Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nurin's Murder - 41 Year-Old Suspect Arrested

Police arrested a 41-year-old man in Lebuh Ampang here this afternoon in connection with the sexual savagery and murder of eight-year-old Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

The suspect, who works as a "middleman" for a travel agency in the city, was lured by a friend to a coffeeshop where a police team had mounted an ambush to nab him.

A police source said police laid the ambush after the suspect's friend notified them that the suspect might be linked to Nurin's brutal murder.

The friend had also told police that he suspected the man could be the "Kampung Baru child molester" who had sexually abused two children with brinjal.

Bernama learnt that prior to the arrest, the friend had hoodwinked the suspect into believing that he had a business proposal to discuss at the coffeeshop. At about 2pm, the suspect arrived at the coffeeshop where his friend was waiting.

According to the friend, they discussed joint-venture businesses before the topic of conversation veered to personal matters. "During this time, I sent an SMS to a group of undercover policemen who were waiting in ambush outside the coffeeshop.

"Just then, the man asked me to meet a business associate and began walking towards a building, located on the other side of the road. "At that juncture, I immediately called the policemen," he told Bernama.
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Just in by SMS alert: "IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan denied a wire report that said police have arrested a suspect in the Nurin Jazlin murder case."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come there's nothing on Bernama website?

1:02 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Kat Rahmat said...

May I ask for the link to your source?

9:25 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

kat rahmat, it was on the Bernama News List at 7 PM yesterday. I suppose after the IGP denied the report, Bernama must have pulled it out.

10:02 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the editor
New Strait Times

I am yet to receive any response from you based on the email I sent to you on 29 Sept 2007 with the heading "News about Africans is Malaysia media's favourite" regarding the problems your publication caused in Kepong area among Africans and local Malaysians.

Please respond to this email as soon as possible otherwise I will take it further.

Below is the email am refering:

To the editor
New Strait Times

I would be glad if you can look into this matter with special attention.

News about Africans is Malaysia media's favourite

Malaysia media usually give biased account of any incedent that involve Africans living in Malaysia thereby adding more fuel into the fire by brainwashing the conservative minds the locals to increase their hatred on all Africans especially Nigerians. Through observations you will understand that average conservative Malaysian (especially the chinese) see Africa as a big country with Nigeria as the capital believing that everyone is bad or wherever they go or whatever they do constitute nuisance to the public and thinking that they, the locals are not safe living together with Africans. With this mentality over Africans and hatred to skin colour, locals living in kepong gave a lot of false complaints as recorded in the star newspaper of 28th September 2007.

Since two Nigerians were arrested to help the police in investigation into the murder of two Chinese women in Kepong as the police is yet to identify the real culprit has polluted the minds of local Chinese living in kepong because of the way the news was disseminated by the media to the public.
The New Straight Times begins with their news by making some negative remarks about Africa using uncertain complaints of some locals based on their bad impressions about Africa thereby damaging the image of Africa especially Nigeria all over Malaysia.

The consequencies of the news reported by New Straight Times has worsen the hatred for Africans and increase racism in Kepong area. About 100 Africans living in Kepong fear for their safety due to the hostility shown by the local community after the arrest of two Nigerian students in connection with the brutal murder of a women and her housemate. They way chinese stare at Africans in Kepong seem very embarrassing and their views about Africans is totally different after the news was published. Some group of chinese men have been harrasing and trying to hit any African they find in issolated area believing that they are connected to the murder. Just imagine what will happen if Africans try to retaliate.
Though there are few bad eggs among us but back their in Nigeria we don't commit rape and murder. Let Malaysia Police carry out proper investigation, am sure that no Nigerian is in connection with this.
Malaysians and Malaysia media must understand that there are hundreds of thousands of Asians living in Africa and if this news of hatred to skin colour spreads to Africa, it will cause more damage to their safety. Thousands of Chinese are operating all sorts of businesses in Africa and even causing nuisance especially in Lagos State but due to our respect for foreigners no matter what they do, we never hate them or damage their image through media or other means. It's left for the government to decide.
I would like to use this medium to address this issue of hatred to Africans by Malaysians and urge the press to ensure that what they diseminate to the public will promote peace and harmony in Malaysia.
I would be glad if this piece of writing will be published.
Anonymous resident in Kepong, Nigerian student in Malaysia.

1:55 PM GMT+8  

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