Friday, August 08, 2008

Change To Survive, Malays Told. But Will The Umno Government Let Them?

'Merdeka', 'Merdeka', 'Merdeka'. These cries of independence are set to reverberate nationwide when Malaysians celebrate the 51st anniversary of the country’s independence on Aug 31.

However, the celebration this time is amidst the turbulent political scenario in the country, in the aftermath of Malaysia’s 12th general election held last March 8.

The hurly-burly in politics was common in the growth of a country, however we must know how to differentiate between party-based politics and issues faced by Malaysians, especially the Malays, said the Chairman for the executive committee of the Malaysian Historical Society, Datuk Omar Hashim.

"This is most crucial. If a person is able to differentiate between these two issues, then he can make wise judgements.

"The political party’s mission or focus is to win elections, while the people want everlasting protection, peace, food as well as livelihood and self esteem," he told Bernama this in an interview here.


Omar, who had served as the Education Deputy Director-General from 1985-1990, said Malaysians in general and the Malays in particular need to be able to think critically.

"Critical thinking is able to differentiate the good from the bad, the repugnant from the pleasant as well as the nonsense from the truth.

"Our education system has all of these in subjects like Arts, History and General Paper but we want to emphasise on the teachers and lecturers to focus more on this critical thinking," said Omar.

Omar is the principal figure behind the move for the Malaysian education authorities to take over the management of the SPM/MCE examination from Cambridge University in 1978.

He also played a key role in the implementation of the National Education Policy, in the efforts to reinforce the Malay secondary schooling and Bahasa Melayu under a general examination system.


Omar also calls for the Malays to change their attitude and stand on their own feet.

Read the whole article HERE.

***** Datuk Omar Hashim may be sincere in his advice, but it is in the long-term interest of Umno to maintain a certain amount of ignorance among the 'chosen ones' as well as keep dependence on the government a permanent feature of Malay 'progress'. Beggars apparently can be trusted to show more gratitude than the well-heeled.

What will happen to the party if God forbid, all the Malays become industrious, self-sustaining individuals who actually start thinking for themselves instead of being force-fed on a daily diet of Umno propaganda and
partially crippled by official pampering and government-distributed largesse? What a political nightmare that would be!

Critical thinking and attitude change may be good for the rakyat, but I don't think that the government is too worried about inculcating it right now. Nor do they feel the urgency. You see, the Malays have not yet reached the 'level playing field' and therefore are not ready for sweeping changes lah brudder! Perhaps by the next century.
If they're lucky.

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Anonymous penchenta said...

a good advice.well said by Datuk Omar Hashim.

the thing about malays they tend to not challenge their "comfort zone".we're (yes,i'm a malay dude) not really interested in challenge ourself.but that view is just in general.

there also many malays that succeeded in their life and there just too many to list them.

from what i see,it's the young malays that should be straighten out.we cant endure too have many mat rempit,mat pit among malays.the numbers of them might be small but that doesnt mean the impact is not huge.

3:45 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Malays is a respectable race, however they need to ditch umno and regain complete respect again. Mahatir and the present Government has fed the Malays with all sorts of notions such as Ketuanan Melayu and so on, to a point that the Malays has to rely on umno to survive. It is shame what umno has done to a well respectable race of very wonderful people. UMNO is totally responsible for sad state of affairs, Malays can stand up and hold the head high again as soon as they ditched umno. Till then Malays will continue to be lead by umno and lose their respectable standing.
Shit Umno

9:16 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree. malays have to move on. And there are a massive handfulof these "new" malays. Not all malays agree to umno agenda and are easily influenced by malay rights issue. But one thing fr sure, they would not compromise on Islam, that's all. (True to any Muslim around the world too)

12:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous BlackNails said...

We are too 'manja' since we've been living in an artifical surrounding for a very-vry long time. Change is seen as an obstacle that is put purposely by the leaders...intended to 'menyusahkan' rakyats' life.
When will we ever go out from this mentality?...God help us.

9:26 PM GMT+8  

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