Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Wishy-Washy Prime Minister.

The Attorney-General (AG) has been asked to take into account the views of various sides relating to the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC), said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

"It is not easy to think of the best mechanism. On one side is the report of the (Royal) Commission (to enhance the operation and management of the police) which recommended the IPCMC (while) the police have made other proposals and the public also has proposals.

"The important thing is for the AG to adopt an approach which, when implemented, must bring good to the police and satisfy the wishes of the people," he told reporters. (Bernama)

On paper a very statesman-like stance to adopt. Alas, this is nothing more than a public admission of the distinct absence of that very crucial anatomical part of the political being - a backbone. His statement is a really pathetic attempt to camouflage his own indecisiveness. What else can you say when on the very last day of the expiry of the Royal Commission's deadline, instead of taking a brave decision, in fact the only decision, of implementing it's recommendations he takes the coward's way out? Playing for time and passing the buck to the Attorney General is not what we expect from the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Now I can understand why the euphoria he generated after his election has rapidly dissipated and many are actually yearning for the Mahathir days again. Despite his intolerance, Dr. M was a firm leader who would have put the police in their place - in fact the cops would not have even dared to put that nonsense on their website if he were in power. For that the police should be grateful to our PM. At least he won't emasculate them and make an example of their bosses.

The tragedy of it all is that this was a great opportunity for the PM to dispel any doubts the people may have harboured about his true intentions, but he blew it big time. Now it will be doubly difficult for him to gain the public trust. How can you really believe and rely on a man who is so wishy-washy?


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