Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cabinet Committee To Hold Discussions On Sepaktakraw Development.

Sepaktakraw - A one time pride of the nation. A game in which we could take on the whole world and come out tops; Malaysia's equivalent of the US 'Dream Team.'

Then things started to go awry. Management became top-heavy and every VIP, including and especially politicians, demanded and got a piece of the action while basking in the reflected glory of its success. Players were sidelined and left to their own devices as long as they produced results. This they did at first. Then the twin scourges of drugs and indiscipline crept in, first unnoticed and later for all the world to see. We lost the title to the 'new kids on the block' Thailand who are now reigning supreme. What an insult!

How were these problems handled by the management? Every issue that affected sepaktakraw was swept under the carpet and denial after denial was issued regarding the sinister entry of drugs into the game. Politics took centre-stage and like many other worthy enterprises where politicians got their paws in, sepaktakraw slowly went to the dogs. Now it is yelping like a sick puppy and the Cabinet Committee on Sports Development's intervention although late in the day is most welcome.

Read about the Cabinet plans for sepaktakraw HERE


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