Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Selangor Govt Allocates RM36 Mln For Projects In Ijok! Keadilan Has Lost The By-election Even Before Nomination Day.

How Low Can You Go?

So the one-sided battle has started and Barisan as usual opted for its most potent weapon, 'development projects,' to buy the votes of a grateful electorate along with their conscience and ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Please read this heartwarming Bernama report about our benevolent government's altruistic intentions for lucky Ijok.

The Selangor government has allocated RM36 million for various development projects to be implemented within these two weeks in Ijok.

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo said these involved the upgrading of public facilities such as road widening and resurfacing works as well as constructing drains and lighting up major roads. "All of them will start immediately. We have chosen the contractors," he said at a meet-the-people session here.

Tomorrow is the nomination for the Ijok state by-election while polling is on April 28. The seat fell vacant following the death of BN assemblyman Datuk K.Sivalingam in Chennai, India, from heart failure on April 4.

The Barisan Nasional has named Tanjung Karang MIC secretary K.Parthiban, 38, as its candidate while Parti Keadilan Rakyat is betting on former Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) and Kumpulan Guthrie chief executive officer Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, 61.

Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir said the projects were not aimed to fish for votes as claimed by the opposition as they had been planned by the state government for quite some time. He urged the contractors involved to complete the projects as soon as possible, warning that the contracts would be awarded to other parties if they failed to do so.

***** How low can you go? Toyo apparently is willing to descend to depths well below that of a Limbo Rock expert. In this, he is aided and abetted by no less than our DPM who without batting an eye said, "we will do whatever is necessary to serve the people. Some of the problems are outstanding ones which we need to address."

But Toyo's explanation takes the cake and clearly shows that he has totally given up trying to mask his true intentions and could not be bothered whether you believe his silly fairy tales or not. Such misplaced courage comes either because he is all-powerful or deluded enough to believe that he really is invincible. It also reflects on his attitude that it is OK to bribe big-time to achieve a political goal and to hell with public opinion. Does anyone honestly agree with his claim when he says that "the projects were not aimed to fish for votes as claimed by the opposition as they had been planned by the state government for quite some time?" Come off it! This is electoral bribery pure and simple.

Pity Keadilan. They've lost out to money power even before the battle has begun.

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Samy Vellu's Arrogant Explanation: Govt Has The Right To Carry Out Projects At Any Time.

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Blogger team BSG said...

V will bet our last dollar that toyo & co are lining their own already overswollen pockets at this one more opportunity ( they call by-election ) !

afterall as you have always said time and time again those simpletons know nothing !

5:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous jonakbar said...

Yup, RM16million of the RM36million might go into someone's pockets.

"The contractors are already chosen."

Was there even a tender?

5:44 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah! More voters are probably praying their wakil rakyat will drop dead soon. Thanks to the BN culture practice in elections. These by elections have certainly erected unspeakable integrity.

6:07 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sigh...if u dun call this money politic, what else? This'd gotta be stopped! BN is abusing public fund to fish votes. If u dun call it bribing, what's it? Development? Why no allocation in my town? How I wish we can have a by-election in my town...otherwise u dun see any development, no even resurfacing of main road in Taman road is fullof pot holes, it has never been maintained after 15 years in use, ...

7:17 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous yuking said...

Open communication or not does not make sense anymore - and we have to live in this Bolehland unless we got money and a chance to emigrate.

This is how they want the country to be rule and rot. Malaysians have given many comments on all this crap, but all remain unheard.

Sometimes I just felt that we are wasting our time putting up comments for a better Malaysia where the government is not prepared for and yet still dwell in denial.

In this Bolehland of denial, any effort to improve the country is considered unpatriotic and insult. There is no way it can change and that is the fact.

We only can change our own destiny and not this country by emigrating.

No wonder there are so many government-sponsored students (non-malays and malays) choose to remain overseas to work and live - to stay away from this Bolehland……….

You need globalisation to teach them a lesson - it won't be long and soon you will see the effect - in fact the rot has already started.

What you and Malaysians want is just a transparent, fair and accountable government to equip the country to face the globalisation challenge, and yet the government take it as a plot to discredit the country.

Whatever good deeds you fight for, they label you as unpatriotic, traitor, party agenda, nonsense and communist.

Hearing all this really breaks my heart and many Malaysians hearts.

Those contributing from their hearts are true, proud and courageous Malaysians - they are very concerned for the future of their motherland and the welfare of its ordinary people.

8:52 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous shinwee said...

Singapore is a Singaporean Singapore. Read Lee Kuan Yew's book from the third world to first world, then one can realise that the so many issues considered taboo in this Malaysia country are the creation of the politicians, Umno politicians to be exact.

Obviously Singapore is unlucky to have a small land area which cannot even collect enough rain water for its own use. But modern technology allows Singapore to be independent of Malaysia and even in water supply.

With Singapore's success, no country should claim that multi-cultural and multi-religious citizens are a liability to the nation.

Politicians in Singapore are people who forgo larger earnings to serve the nation's public officials. Here in Malaysia, politicians fight with all dirty means including poisoning the mindset of the peoples to get into positions to make national wealth serve their individual desires.

If Malaysia can be like Singapore, there would not be so many snatch thieves living on crimes. Malaysia cannot be like Singapore; but of course we can always say the grapes are sour.

8:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous San said...

Well, NEP actually is not that bad for non-malays after all. Everything has its cons and pros. 10 years ago, thanks to NEP, I was rejected by UM when I applied for engineering course. I was admitted to NUS of Singapore instead for engineering course.

Today, I can proudly say that I was graduated from a top 10 university in the Asia. If I were to admit to UM 10 years ago, today I might be too ashamed to tell people that I had graduated from UM.

For those talented non-malays, looks global if Malaysia does not welcome you. Be farsighted, be realistic and look beyond Malaysia, nobody in Malaysia appreciate your patriotism.

I graduated from NUS since I was abandoned by UM and now I am working in a MNC in Singapore. I doubt I can find any job back in Malaysia with the same pay and job satisfaction.

I have a cousin who just graduated from a USA university and immediately offered a job with US$5000, which is RM18000, almost equal our PM Badawi's pay.

You see, your future is brighter every way you go if you are talented, why restrict yourself to Malaysia who does not welcome you! You will be rotten fast staying put here.

If we look at history, a country who did not cherish its talents sure will not going any way except doom. Sad to say Malaysia never learns from the history and repeating the same mistake again.

With the current rate of brain drain, one day the local talents will be dried up. No foreign company will want to invest in a country where they had difficulty hiring employees especially in high tech area.

Soon all those companies left behind are purely agriculture or which rely on Malaysia's natural resources. Malaysia is going to nowhere if the existing policy is not changed. Vision 2020 is only remaining a dream, I can guarantee you with 99% confident.

My company is a USA MNC operating in Singapore. We have a design center here, half of whose employees are Malaysians. We had also a few factories in Johor Bahru, Melaka as well as Penang.

Based on the high percentage of Malaysian employees, if my company will to operate in Malaysia, the operating cost could be more than half. But my company still stay put in Singapore. Why? Mainly due to government policy.

Firstly the NEP, secondly they can't find enough talented local to fill in the position. At the end, my company is moving the low value added, low wage manufacturing job to Malaysia partly because of cheap labour and land cost.

If it is not due to its proximity to Singapore (near to design center), the manufacturing will be moved to Vietnam long time ago. Thus, this is why Singapore per capital is 3X Malaysia. How can Malaysia improve its GDP with only attracting low wage manufacturing job!

Malaysia once is competing with Singapore for foreign investment but not anymore. Now with China, India, Thailand, even Vietnam catching up and opening up fast, Malaysia is competing with these countries for low wage manufacturing job.

With the NEP and other policy, soon Malaysia is losing a tougher war (Vietnam's labour and land is even cheaper than Malaysia). This is why many MNC like Intel had moved their manufacturing site to Vietnam from Malaysia. This is fact and it is happening now, if the government does not do anything, that is it for Malaysia.

This is the con of NEP. But this NEP thing will never diminish the talented mind of non-malays. The more the discrimination, the more non-malays will look for other way to flourish.

UM is like a terminally ill patient and it is beyond cure, there is no point crying over spilled milk. One day, UM will be like the government primary school, abandoned by non-malays.

If there is no opportunity for non-malays in Malaysia, they will look beyond Malaysia, believe me, as a non-malay, if you can survive the harsh discriminative condition in Malaysia, you can flourish and survive any places in this world.

As I said before, NEP is just like a drug for the malays, it can bring short term satisfaction to the malays. Everybody including malay knows that this drug is not good for long term but the malays got so addicted that they cannot live without it anymore.

But on the other hand, for the non-malays, the NEP had caused some short term unhappiness but this will not harm them for the long term, they will study harder, work harder, and get better result, survive any way in the global world.

The non-malays had becoming stronger eventually while the malays will become weaker and weaker until one day, they will not be able to survive in the global world. One very good example is our national car, Proton.

9:03 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous kok said...

Many countries have tried to develop an IT industry much earlier, and with more and better resources and better government than us Malaysia, and have not succeeded.

The chance of us succeeding given our handicaps was never good and will never be good. It begins with poor politics, then poor government, then poor education, and then poor business environment (e.g. small market).

What is remarkable to me is that some people have managed to make good money and build companies despite our problems - Mobif, Jobstreet, Green Packet, etc. These people proof that the government is more in the way for developing the industry than helping it.

In fact, the government would do better to get out of the way rather actually have any sort of grand plan like MSC. The real only way the government can help is by having open competitive bidding in government procurement of IT and putting competent people in charge of that.

Nothing else they do would really mean anything much. I would argue all the spending on grand projects, computer labs, computer courses etc, amount to basically waste.

There is no hope of the MSC really succeeding, but we can still benefit from better IT and that perhaps is, would be better because at least it means less waste.

The truth is there - it is no real strategy. MSC was never a great idea - it was an opportunity for government spending more than anything else and as Bill Gates told us very politely, it would not work because of that.

A couple of years ago, there was this idea of attracting Malaysians overseas to come back to run Malaysia GLCs. Among my extensive overseas network of business and personal associates abroad, they discussed it and unanimously shot down the idea.

The reason? Quote: "Smart people can't stand inconsistencies in fact they rely on it. Malaysia politics make things too inconsistent to do the kind of work they do."

You want to know why they will never attract the best in public service? At one time, we all agreed what the future of Malaysia was and will always be - secular, rule of law, multiracial, meritocracy. Today, even among those in power, there is no agreement on these basic things.

Why would the best people subject themselves to these inconsistencies? Maybe naivety but how long will that last and how many?

For every one brain that comes in, fifty brains will leave the country. With the affirmative policies in place, do not talk about attracting the brain. For decades, Malaysia was losing its best peoples to developed countries and taking rejects from developing countries.

Please forget about bring back those lost brains, while we can keep those bright students now and love them and care for them!

First, the government and country has to figure out what it want to be first before it can really retain the best, otherwise we are merely exploiting those who do not have better choices elsewhere.

I still remember of my junior wanted to serve in our Malaysia air force and he was able to design war fighters, but instead he was not retained, he headed south Singapore and he was happily married down there, has a happy family and no way back!

People with the best brains inadvertently mean they know how to think. Therefore they are wise enough not to choose Malaysia as their destination, as it could spell disaster to their reputation as we work differently. Singapore will still be the ideal landing point of such calibre people.

Malaysia will forever be suffering from a massive "brain drain" so long as the Umno-led government keeps in place the malay agenda. To forego the agenda is too costly sacrifice which the Umno malays cannot make. A clear symptom of an inferiority complex.

9:07 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Solution: Cut UMNO MPs drastically. Next GE: either boycott UMNO (especially UMNO Youth candidates) candidates or VOTE for the Opposition in UMNO contested constituencies. Spread the message far and wide.

7:53 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Chicken Balls said...

I totally agreed on what San had wrote that NEP has it's pro and con if we, non-bumi Malaysian look at it in a different angle.

I'm one of the by-product of this racist policy too and I had eventually make a living in a faraway place but deep in my heart, it's still in Malaysia though it is almost hopeless from my point of view.

Anyway, back to the topic.

As BN had pledged at least RM 36 million for this buy-election, it is time for voters to turn the table around and vote BN out so that the stake will be higher if there is another buy-election!

As PAS once said...

Beri gula, Makan
Beri Kain, Pakai
Undi ... Undi Pas!

6:39 PM GMT+8  

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