Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mawi-Ina Programme A Hit, Says Beaming Zam.

After shamelessly trying to potong jalan TV3's live telecast of the Datuk K-Siti Nurhaliza wedding reception with their own 'Mawi-Ina television special' over RTM 1 and Astro last night, Information Minister Datuk Zainuddin Maidin said that it was a hit and has proven to be an effective collaboration between the government-owned station and the satellite TV operator, as it attracted a large audience to the show from the beginning till the end.

How Zam, our Darth Vader of the information Darkside came to that conclusion, God knows, for in the very next sentence he said "however the rating for the programme which brought together last year's Akademi Fantasia champion Asmawi Ani and his ex-fiancee Nor Diana Naim, had yet to be obtained." Either he has incredibly accurate intuition or unparalleled optimism.

For good measure he also added, "the rating has not been received but based on outside rating and my own sentiments, I believe 99.9 per cent of Members of Parliament watched last night's programme over RTM!" Frankly no one cares if 99.9% of MPs watched Mawi-Ina or secretly viewed blue films. They may represent us in Parliament but they are definitely not representative of our viewing likes and dislikes.

Zam being Zam, he also gave the whole potong jalan episode a patriotic flavour when he said, "while showing the programme RTM had also inserted a message of independence and patriotism through visuals of national heroes who had perished during the war against the communists!!"

What else can I say? You simply can't beat this guy.


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