Friday, November 24, 2006

Klang Municipal Council (MPK) Councillors Sworn-in Under Tight Security, Like Criminals.

Have you ever heard of a swearing-in ceremony of any local council or perbandaran which took place under heavy security? That too in Malaysia? But it did, in the 'developed' state of Selangor. Apart from Royalty and leading members of the government, the only ones who receive this type of tight security are criminal elements in prisons.

So where do you think that our councillors fit in? Among the leaders or the criminals? What was the Perbandaran so afraid of? Media people who might report on the oath-taking? Or perhaps they were mortally scared of the innocent victims of their collective greed showing up and exposing our Berkhidmat Untuk Negara councillors for what they really are and that the 'swearing-in' might become a 'swearing-at'?

Didn't the councillors feel ashamed that they were given police protection to shield them from the very people they ostensibly represent?

Read the Bernama report here:
The swearing-in ceremony of the 18 Klang Municipal Council (MPK) councillors for the 2006-2008 term was held Friday under tight security, with roads leading to the MPK building here heavily guarded by about 40 policemen and the council's enforcement unit personnel.

While policemen, traffic policemen and Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) officers mounted road blocks at the perimeter of the building, MPK's enforcement unit personnel guarded every access into it and the hall where the swearing-in ceremony took place.

The ceremony began at 9 am and proceeded without any untoward incident. It was later followed by the first meeting its new councillors, where its 2007 budget was debated.

An MPK official said the security measures were taken to avoid any untoward incidents.

The swearing-in ceremony was originally scheduled for Oct 19 but faced postponements until today due to controversies surrounding some of the designated councillors, who apparently had failed to submit building plans for the construction of their houses here.

***** Total disgrace is the only description I can give for this wilful and shameless waste of taxpayers' money.



Blogger toniXe said...

If what is written by you all this while is true ( and I believe it is so ) it would appear that we are a relentless pseudo-embryonic nation like somewhere in pre British occupied lawless Africa ( a la the Sahara movie kind of scenario ).

Where gold hunters, warring tribesmen, terrorists, rapists, gangsters, warlords, conspirators, secret agents, spies, all the Kings men, traitors, pirates, opportunistic foreign double agents, counterspies, paedophiles, incestors, drug peddlars, murderers, coming assasinations etc etc are the order of the day.

My god, this is My Country and this is damn frightening.

9:35 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

Now now tonixe, can't be all that bad!

9:47 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous spaceman said...

Makes you wonder how the next GE is going to turn out. I mean, the current administration would definitely try to cling on to power. Sigh...

9:52 AM GMT+8  

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