Sunday, April 20, 2008

Many Local Grads Jobless Because They Lack Creativity

One of the reasons why many local graduates are unemployed is because they lack creativity, said the Malaysian Association of Creativity and Innovation (Macri).

Its president Datuk Ghazi Sheikh Ramli said the creativity of Malaysians was stifled by the education system and the perceived need to follow societal norms.

“Our society generally puts too many barriers and constraints on children. Children need space to grow, and when this space is not given, it slowly kills their natural inborn creativity.

“When you see local university products (innovations), you are not surprised. Their (students) brains are not ready (for the workforce) and all the ideas are the same – as if they are all from the same mould,” he told The Star.

Ghazi said that in more open societies, students were not subjected to this mental block and they could freely challenge the opinions of their lecturers. (The Star)

***** What could be the possible reasons for this sorry situation? Who is responsible for their 'unemployability'? Can we point fingers at the system of selection which favours ethnicity over merit? Should we blame the doubtful quality of those selected to enter our institutions of higher learning? Is the spoon feeding at the primary and secondary school level in any way responsible? Or perhaps the problem lies in the unimaginative syllabus at varsity which shuns creative thinking? Any theories or guesses?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact is not being employable is such a waste of resources. The blame lies with the Govt for failing to provide proper training to the rakyat.

A good example is the waste of talents of overseas qualified doctors, some from respected Russian universities. Send them into the rural areas for one year and then to the local district hospital if their skills need upgrading.

I agree the graduates need to be creative...if you cannot find a job locally for any reason (especially if you are an oversea graduate) there are lots of jobs available overseas at better pay and with better conditions. Send your CV, family details, etc to: "" for a free assessment. Yes, you need English, OK.

I left Malaysia with my UK qualifications and I earn M$20,000 per MONTH. In Malaysia I was earning less than M$2,000 per month.

12:44 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous malaysia born said...

Our local grads might lack creativity but at the end of the day, it is us, the parents who lack the balls to stand up and demand a change in the education system.

Why complain now when we could have had made a difference earlier?

2:43 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kittykat46 said...

Its not just creativity.
Its a problem with communication skills, analytical skills, critical thinking, conceptual skills.
I often like to ask interviewees open-ended questions. The actual answer is not so important, and often the answer is subjective and different people will arrive at different conclusions. I'm more interested in their thinking process and how well they can communicate their thoughts.
Sad to say, many of the grads today are very disappointing.

5:16 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

Don't forget they also can't speak Engish well enough to save their lives!

11:05 AM GMT+8  
Blogger scorpiojerm said...

I think the problem is quite common in Asia. Having interviewed quite a few people over the past years, over 30 in Malaysia, even though candidates do well in an interview, they often lack creativity and perspective when it comes to work.

Most really prefer to be guided and told what to do and its a rare exception when i stumble upon someone with initiative and drive.

Creativity is a real "plus" to find in someone and that's something that, I think, needs to be nurtured from a very young age encouraging kids to solve puzzles, play "make-believe" and do a wide variety of things growing up.

I think most employers will just be happy with candidates who show initiative and have a sense of drive.

5:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous saf said...

Majority of our grads are just not prepared for the cut-throat real world...after being spoon-fed their entire educational life!
Blame it on the parents & teachers who tend to curb whatever creativity a child shows in their quest to create a replica of themselves.

10:37 PM GMT+8  

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