Monday, October 02, 2006

IGP Secretariat (Discipline). Cops Get Tough With Their Own Personnel.

About time mate! Nice to see that the new IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan isn't wasting any time whipping the force into shape. In the last few days he made surprise inspections of two important police stations. That must have shaken up the lazy ones no end.

Now comes the news that the police have set up a mechanism called the Inspector-General of Police Secretariat (Discipline) to monitor discipline among members of the force. Public Relations Superintendent, Mohamad Daud, said the secretariat was responsible directly to the IGP and its main function was to instil discipline and other good values among police personnel.

"The polive force will not tolerate indiscipline, especially under IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan," he said in a statement to Bernama, here Monday.

According to media reports Monday, 13 members and officers attached to the Johor Narcotics Criminal Investigation Division were being investigated by Bukit Aman for misappropriating RM750,000 seized in a police raid on the house of a 40-year-old drug trafficker in Taman Sentosa in early June. He said the secretariat had also been set up at the contingent level throughout the country.

According to him, the black sheep in the police force made up less than one per cent of the 92,301 members of the force but they could adversely affect its image. Mohamad said action had been taken against 3,922 individuals comprising senior officers and lower-ranking members from 2001 to August this year for indiscipline.

Out of these, 398 had been expelled, 47 downgraded and 30 had their salaries reduced, besides other actions.

Mohamad said disciplinary action was taken against 577 in 2001, 754 in 2002, 912 in 2003, 806 in 2004, 615 in 2005, and 258 from January to August this year. A total of 509 police personnel were detained by the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) from 2001 until this year, he added.

This is of course the tip of the iceberg and comprises the action taken during more lenient times before the arrival of Musa to the IGP's chair. Hopefully he keeps to his word, 'walks the talk' unlike his political bosses and brings the criminal elements in the force to book. He of all persons should know of the rampant corruption, collusion with blue and white-collar felons, protection given to lawbreakers, conspiring with crooked politicians and other unlawful acts, which to a large extent has besmirched the reputation of the police in Malaysia.

If he honours his promise and persists in his mission to create a disciplined force, while strongly overcoming the obstacles that may be put in his path by dishonest politicians, he will be doing a great service to his nation and his place in the history of the police force is assured.


Blogger toniXe said...

Most impressive start by Tan Sri.

While I admire his grand opening appetizers, let's wait for the Main Course (the real thing), and desserts before giving him the final accolates.

In Malaysia, there are lots of cynics ( like me ) thats because we have been let down before once too often.

Remember Mr Honest Dentish Toyo and lately Mr Lameduck's 'walk the talk' bullshit ?

10:30 AM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

tonixe, who can blame you for being cynical? Once bitten twice shy, remember?

11:49 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous tuna singh said...

There are fundamental problems with the police force. Whipping them into shape without looking into things like proper compensation, career path planning, all shorts of shit people enjoy as employees, will offer symptomatic relief.

I've been to Dang Wangi, its in shambles and one of the most disgusting places one could visit - and I'm talking about the staff offices and toilets, not the lock ups.

They treat the cops like animals, that's why they behave that way.

Singapore figured out what they needed to do to revamp their civil service ages ago.

1:26 PM GMT+8  

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