Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Don't Overreact To Umno Delegates' Speeches! - Najib. How About Action Against The Amoks Of Umno Instead?

Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties should not overreact to the outlandish views expressed by a few speakers at the last Umno General Assembly because the party's policies were not moulded on such speeches, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. He said the delegates' extreme remarks were not the policies of Umno for the party had all along believed in the principles of power sharing, give-and-take and consideration for all Malaysians.

"We are a considerate party and believe in consensus. The president (Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) reminded Malaysians that Umno is a party representing all races," he said at an Aidilfitri open house hosted by the Negeri Sembilan Umno Liaision Committee here Tuesday night.

He said the last Umno general assembly was a manifestation of strong support to the party and the government and allayed fears of the opposite as perceived by some. "Maybe some people are apprehensive that certain remarks made might reflect a divided support for the president.

Earlier, he said Umno was a considerate party and respected the aspirations of the Chinese and Indians by allowing the national-type primary schools to flourish whereas in other countries they had been abolished. "How can we say Umno is an extremist party and practising racist policies? We are considerate and we believe in consensus," he said.

He said that Umno also did not want any quarter to deny what was supposed to be Malay rights and that was the reason why it was shouted out loud at the assembly, but within the context of consensus among the various races. (Bernama)

***** Sometimes I don't know in which group to place our esteemed Deputy Prime Minister Najib. After a couple of rational comments and a sensible address or two and when you're just about to convince yourself that we have a fair and straightforward man at the very top of the leadership, he goes and makes a silly speech like the one above.

How could he possibly demand that the 'others' should not overreact to the racist and parochial statements made by the self-confessed madmen of Umno? It's all very well to say that the views expressed by a few rabid delegates did not represent the policies of Umno and that they are a caring political party. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but was it thunderous applause that I heard every time one of those amok nutcases went up and spouted his/her racist venom? So does Najib speak only for himself or is he going to tell a white lie and claim that he represents all of Umno and the so-called applause heard was merely an auditory hallucination?

Instead of attempting to take the popular (within Umno) route and passing the buck to the others, Najib should if he truly is sincere in his claims of Umno being a consensus seeking considerate party, take to task all those bigoted racist elements who had a field day during the general assembly. Then perhaps the others might seriously consider his advice or at least be reasonably convinced that they are indeed 'overreacting' to the well-meaning deliberations of the 'paragons of virtue' and the perfect practitioners of muhibah, that Najib thinks the Umno delegates are.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Najib is doing is something like a head of a family with obnoxious children, telling his neighbour "Oh don't worry what my children say/do. Our family wants peaceful existense here.

Looks like the event is meant to let loose all the fanatics and racists among its cadres.

Does UMNO stand for "United Malay Nationals Organisation" or "Ultra Malay National Organisation"? Someone at the top should decide and educate their members.

12:15 PM GMT+8  
Blogger walski69 said...

Another plausible acronym expansion: United Malays with No Ojectives (at least not really relevant or helpful ones).

But seriously, this latest statement is even more ludicrous than the one he made yesterday.

Looking at both in toto, however, leads me to believe that this is a desparate attempt to cover up yet another UMNO-related embarassment. Unfortunately, he's also making a right fool of himself in the process.

3:40 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice *cough hypocrite cough* speech.

12:26 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Umno is insensitive, racist, fanatic & whatever you can call them. It seems(??) that the only sensitive leader remained is Pak Lah when he has advised Umno not to hurt the feelings of other races in their speech. But this advice has gone to deaf ears & Pak Lah has lost control of them all, even though he has said he is in control.
And Najib is just another hopeless future leader-in-line. He is an opportunist like many other Umno members.
I'm a non-Malay but when come to choose between two "dev*ls" (Umno or PAS)in coming GE, I would vote PAS. At least PAS would never not get 2/3 majority & creat havoc like Umno did.

8:43 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous SMALLVOICE said...

when other members voiced different opinions, UMNO demanded apology or to sack the person who said it. Now, for themselves, it's ok, they say it's just the members' personal views, nothing to do with UMNO... SUCKS!!

11:33 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its quite ridiculous for najib to have told non-malays not to over-react to bigotries hurled at will at non-malays during the UMNO general assembly. PM and TPM might say what they want to say to sooth the feelings of non-malays. But I dread to think of the fact that these mud-slingers are the second-echelon leaders of UMNO who will one day take over from Abdullah and Najib. Dread to think of what they would do to suppress non-malays in not too distant a future.

4:52 PM GMT+8  

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