Monday, June 26, 2006

I'd Be Worried If I Were Kit Siang Or Hadi.

With the incomparable Dr M back in full form after a short respite, it is now clear that he is prepared for all out war.

Apparently he has gone into battle-station readiness and has fired the first of the more serious salvoes that is calculated to hurt the Pak Lah administration. As he slowly and surely ups the ante, something has to give - either the PM has to go public sans spokesmen or representatives and raise the controversy to a higher plane, or the supreme sacrifice of Khairy Jamaluddin on the altar of pragmatism and or expediency has to be made. Which way he goes no one knows except that Pak Lah simply cannot afford to stay silent for much longer. Already I'm sure he must be under tremendous pressure from many quarters to respond adequately.

As it stands Mahathir has wrested the initiative from the opposition and other 'not so well wishers' of the present leadership in openly finding fault with the government. Now where does that leave the de jure opposition leaders like Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang?

They must be mucho worried that Dr M has gone on the warpath. As much as it puts the government in a poor light, such is politics that when it is not the 'real' opposition who does the shit-stirring they get very, very distressed, lest they be sidelined in the only role they have carved a niche in.

If Dr M keeps this up, then Kit Siang had better tutup kedai and become a fulltime blogger ranting his dislike for the government and blaming Mahathir for his predicaments. Same for Hadi too; at least he has the pulpit to preach from.

The hard reality is that Mahathir or rather his 'voice' is bigger than that of Kit Siang's DAP and Hadi's PAS put together. While the latter have been mostly irritants and pinpricks for the government, Mahathir is capable of delivering fatal wounds.

So where does this leave the sidelined duo? Hadi and Kit Siang could of course reinvent their traditional roles and try for once to play the peacemaker, acting as a go-between. But what's in it for them? Better than nothing I'd say. After all doesn't it say in one holy book that "blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see heaven?"


Blogger menj said...

Wouldn't be too concerned if I were you. Toon won't be in the limelight for long.


9:49 AM GMT+8  
Anonymous sigma said...

The reality of Malaysian politics is such that the Opposition has always been seen as not quite as 'official' as a certified BN, in terms of being a political entity which can influence the course of Malaysia.

Hence, Dr M, being a past supremo of UMNO, has the political 'cred' to ensure that his statements are treated with more respect by the present ruling class.

Where does this leave LKS and Hadi Awang? I don't think they mind, if both of them are sincere in putting the rakyat's well-being in front. In fact, any dirt on the govt that Dr M wants to put out can then be used by both DAP and PAS as further ammo in their opposition of the government.

Lastly, disunity is death in politics. If factions start forming and UMNO/BN has a civil war, this would only benefit the Opposition DAP and PAS.

10:24 AM GMT+8  
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