Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cops The Cheapest Labour Force, Says IGP. Very True.

With RM650 as the starting salary for constables, the police are the lowest paid labour force in Malaysia, according to the new Inspector General of Police (IGP), Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who assumed office Tuesday.

He said that if one compared the type and amount of work lower ranking police personnel did for the salary they received, it was no wonder that not many people wanted to join the police force. "Sometimes, I think even the foreign workers get paid more," he said.

He also expressed unhappiness over the current method of recruiting police personnel, through walk-in interviews. "I would prefer if those recruited to join the force were vetted thoroughly because these are going to be the people who will be entrusted with a lot of authority and power," he said, adding that he was "vetted for three months" when joining the force and hoped he could do the same with new candidates.

**** No one I'm sure will disagree with the IGP regarding both the paltry sum that is passed off as salary and the lax, walk-in type selection. I don't know what is preventing the government from increasing the salaries and allowances of the cops, especially the rank and file. All upward revisions over the years have benefitted the senior officers more than the lower level staff. Even the civilian personnel in the police force seem to get a better deal than our men in uniform. Is our Treasury so hard up for money that we have to scrounge on policemens' wages?

As for the method of selection I have no idea why this walk-in style is being practiced. Maybe it's the Police's way of being mesra during selection. However such a method encourages the riff-raff to apply along with the deserving and perhaps that is the reason we have problems off and on from policemen.

One problem the IGP did not mention was the disproportionate racial composition of the force and what can be done to overcome it, apart from the lip-service that politicians have been paying all this while. Whatever reasons that may be given the one main cause is the unfair promotion practices being adopted. Stories abound about how hardworking non-Malay officers have been sidelined in promotion exercises and sometimes their subordinates end up as their superiors, and not good ones at that. There is no greater insult or blow to one's morale than having an incompetent underling being made the boss.

It is hoped that the IGP will look into all this and more and do whatever he can for the upliftment and welfare of the force. Only if the Police are happy can we the citizens be truly safe and secure.

Amusing tidbit: IGP unfazed over banners


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A hardworking lorry driver can make about 2000 ringgit a month minimum. We exploit our policeman and pay them so low salaries. how to expect a good job from them? Pay the more please.

2:18 PM GMT+8  
Blogger perlisan said...

I donot think the promotion of the police personnel is racially biased. There have been hard working & deserving Malay police personnel not being promoted. Instead his undeserving counterpart were being promoted. There are many factors involved viz. promotion interview/test (oral & written), human relationship & contacts (this is also true in the private sector) etc. We are just too sensitive when it involve a non-Malay policeman.
As in some private sector, not all promotions are fair and it never will.

I only hope that our government will increase our policeman's salary substantially so that they could "survive" & not resort to taking bribe. The private sectors are equally corrupt in taking bribe, kickbacks from contractors & suppliers, just to name a few.

4:45 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

anonymous, if a lorry driver earns that much, then it is a shame that our policemen are paid so low. No wonder the IGP sounds anguished.
perlisan, I must admit that you have a valid point there.

6:12 PM GMT+8  
Blogger shanghaistephen said...

The so- called clean govt. being corrupt themselves, know that if the cops are truely under-paid,the cops, being resourcesful and all, would resort to bribery themselves, right ? Have you seen a thin cop over 40 ??
What happened to the solemn RUKUN NEGARA ? When you are a govt. servant....serve please, you choose to be there.
And lets not pretend and be morons, We know for a bleeding fact how this promotions thinggy works, right Perlisan ?
so dont't worry about the private sector. There you just get booted out if one is incompetent or runs foul of the law, but in the govt. service you get immunity even for murder !

9:39 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at it this way
... salary is one thing
but then education background is another. Any co-relation?????
So get more and have them on the ground with the rakyat daily
... hardly see any cops when you need one.

7:55 AM GMT+8  

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