Saturday, May 19, 2007

Why No Police Protection For Domestic Trade Enforcement Officers?

The following report from TheStar today:

Five state Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs enforcement unit officers found themselves surrounded by a group of parang-wielding men during a raid in Relau here.

Unit chief M. Gunaselan said the group also made off with the 3,000 illegal VCDs, DVDs and CDs worth about RM20,000 that were seized from a stall on Thursday.

He said the officers spotted a trader, in his 20s, running away from his stall in Relau when they raided the place at 8pm. “Shortly later, the trader returned with five men armed with parang and surrounded the officers. They verbally abused them and threatened to slash them,” he said yesterday.

Gunaselan said the group then took back the seized items, adding that the officers decided to “let things be” so as not to aggravate the tense situation.

He said a report was lodged at the Sungai Nibong police station, adding that his officers had encountered a similar situation recently.

“On Wednesday, another team was also threatened by a group of men in Macalister Road. They were not armed but they acted in a very violent manner.

“Such threats will not deter us in our effort to wipe out piracy. It will inspire us instead to work even harder,” he added.

A police spokesman said both cases had been classified as criminal intimidation and obstructing a public servant from conducting his duties.

***** Obviously the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs enforcement unit have not heard of the saying "better safe than sorry." Why try to be heroes especially when you damned well know that you are dealing with criminals who will be ready to do anything including murder to protect their 'business'? I just can't understand why police protection is not afforded to these officers who are performing an important service in eradicating a perpetual menace.

Nonsensical statements like that made by Gunaselan, ("such threats will not deter us in our effort to wipe out piracy. It will inspire us instead to work even harder") is mere bluster and an open invitation for a tragic disaster in the near future. The police must protect these men and women even if they foolishly think that it is not necessary.

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