Monday, August 28, 2006

Don't Judge MPs Based On Media Reports, Says Zam.

Perhaps Lord Zam would like to tell us how else we are to make up our minds about the performance of these MPs? Even the PM has asked for a report from each MP about their activities. (A report card of sorts?) If even he needs to be told about what these Yang Berhormat are doing, how the devil are we to know unless we rely on the media and yes, the blogs?

The best gauge of their performance is during the Parliamentary sessions. And oh, how many Honourable monkeys the august House has! Offhand 3 of these male primates come to mind, whose only contribution is the mouthing off of racist, parochial, religious and antifeminist drivel. What a waste of taxpayers money. The price we have to pay to maintain the trappings of a true democracy! The entertainment provided by these distinguished members is probably equal to the quality one expects from a kindergarten kids' concert. And I'm being optimistic here.

According to Bernama our Zam, Darth Vader of the information Darkside, has asked the people not to judge Members of Parliament based on media reports of the issues they raise in the house. "It is not fair to label these MPs or accuse them of wasting Parliament's time by debating on petty issues," he said.

Public opinion of the MPs was largely shaped by the way the media had reported parliamentary proceedings, he said at the closing of the Smart Community debate here last night. He pointed out that it was the nature of the media to be "selective" in the issues that they wanted to report. "Therefore, the public should not judge the MPs based on news reports because the petty issues highlighted by the media are just a fraction of what is debated in Parliament.

Actually Zam should be grateful that the mainstream media has been restrained in its reporting of the antics of some of these wayward MPs. However the blogs recognise no such restraint and are in fact eye-openers to the real quality or lack of it, of the average 'honourable' Malaysian MP. Bloggers don't believe in 'closing one eye'.


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