:51 PM GMT+8  
Blogger dano said...

Mr Keris will give her a medal soon.

8:27 AM GMT+8  

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