Sunday, November 11, 2007

Umno: 'Money Politics' Term To Be Replaced With 'Corruption.' No Point If The Top Leadership Does The Bribing

Umno plans to use the term “political corruption” to replace “money politics” in amendments to its ethics code to reflect the evil of the practice, party vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said.

He said the term “political corruption” would have bigger impact on members compared with “money politics”.

Muhyiddin, who chairs the Umno Constitution Amendment Committee, said the proposed amendments would be tabled at the party Supreme Council meeting soon.

“The committee feels that the term 'political corruption' is more apt as corrupt practice is stressed. The term 'money politics' denotes political rather than corrupt practice,” he told reporters.

“It (political corruption) will make members cautious of corrupt practices. It will also discourage them from committing offences which would land them before the Umno Disciplinary Board,”

Muhyiddin, who is the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister, said it was up to the Supreme Council to decide whether to retain the term “money politics” or change it to “political corruption”. (Bernama)

***** Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The buggers who do the most bribing want to make a cosmetic change to the term and expect us to believe that they are so...o...o serious about wiping out open bribery and the lucrative Umno business of buying and selling of votes!

Muhyiddin should first tell the country how much of the ill-gotten gains accumulated when he was the Johor MB he has thus far used to bribe delegates in previous Umno elections. And he should not think that we are naive enough to percaya this bullshit and conclude that he is above vote-buying and will not pull out a secretly hidden treasure chest from somewhere and dole out hundreds of thousands in cash and 'kind' to get reelected.

It is laughable when he says that the Supreme Council will
decide whether to retain the term “money politics” or change it to “political corruption”. The most ruthless power brokers and the biggest bribers in the land are sitting in the Umno Supreme Council and it is because they are so generous in giving out huge amounts of legal tender that they are being continuously elected to that 'august' council in the first place.

No superficial fiddling with terminology is going to eliminate the deeply entrenched, graft-ridden electoral practices of Umno. The delegates fortunate enough to be chosen to elect the party leadership are not unlike beady-eyed indigents whose only purpose in attending and applauding the clowns giving hot air speeches is to make some easy moolah and they will sell their votes and souls to the highest bidder.

Terminology modification or not, it will be business as usual in the next Umno elections. Some things never change.
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