Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PM's NEM Speech Laudable. Now Arrest Ibrahim Ali And Whip Civil Service Into Action

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak launched the New Economic Model just now. On paper it is a courageous move. “We can’t afford to duck the issues any longer. If we are to truly tackle inequality and become a beacon of progress in the region, we must create a sense of urgency to reform,” Najib had said sounding like a true statesman.

However Reuters reported that 'Najib barely touched on the raft of economic and social privileges intended for the majority Malay residents that critics say has engendered graft. The prime minister is reliant on the 55 per cent Malay population for votes'. And THAT is the crux of the whole bloody problem. Espousing lofty principles and 'unveiling' plans for radical reforms is one thing but to get it implemented is a totally different kettle of ikan bilis.

Assuming if Najib truly believes in what he is preaching (and that's a big IF) and that he has the balls to demand its implementation, there are some real obstacles in taking that path. First we have that most opportunistic, racist bastard by the name of Ibrahim Ali and his fellow low life in Perkasa who represent the ideal amalgamation of the worst qualities in Malaysian politics coupled with a deeply rooted inferiority complex. Cheering them on are the biggest dangers to national and inter-ethnic unity - Tun Dr Mahathir and DPM Muhyiddin Yassin. The latter two are above the law in Umno's Malaysia and therefore untouchable. However if there is even an iota of genuineness in Najib's reform plans he should throw the book at Ibrahim Ali and incarcerate the bastard. This should not too difficult for Najib since he has some experience in such matters. At least it would have a calming effect on non-Malay businessmen and foreign investors. Screaming racist invectives is not going to help attract FDIs.

Another big hurdle the PM would face is the equally racist and notoriously moribund civil service. Getting these indolent louts to do his bidding might prove very, very difficult for there are many Ibrahim Alis who are comfortably perched in strategic positions who will not budge unless prodded like cattle.

Then there are the rent addicted umnoputeras who will make life hell for Najib. Free largesse is more potent than drugs and the PM can expect the mother of all withdrawal symptoms to afflict a large portion of Umno's membership. Outrage, violence and cardiac arrests may ensue.

In conclusion, Najib is going to have a terrible time in the near future if he is really determined to reform the nation's outdated and racist policies. But I have grave doubts if he will even get to first base before retreating with his tail between his legs. It takes a great leader to dare bring profound changes in the face of very strong opposition even from his own supporters. The current U.S. president is one such person. And believe you me, Najib is no Barack Obama.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Former Crime Chief Dato Ramli Yusuff Acquitted Of Corruption Charges. Syabas Judge Gunalan

From TheStar online.

Suspended Commercial Crimes Investigation Department director Comm Datuk Ramli Yusoff has been acquitted of corruption charges by Sessions Court here.

Judge M Gunalan ruled Friday that the prosecution had failed to prove a prima facie case against Comm Ramli, who was charged with failing to declare ownership of 20,000 Telekom Malaysia Berhad shares, 154,000 Permaju Industries Berhad shares and interest in two office properties worth RM1,032,840.

Ramli, 56, was alleged to have committed the offences at the office of the then Anti-Corruption Agency's deputy public prosecutor in Putrajaya on Sept 17, 2007.

***** Judge M Gunalan must be congratulated for sticking up for justice unlike his seniors in the higher courts including and especially the Appeals and Federal Court who have shown time and again that they have no brains or balls. Even in this case which will definitely be appealed by the government let us see what the superior courts decide. No prize for guessing which way those judgments will go.

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Al-Islam Apologises To Christians. Catholic Church -: 1; Umno, Attorney General -: 0

From today's The Star:
The Al-Islam magazine has apologised to the Roman Catholic Church and Christians for publishing a special report which involved the desecration of a religious rite.

The apology was posted on the website of its publisher, Utusan Karya.

The controversy began after the magazine published a report, Tinjauan Al-Islam Dalam Gereja: Mencari Kesahihan Remaja Melayu Murtad in its May 2009 edition

In the apology, Al-Islam said it had “unintentionally hurt the feelings of Christians especially Catholics” with its report.

It said in a three-paragraph statement that the report was to investigate allegations of apostasy and the actions of its journalists were never intended to deride the Christian faith nor desecrate their house of worship.

The magazine also stated that the apology would be published in next month’s print publication.

Two reporters from the magazine attended and participated in the religious rite.

They admitted to receiving Holy Communion and actually spitting the wafer out, an act Catholics consider desecration.

After police reports were lodged against the journalists and the magazine, they were investigated under Section 298A (1) of the Penal Code for causing disharmony, disunity or feelings of enmity, hatred or ill will, or prejudicing the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion.

However earlier this week, it was announced that the Attorney-General had decided not to pursue the case because of “public pressure.”

Speaking on behalf of Kuala Lumpur Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam, Catholic Lawyers’ Society Vice President Joy Appukuttan said Pakiam expressed his happiness over the move by the magazine to apologise.
***** It is indeed a magnanimous gesture by the Roman Catholic Church to have so quickly accepted the 'apology' by Al-Islam. While the so-called apology came across as contrived, insincere and probably given under pressure by Umno bigwigs, the happiness expressed by the Archbishop shows that the Church believes it's time to put and end to this unfortunate fiasco and move on. This is definitely a big win for not only the Catholics and Christians but also for those of all faiths who believe in equitable and fair justice.

However Umno, its leaders and the Attorney General come out of this mess of their own creation looking very, very bad. They have been exposed as desperadoes who will go to any length and lie to any extent to justify the unjustifiable. The Attorney General's attempt in particular to explain why no action was taken against the two fanatic culprits will rank for a long time as the most egregious decision by a legal officer in our country's history. By right he should resign in shame. But then again he and his ilk have either never heard of or believed in words such as shame, accountability or resign. These people are the real pengkhianat whom Malaysians should condemn and shun.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another PKR Turncoat, Bagan Serai MP Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri Defects

Bagan Serai member of parliament Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri today became the third legislator to quit Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

The 65-year-old said he had been 'disappointed' with recent events in the party. (No means to cari makan?)

Among the reasons he cited were party infighting and the party's stance on the usage of the "Allah" term by non-Muslims. In the name of Allah, I would like to announce my resignation from PKR. I hereby quit PKR and resign from all posts to become an independent member of parliament," said Mohsin.

Mohsin didn't take any questions from reporters but asked PKR's former secretary-general Datuk Salehuddin Hashim to answer questions on his behalf.

I suppose at the ripe old age of 65 years there is not much time or avenue to make a tidy fortune. What better way than to throw morals and principles to the ground and stomach a few months of shame and ignominy? It's worth it. After all Najib's millions will more than compensate for the 'hardship'. But using the name of Allah to justify his greed and betrayal is the height of hypocrisy and should be condemned. It is also pretty obvious that
Salehuddin Hashim is the bapa ayam for all these political whores.

I wonder how the fence sitters among the public feel about Umno now? Do they truly approve this 'purchasing' strategy? Will they vote for such dishonest politicians again? Only time will tell.

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Monday, March 01, 2010

This Is Umno's Malaysia

With the way that Umno is misusing the police, MACC, the Attorney General's chambers, the judiciary and other government institutions on a daily basis, the above cartoon may well describe the situation in Malaysia today. Very sad.

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