Thursday, July 17, 2008

Treat Anwar With Respect, Says Najib

Police must treat Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with the degree of decorum and respect that he deserves so that the people are assured that the police are acting appropriately, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

When asked if the police's manner of handling Anwar's arrest reflected badly on Malaysia in the eyes of the world, Najib said: "As long as the police follow the procedures. They must be very particular about following the procedure and necessary protocol. And we should be transparent so that there will be no apprehension about what the police are doing."

Asked if it was necessary for the Special Ops Units to wear balaclavas when arresting Anwar on Wednesday, he said the Government did not give any instruction to the police on how they should conduct the arrest.

On why Anwar was arrested an hour before he was to report himself to the police, Najib said the police had already explained this. "Does it make so much difference, another half an hour, 45 minutes?", he asked. (The Star Online)

***** One can infer by his statement that the DPM is distancing himself from the unfortunate way in which Anwar was arrested. It is highly probable he didn't have a hand in that decision. In fact I wonder if the top political leadership actually gave the approval for such a hurried police action which logically could have waited another hour for Anwar to turn himself in.

It was a public relations disaster to say the least and our nation had its image further tarnished worldwide yesterday. I doubt if Pak Lah or Syed Hamid were party to the police move.
No sane minister could have made such a decision. Only an unthinking nitwit of a politician could have allowed it. Nazri would have permitted such an action if he had a say but he's too embroiled in parliamentary wheeling and dealing and doesn't have the required authority to compel the thugs in blue.

It looks more like the handiwork of the top goons in the police force who want to flex their muscles. After all they have a big stake in keeping Anwar on the defensive and prevent his rise to power. Many police heads would role if the PKR adviser were to assume the PM's post and the top cops know it.

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Anonymous azlan said...

i'm quite agree with your points.i also wonder who gave the authority to arrest Anwar earlier than what it the high-rank officer in the police force?is it people from any political parties?.we dont really know for sure.

4:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Pratamad said...

Yes, perhaps the DPM is distancing himself. But then in the last para he sounded defensive of the police handling by saying "Does it make so much difference, another half an hour, 45 minutes?"

The whole world know that was the most stupid lame excuse from the CID director, and Najib defended it by concurring. A case of people of similar characteristics attract each other into the same group.

4:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous White Stripes said...

I wish in their hasty defence of the police's foolishness, they'd stop saying that it doesn't make much difference, 20mins or 45mins or 50mins, because that's EXACTLY the point. anyway, this is so poorly planned (if at all) and executed that it cannot be politically motivated, that part I agree. In any case, the Police Chief should excuse himself, or at least be seen to do so, go on a mandatory holiday or something.

4:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous wisdomthinker said...


Owh. Here comes another sweet talk from his enemy itself, Najib.

I wonder who gave the authority to arrest DSAI in earlier time. But surely is not you, right? Coz strategist politician wont be so stupid enough to do such actions.

Or perhaps is the highest police officer itself taking revenge towards Anwar? Speculations, speculations. Bah.

4:42 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous teenage politik said...

but all in all,this is all part of politics.heck,it might be Anwar who's behind all of this mess to gain symphaties from the people.

anyone who gives such order for the arrest must be a lunatic.why just couldnt wait for some more time?.obviously there's something wrong there.

hmmm...politic schmolitic.

4:51 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Antares said...

Trust your nose, folks. If it smells real bad, don't swallow it! This isn't a clash of titans (Anwar vs Najib, Abdullah vs Mahathir) - what we're witnessing is the death of a political era under the irredeemably corrupt BN and the painful birth of a new dawn for Malaysia where the Rakyat rules and the Government is responsive AND responsable (yes, I mean able to respond)!

7:41 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anwar is a Malay but had beem abused by an Indian called Mahatir a decade ago.
You see how the Indian had caused chaos in the politics now. But he still hides behind a racial mask which he does not belong. But try to make mileage out of it.
Now his "students" practise what they learned. It wil be long journey to the end.. But when will it end?

4:42 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sodomist is a GONE case.
Forget about him.
He should have follow his wife advise to see a psychiatrist when Pak Lah let him out of jail last time.

I will say ... Let's vote Dr. Tan to replace the Sodomist wife as PR new president ... not PR new Sodomist.

Let RPK rots in jail ... save our donation for the poor and needed people ... not for well-fat and bald lier.

Hidup Dr. Tan.

~ Leno ~

10:26 AM GMT+8  
Blogger fergie said...

So much happening and so many statements made. End result, I think, many of us have lost our sense of direction because we don't have proper leadership. Tug-of-war for power. Even ordinary folks are at odds with each other.

11:36 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous aadya said...

Wow. DSAI getting VIP treatment now? I bet his jail cell has to be silk linens and he wants to eat from silver cutleries a well. No need lah, knowing DSAI, this drama queen, all also tak cukup bagus for him.

12:45 PM GMT+8  

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