Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh Boy! Zam is Back At His Idiotic Best

Information Minister Datuk Seri Zainuddin Maidin hit out at the DAP for always criticising the police instead of helping them and its tendency to raise racial issues.

He said the DAP's propensity to arouse racial sentiments over issues such as crime in this country showed its chauvinistic and narrow side that was unacceptable to the people.

"Have we ever heard of the DAP asking the public to help the police? Never. They can only say the police are no good," he told reporters after handing over aid to 276 disabled children and five community centres in the Merbok parliamentary constituency here Saturday.

Zainuddin said many of the party's statements seemed to be aimed at eroding public confidence in the police force, besides taking a swipe at the Malays by connecting police with the Malay community.

"As most of the police personnel are Malays, any action taken in a case is seen by the DAP as the use of Malay power over the non-Malays," he said in reference to several rape and corruption cases highlighted by the DAP.

He said a lot of efforts were made to attract non-Malays to join the police force but were unsuccessful.
"Just because one or two cases highlighted by the DAP could not be solved, it retaliated by eroding public confidence in the police force," he said.

Zainuddin who is also Member of Parliament for Merbok said the Malaysian police force's success in solving fast many of the crime cases in this country had been recognised by Interpol. (Bernama)

***** If Lord Zam's logic is strictly adhered to, then no one can criticize the police, the Armed Forces, the judiciary, senior civil servants, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, university Vice-Chancellors and other varsity bigwigs, District Officers, Mayors and senior local council officials, Menteris Besar, state exco members, most of the Malaysian Cabinet and a majority of Yang Berhormat sitting pretty at Parliament House! For according to the dictatorial Lord any comment or complaint against them will be construed as insulting the Malays!?@! What an A-Class moron!

His skewed logic effectively creates a class of people who are above criticism, much like the Royals of yore. All I can tell this info-dictator is to piss off before he pisses off more Malaysians with his ideas and opinion which defy common sense and brings into question his sense of proportion, judgment and sanity.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

time for this buffon to open his mouth again. and again he spew nonsense.
oh zam, you sound very much like your master who has as much grey matter as you. lets compare to their way of rationalising.
Badawi: "video's aim is erode confidence in judiciary"
"Zam: criticism is to erode confidence in police"
eh, birds of the same feather flock together.

12:36 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way, there will be criticism of any government depts or even the GLCs as it tantamounts to taking a swipe of Malays. gosh, you might as well callled yourself god coz you are beyond criticism.
wonder how you obtain your tokoh award? just like those promotions in the judiciary?

2:07 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why are you taking him out of context? he only centered around the police force, not other things.

1:22 PM GMT+8  

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