Friday, November 24, 2006

End Of The Road For A Greedy Malaysian Doctor.

A Malaysian doctor, Yap Cheng Kwee, was sentenced to 12 months and three months imprisonment respectively for selling sleeping pills without a licence and possession of illegal drugs.

District Judge Kow Keng Siong ordered the sentences to run concurrently and set S$120,000 bail pending appeal. He also ordered that Yap's passport to be retained.

Noting that the amount of Dormicum sleeping pills was very significant, Kow said that Yap had acted in an unprofessional manner.

"It's an offence even in your country," he said.

Yap, 50, admitted in court on Nov 9 to selling 10,000 sleeping pills to a suspected drug trafficker in August.

He was arrested in an islandwide Subutex bust at a carpark at Woodlands Town Centre on the night of Aug 17.

Officers from the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) found a total of 10,000 Dormicum pills in his haversack during the raid. He was also found to be in possession of 16 tablets of triazolam sedative, an illegal drug. -- BERNAMA

****** What could possibly have possessed this person who belongs to a supposedly noble profession to become a drug pusher? No amount of financial difficulty or any sort of adversity would prompt a normal person especially a doctor to peddle drugs for profit. Either he must be heading towards insanity or has a pathological desire for accumulating wealth. How else can one explain the terrible wrong done by this man which is against everything that the Hippocratic Oath and the medical profession as a whole stand for?

This person should be judged by a higher standard than that for a layman and punished accordingly. It should serve as a warning to the few remaining 'adventurers' hiding behind the respected designation of doctor.



Blogger zaidi said...

we have the oath and medical ethics that we hold on very dearly, this is a very serious professional misconduct, imagine by distributing or dispensing improperly those kind of tablets let alone other medications what would happen to the patients and other people i.e commit suicide or do other crimes eg rape etc? sleeping tablets if taken overdose are harmful even any other drugs, they wont get away from any adverse effects.

in this world we dont have immunity againt this type of conduct, people are starting to look at you closely and sue doctors for whatever reason, look what happened in usa and other countries, i believe malaysia is following in the same direction.

the medical council should decide next what to do on him!

keep on writing! good stuff u have

6:10 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous wombat said...

One need not be insane nor have pathalogical desires to sell drugs. One simply needs the will, lack of morals and a belief that one can get away with it.

11:04 PM GMT+8  

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