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'Legalise Use Of Parabolic Discs' Call

Tawau MP, Datuk Chua Soon Bui has called for the legalisation of the parabolic disc, as an alternative communication service to the public, as well as a long-term solution to the issue of illegal installation of parabolic disc in the country, including Sabah.

"If there is a high demand for parabolic disc in all the states in Malaysia, and not just in Sabah, then perhaps the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communication should consider legalising the use of the parabolic disc.

The open competition should be seen as an improvement to the communication industry," she said.

She contended that if AirAsia is allowed to operate in Malaysia as an alternative to the national airlines, Malaysian Airlines, there shouldn't be any problem to allow for the installation of parabolic discs as an alternative service.

She said this in a statement here Friday in response to the announcement by the State Customs Director, Datuk Mohd Yusop Mansur on April 9, giving two-week grace period to those who have installed the parabolic discs illegally to remove them voluntarily.

Those who fail to do so after the deadline will face action under Section 135 of the Customs Act.

Chua said while it was the duty of the Customs and Excise Department to act against any smuggled items without paying tax duty or without the Sirim certificates, she nevertheless felt that majority of the parabolic disc users might not fully understand or accept the rationale behind such operations.

She suggested that perhaps the Department should consider putting on hold its imminent enforcement until there is a joint clarification from Sirim and the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communication.

She also fears that the action of raiding the people's home might later backfire and causes the people to lose confidence in the government.

Besides this, she also claimed to have received many complaints from the public following the announcement by the department recently, questioning why such action seems to be only targeting at Sabah.

"They argued that if it's a matter of national concern, the enforcement should be conducted throughout the country, and not just in Sabah alone," she said.

Chua also said that she had paid a courtesy call on Durahim B. Tutin, director of Tawau Customs Department, together with Councillors of Tawau Municipal Council, CK Yong, Wong Su Vui, Kapitan William Chiew and Lim Vin Fook to seek clarification on the imminent enforcement on the installation of illegal parabolic discs.

During the courtesy call, Durahim said that his Tawau office had received instruction from the headquarters to act on those parabolic discs that tax duties were not paid in accordance with the Customs Act.

The operation would be conducted in housing estates once the two weeks' grace period expires and those who have installed the parabolic disc will be required to show proof of purchase with Sirim certificate.

Any imported electrical items without Sirim certificates would be confiscated.

House owners with illegal parabolic disc were thus advised to dismantle them voluntarily before the said deadline. (Daily Express, Sabah)

***** With terrestrial TV unable to please all sections of society and Astro really ripping off subscribers by employing underhanded business tactics like rehashing programme packages and increasing charges, the legalisation of parabolic discs makes sense.

But I doubt that the government will be very enthusiastic over such a move. As it is they are pissed off that blogs have diminished the disinformation capacity of their TV channels and government owned print media. The last thing they need is another diversion from their propaganda machine. At least now there are some simple-minded, gullible people who still watch their programmes and believe their lies. Introducing parabolic discs would further reduce their dwindling clientèle.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need to license as far as Sarawak is concerned. There are thousands of them in all shapes and sizes sticking out of the roof.

I agree that Astro is a total rip-off. It pisses people off that they have to pay a lot of money just to watch repeated re-runs. Yes that's correct, repeated re-runs. People are now resort to using illegal means to tap into Astro. RM200 for a whole year, garanteed to work or money back. Serves them right.

4:02 PM GMT+8  

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