Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Malay Writers Associations' Dec 31 Deadline To Govt On Teaching Maths & Science In English

The Federation of Malay Writers Associations (Gapena) has given the Government until Dec 31 to decide whether to continue the teaching and learning of Mathematics and Science in English.

Otherwise, it will act, including taking the matter to court.

Gapena wanted the Government to be firm and decide on the issue soonest possible, said its deputy president Prof Datuk Dr Abdul Latiff Abu Bakar.

“The Education Minister can say we are being emotional. Yes, we are emotional (over this matter) but it is only to protect the position of Bahasa Malaysia as provided in the Federal Constitution,” he told reporters at a Gapena dinner with the media here on Tuesday night.

Gapena has been pressuring the Government to revert to the teaching and learning of Maths and Science in Bahasa Malaysia.

***** It's a lose-lose situation for the government. Apparently there is an unbendingly firm view among language lovers of all the major communities that it is better to ditch English. On the other hand some experts feel that English is the way to go for the future competitiveness of our citizens to be enhanced.

Whichever way the government leans it is in for strong criticism. But given the way our pemimpin usually decide, we can be sure that politics will play a crucial role.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be shocked if the government finally decides to teach Science and Mathematics in Arabic. This is because of muslim historians constantly bragging about the great scientific discoveries attributed to islamic scholars during the Dark Ages in Europe.

12:54 PM GMT+8  
Blogger Terra Shield said...

English is the way to go. Seriously. I did everything in BM when I was in school, hence suffered in Uni.

1:55 PM GMT+8  
Blogger kopitelp16 said...

Our Eng Language std is poor especially the Malays. that's why a lot of the students struggled to cope. Raise the Eng std by continuing effort. Anyway, I think we made the decision to teach in English too haphazardly. Are we all ready after so many years neglecting the language. Grand Old Man's mess is now starting to hurt the future generation.

3:51 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous forits said...

Tak perlu terlalu takut untuk menggunakan bahasa inggeris dalam mata pelajaran. Takkan hilangnya identiti rakyat Malaysia jika penggunaan baha inggeris diteruskan.

1:06 PM GMT+8  

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