Wednesday, October 04, 2006

How Much More Disgrace Must Datuks Bring Before Awards System Is Reviewed?

Datuks con Datuks.
It was a case of Datuks conning gullible Datuks of millions of ringgit in a sting similar to that of the long-running Nigerian scam. As the scam fell apart, it was revealed that at least 40 people have been cheated of tens of millions of ringgit. Among them are two Datuks, politicians and professionals. One of them allegedly lost about RM8 million.

Under arrest are nine people, including three Datuks, who were remanded on yesterday. They were aged between 40 and 60.

**** And the story goes on which you can read in The Sun. What struck me was the last paragraph. Ramli said police will use the Anti-Money Laundering Act to freeze the assets of the scammers. He said checks showed the suspects had genuine Datukships. These are bloody crooks who had actual genuine datukships who, if you believe the authorities, were vetted by the police, carefully considered by a committee comprising senior officials especially the State Secretary and then approved by the Menteri Besar/Chief Minister (which the MB/CM will of course deny) before the name is sent to the Head of State.

How shameful that so many criminals, crooks, scammers and rogues are honoured by the state governments! It is high time that there is a strict review of the way selection is done and if at all possible, remove the influence of the MBs/CMs in the selection to prevent gross abuse of what should theoretically be a great honour.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scrap this useless system. I don't respect these Tan sri, Datuk etc.etc. Most of them, if not all, donot deserve it & are crooks. As long as you have the monies, power & connection, you can get these titles. The more monies, the higher the titles.
In fact, whenever I met one of these guys, I love to address them in their tiltle (Hey, Datuk, Tan sri etc) with a cynical smile i.e. indirectly I'm trying to greet them as "hey, Mr. Crook" because their title reveal their peronality.
I'm sorry to make the above sweeping statement because it's really difficult to meet a deserving Datuk. See those clowns with Datukship in the parliamen?

9:38 AM GMT+8  

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