Wednesday, May 31, 2006

More Sex Please We're Malaysian.

THE 2005 Durex Global Sex survey on 5,409 people, aged between 16 and 55, revealed that Malaysians have sex on average, 83 times a year, followed by Singapore (73 times) and Japan (45 times). It also revealed that Malaysians are 'adventurous' when it comes to where they have sex.

Fifteen per cent enjoy lovemaking in the office, 12 per cent in parks, 10 per cent do it on the beach and in front of a camera, eight per cent do it at parties, seven per cent in clubs, six per cent at school and in the garden and another four per cent do it in alleyways, two per cent on planes, while another three per cent have sex on public transport vehicles!

Just a few questions to clear a couple of doubts and some observations.
1) Does this survey confine itself to Malaysian citizens or are the horny Banglas, Nepalis and Indons among others also included?

2) A simple calculation from the above comes to a total of 67%. Does it mean that only 33% do it at home?

3) I wonder of the 15% who 'enjoy lovemaking' in the office how many indulge in these amorous activities in government offices. Perhaps that could explain the frequent tea-breaks public servants seem so fond of!

4) Why did they restrict the survey to under 55 years? You'll be surprised at the virility of some of the warga mas.

5) Does anyone have a clue how one can do it in an alleyway?

6) In the plane, I've seen in blue films in my university days, but usually that's between the pilot and some sweet thing. (Perhaps that's why pilots work in a 'cockpit').

7) In front of the camera, OK. Probably within the confines of home or something resembling a home. Not a photo studio I'm sure.

8) Garden? Looks like there's more to green thumbs and fingers I guess.

9) Public transport vehicles. Like what? Buses, taxis, LRT? Hmmm.

10) Now this is dicey. 6% in schools. Teacher and teacher, pupil and teacher or pupil and pupil? Whatever combination it does not speak well for security in schools or the effectiveness of Moral and Religious Studies.

**** At the end of it, all I can say is 'to each his own'. Don't get caught. Ciao.


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haha! amusing, isnt it?

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hoho..gila.. hoho..

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