Thursday, July 27, 2006

No Directive To Ban Coverage For Tun Mahathir. Is This Believable?

The Information Ministry has never issued any directive, written or verbal, preventing Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) and the Malaysian National News Agency (Bernama) from giving coverage to former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Deputy Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the important principle in news reporting depended on journalism ethics and credibility of the news. "There is no directive for the two agencies not to give coverage (to Dr Mahathir)," he told reporters.

He said the Malaysian media had their own objectives in discharging their social responsibilities towards creating solidarity among Malaysians, regardless of their religious, ethnic and political background.

**** What does Zahid mean by 'news reporting depended on journalism ethics and credibility'? Does the government really give the mainstream media enough leeway to practice journalism ethics and since when did credibility matter to the authorities?

So strong is the public's (well-founded) distrust of the government when it comes to accurate press reporting and claims of openness in the dissemination of information, that not a single person would believe there has been no 'signal' from the authorities to black out Dr M's activities and accusations. With a known authoritarian occupying the information minister's chair that much is sure.

Of course many also say that Mahathir is merely getting his just desserts for having suppressed the media when he was in power. Be that as it may, it does not give this administration the moral right to censor him now and then claim that no such directive has been given. Are RTM and Bernama blind and deaf not to see or hear the type of headlines that Dr M is making internationally and on the internet? The whole world is reporting him except us. Is this the sign of a free, responsible media or a bound, gagged and/or muzzled one?


Blogger SBB said...


Why is this even important? So easy to focus on the negative.

Who CARES if local news is not reporting what some crazy ambitious loon of an old man is verbal diarrheaing? Not like he has not, even during the last part of his administration, totally f*cked up the country by opening his mouth to utter ego-power crazy, psychotic statements.

oh yeah, let's all fuck pak lah up the ass because he might be lying about this. As opposed to the previous PM who lied about all sorts of other things a million times more impactful on Malaysian society.

The newspapers not reporting about this are about reasonably maintaining stability in the country. Personally, I would rather that than another Philippines.

1:21 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

July 28, 2006

The recent events within Malaysia has had me thinking that nothing is what it seems.

First, the RM490 million UK sports complex. Although Pak Lah has openly stated that the project would be a no-go if approval is not secured from the local authorities in UK, none of the cabinet ministers from UMNO has come out to support this contention, especially the Shylock from Pahang who is doing his best in kissing-up to USA; by buying M4 assault rifles and recently 'kow-towing' to the US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld in Singapore. in fact, some of the ministers have even promised to pursue this issue to the very end i.e. Malaysia will build it. And one must also take into account that the Shylock was in UK tying up an arms the same time with the Tun Mamak Kangkang from Kubang Pasu who was also visiting UK for other 'reasons' (for brevity's sake, I shall name him Tun MK).

Second, a lot of foolhardy Non-Malay Muslims seems to be fixated on a certain irrelevant Article 11 of our country's constitution. While Pak Lah has asked that those involved to cease and desist (and rightly so, but not because I support Islam...far from it), it seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Mr. Lim Kit Siang, Ms. Sonia Randhawa, and others have continued to 'harp' on this matter. Nyonya Tahir and Moorthy and Lina Joy are abbrevations, a mere ripple in the ocean...much less a tsunami. Emotional charged, no doubt...but is it really that important, I would say NO. I am of the opinion this is not a fight worth fighting, for now.

Third, the recent attack (most likely staged, like Chen Sui-Bian of Taiwan) on Tun MK in Kelantan. At first, I was shocked, but later remembering Tun MK's cunning and guile, I do believe this 'attack' will garner outpouring support and sympathy from the Malay majority. At the very least the 'attacks' will cast a shadow of doubt on Pak Lah; but not the UMNO ministers especially the Shylock from Pahang.

Where does this all leads too, you may ask? Well, to the most important General Meeting in Malaysia...the UMNO General Assembly. The meeting that, for all intents and purposes, defines political life in Malaysia. The issue of National Pride, Islam As Supreme, and Tun MK being 'attacked' together with other fantastic Arabian Tales expounded by him are going to be used by delegates linked to Tun MK or the 18 HIGH PROFILE CORRUPTION INVESTIGATIONS that is now currently being undertaken by Pak Lah's administration.

All of this would be used to weaken Pak Lah politically. It can mean two things...

(A) Pak Lah would be forced to take actions contrary to his nature i.e. arbitrary use of ISA, permitting mass demonstrations i.e. show of strength by UMNO Youth; or
(B) Pak Lah would be forced NOT to take any action i.e. investigations into the 18 suddenly ceases, Non-Muslim or/and Non-Malay problems are put into the backburner.

Or (C) it would be the end of his short-lived career as Prime Minister.

I have to agree with one blogger when he stated that Tun MK wishes to be king maker. He wants to rule from behind the scene ala Kabuki theatre. And a politically weak Pak Lah is of no use to us Malaysians. I would remind the Non-Malay-Muslim readers that the majority of this country's population is still composed of Malay-Muslims and Tun MK and his supporters are quite adept in stirring up communal issues to their advantage. He and his patron, Harun Idris, succeeded in doing that once in May 13, 1969. Who is to say that Shylock and Tun MK might not do the same? Does the Non-Malay-Muslim readers still remember how he manipulated and later 'suckerpunched' SUQIU in 2001? Communist, indeed.

"Say, A doggy is nuttin' if he don't have a bone All doggy hold ya' bone, all doggy hold it"

Remember, abuse and waste of our tax money is more important than written words on a piece of paper that can abjurated by...well...other means. If you were one the many to give Pak Lah the biggest majority ever in the 2004 general elections, remember that some things are more important than others.

Ready. Team. Fire. Assist.

We've got your back covered, Pak Lah.

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