Friday, May 18, 2007

Sarawak Ministers Involved In Organised Crime To Face Music, Says Sarawak CM! What About Political Looting?

Action will be taken against any Sarawak state minister found to be involved in organised crime including secret societies, said Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud. He said it was a serious matter if state ministers were implicated in criminal activities and if there was evidence against any of them, it should be reported to the police.

"Nobody in my government will be spared if they are found to be involved in criminal activities," Taib who is also state Security Council chairman told the Sarawak Legislative Assembly here Friday.

That this warning was given by someone who is now considered a neo-litigious miscreant is indeed as ironical as it is paradoxical. Let us for a moment forget about organised crime and concentrate on state-sponsored corruption and misdeeds originating from the state cabinet, including theoretically the Chief Minister. Which police station or officer is going to accept a report on such cases?

If this be the case for political corruption what more of the more dangerous organised crime sector where there is the evil nexus between the politician, businessman, police and criminal?
One would have expected the CM who is privy to intimate and detailed information on things happening in his state to be the one to initiate investigations and take appropriate action against his cabinet colleagues. However Taib seems to be playing it safe by pretending he knows nothing and simply making an empty and meaningless threat of 'action' just for the record. Fat chance of the average man on the street pointing an accusing finger at any minister or crime boss without the risk of having that finger chopped off.

So what is the purpose of all that hoo-haa then? To appear before the world as a fighter of crime? To build up a reputation as one who abhors corruption, prior to his case in the Kuching and KL courts where he is suing for defamation against several print and internet media who detailed reports of massive corruption by him? Only God, Taib and his henchmen, oops, close friends would know.

Read the full Bernama report here:
Sarawak Ministers Involved In Organised Crime To Face Music
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