Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Come Dream With Me.

There is no harm in once in a while dreaming of either achieving or expecting something. One definition of 'dreaming' is to have a fervent hope or aspiration. That exactly is the version of 'dream' I'm inviting you to join me in.

My dream no matter how naive or silly as it may sound, is a Malaysia where fairness is a creed, where everyone is truly equal before the eyes of the government; equal in respect and appreciation. Where the benevolence of our leaders and the authorities is patently felt by all the citizenry. Where the leaders set the standards for the common folk to follow and emulate.

I dream of a Malaysia where human rights is given primacy and individual rights are as important as the common good. Where justice is dispensed impartially and is seen to be dispensed as such. A nation whose officials, both political and civil, do their best honestly, fairly and without detriment to any section or sections of society.

I dream of a nation in peace with itself, its citizens and its neighbours. A nation where the people are always engaged in communication and dialogue with the government which listens to them and adapts to the needs of its people no matter how small or insignificant they may be. A nation where due process of the law is held paramount and the rule of law upheld firmly yet judiciously.

I dream of a better Malaysia where accountability becomes a watchword; where you deserve what you get, where leaders and civil servants are not simply put on a pedestal but have to work hard to earn the right to be respected. Where every sen spent is accounted for publicly. Where corruption is a word that children read in history books. Where when the government says something the people believe it without looking for ulterior motives.

I dream of the day when our nation truly promotes merit, the recognition of the best person for the right job, the genuine inculcation of nothing less than excellence as a practice rather than as preaching material and the rewarding of citizens based on true achievements rather than either imagined or exaggerated ones.

I also dream of a benevolent government that not only tolerates but actively encourages free speech and the right to criticize. I dream especially of a kind hearted leadership which does not in any way seek to punish those who are outspoken and those who dare to dream in public.


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