Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Aging Sex 'Icon' Rahim Tamby Chik Gives IDR The Bangsa Twist

It is important that all races be given the opportunity to benefit from the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) to ensure stability and harmony in the country, Gagasan Badan Ekonomi Melayu (Gabem) chairman Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik said.

“We want to see all races benefit fairly, not just one race or side,” he told reporters after heading a delegation from Gabem to attend a briefing on investment opportunities under the IDR.
Representatives from the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) also attended the briefing.

Rahim said as the IDR was being promoted not just nationally or regionally, but internationally, it should be used as a showpiece of Malaysian prosperity and economic development.
“The IDR should reflect the national policies to distribute prosperity and opportunity in the country in a just and equitable manner,” he said.

Rahim said Gabem was satisfied with the plans laid out by the Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA). “But IRDA has to ensure that all parties – at the federal and state levels, and local authorities – work together. “If this vision for IDR is to be achieved, there should not be any kind of inefficiency at any level,” he said.

Rahim, however, pointed out that the signages leading to the IRDA office were either missing or misleading.
“The Gabem delegation got lost on our way to the office. It took us three or four rounds to find the place, imagine how much harder it will be for foreigners,” he said.

He also said that the numerous unsightly and abandoned buildings in the city might give potential foreign investors a bad first impression. “A lot of foreign investors enter Johor via Singapore and if they are greeted by ugly buildings, this may pose a problem to draw in investments. “The city need to spruce up its image to make investors more confident and comfortable. Projecting the right image is vital,” he said.

Meanwhile, SMCCI executive director Adnan Ramly said that his organisation would be waiting for further details, including facts and figures on the project, before they could make a commitment,” he added. (The Star)

***** The 'be fair to all races' bit by this one-time sex king and perennial political opportunist is merely for the benefit of those gullible Malays who still have faith in the greedy umnoputeras ruling the roost. To give it a 'berjuanging wira Melayu' flavor, he deviously adds that only if the IDR is 'fair' to all 'races'
can it ensure stability and harmony in the country. What a bastard! While some bumis may naively fall for that line, to everyone else it is crystal clear that all he wants is his share of the loot when the looting starts, as it inevitably will, at the IDR and the other 'corridors'. A shameless, greedy lebai pencen he has slowly evolved into.
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Blogger penang-kia said...

Am getting sick of this ' fair to all races' comments.
If they are really that fair do they have to voice it out?

10:32 PM GMT+8  

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