Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clerics Back Salman Khan's Participation In Hindu Temple Ceremony, Slam 'Fetish' For Fatwas

Criticising the tendency to issue “fatwas” at the drop of a hat, several Muslim bodies and scholars on Friday found nothing wrong in Indian actor Salman Khan attending a Ganesh puja in Mumbai on Tuesday.

They felt the fetish for fatwas has lowered the image of the community.

On Tuesday night, the actor participated in the aarti at the Lalbaugcha Raja mandal. Stating that Islam prohibits idol worship, the Bareilly-based Daarul-Ifta-Manjar-e-Islam issued a fatwa saying unless Salman reads the kalmas (Islamic credo) all over again, he will not be considered a Muslim.

Obeid Siddiqui, professor at Jamia Millia Islamic University, said there is lot of misconception and ignorance about “fatwa”. “Everybody cannot issue a fatwa and it is not a ruling, but an opinion,” Siddiqui said. “Salman Khan is doing something in his personal life, you are nobody to tell him what to do,” he added.

Other Muslim scholars also shared this view. Muslim Law Board member and Delhi Minorities Commission chairman Kamal Farooqui also backed Salman saying it is his “personal choice” and the fatwa was uncalled for. He said “the image of Islam is hurt by such fatwas.”

Niaz Ahmed Farooqui, secretary of Jamait-Ulema-Hind, said “it was high time we stopped interfering in personal matters. Salman is living in a country which is free and democratic.” (Daily News And Analysis)

***** Therein lies good advice for those fatwa-prone Malaysians. Let's hope this Salman doesn't end up like the other Salman of The Satanic Verses fame.
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