Thursday, April 17, 2008

What A Monumental Waste Of The People's Money

Following a report today that a Cabinet minister had links with a NGO that purportedly spent RM1.4 million of public funds on entertainment claims, the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation Malaysia (WSFFM) emailed to newspapers in the evening its explanation on its spending in addition to a detailed expenditure list.

The WSFFM said it organised the National Women Games last year, with the participation of 3,400 athletes and 600 officials. In addition, it also hosted an international conference, attended by 289 participants, and various courses for 780 officials.

For the games, it provided free internal transport between the games village and competition venues, as well as meals for athletes and officials. It also gave gifts of pillow, pillowcase, bed sheets and blankets to the athletes and officials. Each set was priced at RM44.

The WSFFM explained that these were given as it would have cost the organisers RM60 per person per day to rent these items at the Games village. T-shirts were also given to athletes, officials, volunteers, technical officers and others for easy identification.

On grants, it said RM30,000 was given to each of the 15 state sports council and to the national sports associations for organising the competitions. In the email, it also listed wages and allowances but no amount was given.

On the RM1.4 million entertainment bill, WSFFM said: “The precise definition of the term entertainment used in the accounts encompasses a broad range of expenses related to sported events, athletes and team management participating in the National Women Games 2007. This included ceremonial events, opening and closing ceremonies, and prize giving ceremonies.”

“The WSFFM is able to justify every single expense and investment the government, Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Sports Council provide to women and sports through us. There is no manipulation in our expenditure, no one has taken a single sen for personal gain and we have been very transparent to publish this for public consumption.”

The NGO’s spending was highlighted in The Sun today, which claimed it had obtained a copy of the NGOs annual report.

Also listed in the expenditure, besides the entertainment claim, was:
:: RM1.18 million on grants,
RM2.1 million on meals and accommodation,

RM932,000 on media and advertising,

RM710,000 on post and production,

RM710,000 on printing and stationery,

RM865,400 on equipment rental,

RM242,000 for volunteers allowances,

RM117,700 on wages, and

RM858,000 for travelling and transportation.

***** These are still early days and what we are witnessing is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are many, many more horror stories like the above and the terrible wastage of public funds by the avaricious Umnoputeras will come out one by one. The people can then decide whether to allow these buggers to survive till the next elections or banish them politically in a mid-term poll, should Pakatan Rakyat wrest control of the federal government.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Banish them politically in a mid-term poll and let them off so easily? No, C4 them off to Hell the way Altantuya was dispatched

11:37 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SM said...

Don't allow them to get away.
They have been enjoying the ill gotten gains for far too long!
Yes, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We all know how corrupted they are!

3:00 PM GMT+8  
Blogger DIASPORA said...

It is not greed alone but unmitigated greed and arrogance that gave these Napoleons and Josephines the 'thinking' that they could squander public funds at their whims and fancies and living in the dream world of theirs that their glory days would last for ever without any possibility for the BN and its lackeys being kicked out by the silent majority.

Let all take note. This is a new generation of Malaysians. Not the humble servile citizens of the past who probably out of politeness let things to pass without raising their voices.

But to the disdain of the BN, the Internet came into being and took over the tom foolery from the Press. The Press and TV were so one sided prior to the General Elections that one was wont to 'vomit' whever one opened the newspaper or saw the Newscaster coming on the screen on the TV. Niot that much has changed but at least we now have some brave hearts in the BR in Parliament and they are the hopes of the citizens that they will bring back sanity, honesty, service and compassion to the powers that be and have domain over the lives of all Malaysians and the immigrants too.

BN is jumping the Bandwagon to open up their Blog Sites. Do they have the arrogance to think that any of us would want to read their sites for more blatant lies and falsehoods. None but the mute and dopes would want toread their blog sites. Of course, their cronies would have a great time being fed on more lies and false promises till the cows come home.

8:01 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this not another way of trying to jeapodize women's initiatives? Would a ministry focusing on men sport only have the same problem? In my opinion this is another form of gender-based discrimination and a way to get back at the hundreds of women who enjoy now finally to be into sport!
WSFFM has brought Malaysia women and sport on the International agenda, is an example for many and that should be considered as well. The spin-off of this great achievement!
Anonymous from abroad!

1:32 PM GMT+8  

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