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"MIC Fielding New Faces In General Elections." Another Desperate Samy Vellu Damage Control Gimmick?

MIC will introduce some new faces in the coming general election, its president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said.

He said some of the MIC's elected representatives have reached the "fatigue stage" and would be replaced.

"Looking at the situation, I am going to do many changes. This is sure to happen," he said when interviewed in RTM's Tamil talkshow "Karuthu Kalam" or "Opinion Forum" aired over RTM2 today.

Samy Vellu spoke about wide-ranging issues from when he entered politics and the challenges being faced by the party and the Indian community.

The Works Minister said: "Normally, I introduce new faces in elections and I assign them special tasks. "Since I work long hours, I can't be monitoring them all the time. That will affect my job," he said.

He said he could tell them about their responsibilities during the MIC's monthly central working committee (CWC) meetings. "Few are clear about their duties and carry out their responsibilities accordingly (but) some have reached the fatigue stage," he said.

Samy Vellu said he entered politics in 1957 "with a view to change the condition of the Indian community. That was one of the main reasons for me to join politics. It was permanently in my mind. I kept thinking for ways and means to create a better situation to upgrade the condition of the community.

"When I became President of MIC in 1979, I realised that only by transforming the community into an educated community, we would be able to compete and be on par with others," he said.

Samy Vellu said in his 29 years of service as a Minister, "I think there was never a day I have not fought for the community. I have talked everything. I can tell one thing to those who ask on what I've done. I can't reveal what I've talked, what I've fought in the Cabinet. We have taken an oath of secrecy and we should not reveal anything that have been decided in the Cabinet because those Government documents are classified as official secrets," he said.

He said he came from a lineage which always raised problems clearly and without fear. "I have never been afraid of any situation," he quipped.

To a question, the MIC chief said not all the requests made by the MIC were put aside by the government.

"During the 29 years, when we request for 20, we get 10. So we have always benefited. We can't say we didn't get anything. I have records on what we have got. I know how the Government has been channelling the assistance," he added. (Bernama)

***** There is much truth in what Samy Vellu has said. For example, "
some of the MIC's elected representatives have reached the "fatigue stage" is factual. But he should also include himself in that category and undur before the next elections.

The statement "
I am going to do many changes. This is sure to happen" reflects more his desperation and fear at being outflanked by Hindraf rather than any new resoluteness on his part. The gist of his speech was that he has dedicated the better part of five decades serving the Indian community. There is no denying that claim despite the many unsubstantiated allegations of millions made on the side.

The problem as I see it is that he has grown too comfortable in the role of a senior leader and has concentrated more on his ministerial duties than his obligations towards the Indians, especially the miserably poor and downtrodden. He has clearly failed to stand up for Indian rights and needs, either because he has lost the urgency which necessarily must come with the desire to overcome great odds or he has been sidelined in the Cabinet and has no genuinely 'strong voice'. The lack of influence at Cabinet level is a very real possibility especially if the higher-ups in Umno are well aware of his weaknesses and skeletons in the almari. You're in a straight-jacket kind of situation where even if you feel that things are not fair or justice is not being served, there is simply nothing you can do about it because the big guys have got you by the balls.

Although not directly saying it, his basic premise now for continuing in power is that the government is actually fairly benevolent and does throw the crumbs now and then and Indians should be grateful to the MIC for the said crumbs coming their way. To me this is unacceptable and contrary to repeated government claims of being fair to all races.

What the MIC sorely needs now is a new leader who can deliver the goods more efficiently and in time. None of the present crop including Samy Vellu, MIC Members of Parliament and national/state party bosses fit the bill. If at all someone well known in and linked to the party should be made the numero uno, the only person I can think of is Dr Dennison Jayasooria. (Although his name sounds Sinhalese I assume that he is Indian. Even if he isn't does it really make a difference?) Although I don't know him personally I have read much about him and his work in the Strategic Social Foundation.

This gentleman does not have the political baggage associated with long-time veterans like Samy Vellu or the others and his genuine interest in and deep, first-hand knowledge of Indian poverty and hardship will serve as an impetus to vigorously and steadfastly push for meaningful reforms at the top levels of government. Will this ever happen? I don't think so.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

He said some of the MIC's elected representatives have reached the "fatigue stage" and would be replaced.

Dey sammy.. look in the mirror oi.

9:57 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New Faces...but same "Old Body" difference!

4:33 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You Moron!

The single biggest thing you could do to Indians in this country is to step down.

The HINDRAF thing has proven to be a slap on you. Why do you want to cling to the post.

If MIC is to function, get rid of all the old senile idiots and step down. We, the Indians had had enough of your antics.

Arse hole!

8:18 AM GMT+8  
Blogger DIASPORA said...

Under today's prevailing situation and the tempers that have still not cooled, there is nary anyone who can lead MIC or get all Indians to the slaughter like the cases in the past when Indians voted for whom they were told to vote. The Indian today has become another breed. He has taken pride in being called Keling as the descendant of the mighty KALINGA Empire the reach of which we in Malaysia will never reach. You cannot expect the ordinary Indian on the street to be meek and humble as in the past. You cannot expect the Indian to go to a Government counter and be expected to be servile and silent. He is going to ask for his rights and woe betide those who think that they can continue to treat the Indians as in the past. The Indians have tasted blood like the Lion cub that tastes blood first. They are not going to sit down and look like fools and pander to the wims of dim witted politicians anymore. Already a situationis starting in front of our High Commission in New Delhi. We all hope that all these will soon come to an end. Only please do NOT use Civil Servants to sort out local difficulties. They are the most useless lot that this country has these days. Now they want a Honorarium to help them go to canteen more often and do other multi non job related tasks. There are millions of non civil servants starving in the ghettos; slums; kampongs and outer reaches. Do something for them first. Rasuah will easily look after the rest because greed has no end these days.

9:28 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

An old indian proverb states 'Old toddy in a new tub'

Well that must be it.

1:05 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur really an you think indian are stupid ?? dont forget that nowdays indian are smarter coz they came up in life using their own hard earn money!!! not single cents from &*^%(*&^ current "Boleh-Goverment" U can say whatever for dont forget all this will come to the end soon where u wont dare to come out from ur own house!!!! DONT YOU EVER FORGET WHAT U DID TO INDIAN MONEY!!! THINKING WHAT INDIAN MONEY ??? THATS CALL MAIKA !!!!!!

2:13 PM GMT+8  

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