Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is This Advice To Councillors Going To Make Any Difference?

Frankly the warning given is timely and well worded. But without proper selection of councillors, strict supervision of those already in the various majlis2 and especially without direct elections to the local councils, such well meant caution, advice or warning is an exercise in futility. Read the NST report that follows.
Local councillors in Negri Sembilan were warned yesterday to either shape up or ship out. In a strongly-worded speech to the councillors, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said he would not hesitate to sack those who abused their positions for monetary gain or those who were only interested in gaining popularity.

"I have my people on the ground and I know what’s going on. I have received feedback about councillors who extort money from business operators. This is not good ... if you want to resort to this sort of behaviour, then it’s best you resign from your positions," he said at a one-day seminar for local councillors.

Mohamad also hit out at another group of councillors who, at the slightest chance, would turn to the media in the hope of getting some publicity.
This is despite it being a minor issue or problem which could be solved at the administrative level. He said these councillors were seeking cheap publicity for their own personal gain.

Mohamad also gave a few examples of local councillors whom he felt were not fit for the job. "Some of them come to us with ridiculous applications to help out their friends and relatives, and I’ve also had complaints about others who are harassing entertainment outlet operators." He said the image of the state government was at stake if nothing was done to stop these councillors.

Mohamad also reminded local councillors that they played a key role in the district administrative process as they were the voice of the community as well as agents of the administration. "You are not there for your own agenda ... you are appointed to represent the people and to act on behalf of the government," he said.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strictly speaking....only rhetorics. General elections must be near...right messages and right words. Give him the benefit of the doubts. Wait and see. negative developments cannot be ended by talk or advice. NATO....No Action, All Talk Only.

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