Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bully Boy MPs Talk Big In Parliament.

BARISAN Nasional backbenchers at the Dewan Rakyat yesterday delivered a stern message to potential critics: That they had little time for those who took them on in public or who questioned their immunity from prosecution.

Anyone who crossed them would be savaged in the House. And this is what happened as they attacked the Customs and Excise Department like never before and took subtle digs at the Chief Secretary to the Government.(NST)

This reminds me of the bullies who lord it over the others in school and say that if the victims inform their parents or act tough outside, then they'll get savaged when they get back to school. For these bullies are gutsy and have balls, only when they are in their own territory.

The way that some of the MPs denigrated the Customs Department, the Chief Secretary and civil servants generally, speaks volumes of their low mentality and their propensity to be cruel to those who cannot reply in kind because these jokers enjoy immunity. They sneered at the service for not filling thousands of vacancies and even questioned the extension of service to retired senior officers.

If our parliamentarians, especially the loudmouths who spoke so scornfully yesterday had been equally enthusiastic and serious in the proceedings before, at least we can accept that they spoke sincerely. These fellas however have taken umpteen opportunities during this and previous parliamentary sessions to tell sick jokes, perpetuate stereotypes, pass sexual remarks to offend lady MPs and generally behave like comedians in a third-rate street show. They have no inkling about grace, magnanimity, chivalry, altruism or even plain decency. They poke fun at everyone and have no idea what humour is. ( For the few MPs I'm referring to, I quote James Thurber (1894-1961), U.S. humorist, illustrator - Humour does not include sarcasm, invalid irony, sardonicism, innuendo, or any other form of cruelty.)

For a detailed report of the antics of some of these goons read the NST


Anonymous cilipadi said...

Police and ACA should check before selecting Ahli Parlimen. This way some of the more corrupt can be eliminated. If they prove to be inefficient then they must make way for better candidates next time. But how to convince the Supreme Council? All gila kuasa are there.

12:49 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous bencanalam said...

Mr Cilipadi, only the power of rakyat could do so, arent we asahamed when our PM relating corruption in Islamic countries, as if he was spitting to his own face, whereas Malaysia is already the cancer is critical.

11:48 PM GMT+8  
Blogger The Malaysian. said...

cilipadi, I'm sure the various political parties must have reasons for selecting their candidates for MP seats. However there is no shame in replacing them if they are not up to the job.
bencanalam, I don't think the PM had Malaysia in mind when he made that statement. In fact we are supposed to be a role model for other Islamic nations!

10:00 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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