Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Set Example And Don’t Raise Sensitive Issues, Dr Mahathir Urged

From The Star.
Tamil Nesan has called on the former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to avoid raising sensitive issues which will affect national unity or create racial tension.

In its editorial, the paper said that the retired elder statesman should set an example for future leaders by showing the proper way and giving the necessary advice.

The paper also reminded the people that the country belonged to them and that it was their responsibility to cooperate and work together for the country’s economic growth and success.

The people must support the new economic policy and the new government led by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who had brought about many reforms, the paper said.

It also said that the people expected to get equal opportunities in the education, economic and government sectors.

The paper hoped that Malaysians would continue to maintain unity and racial tolerance so that the country would continue to prosper.
***** It is indeed a disgrace that the people are now forced to remind a one time leader of the country to stop playing up race issues! In an explicit display of his innermost thoughts and his convoluted approach to political and ethnic issues lately, Dr Mahathir has convinced the whole country that he is at the moment, the biggest impediment to national unity and inter-racial harmony. A clear and present danger, if you will.

One wonders how our nation actually survived his twenty-plus year rule without having shattered into a thousand pieces. Perhaps we should thank the non-Malay leaders of BN component parties for their endless display of servitude through the eighties and nineties which ironically kept Dr M in check and didn't give him the excuse or opportunity to engage in Umno-style genocide.

Over the past few years, through his own recalcitrance and without any help from his detractors within Umno, Dr Mahathir has singlehandedly dismantled his own increasingly dubious legacy and the people will not view him kindly half-a-century from now. But the damage he is potentially capable of inflicting on everyone of us today by deviously inciting racial passions, must indeed be a worry. How do you handle an influential, aging and racist loose cannon? Especially one who apparently has decided to take leave of his senses.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"How do you handle an influential, aging and racist loose cannon? Especially one who apparently has decided to take leave of his senses."
It's simple. Put him away under ISA for endangering our national security.

12:18 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pak Lah is not doing anything to stop this Racist!
Maybe that's why Pak Lah is keeping quiet!
TDM is making a big fool of himself in public & soon, no matter what he says, will be ignored by the public!

1:34 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How Pak Lah is going to maintain peace for this country and command the respect of Malaysians if he can't apply ISA on this racist ultra who repeatedly tries to raise racial issues to disrupt peaceful relations of our country?

6:59 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This motherfucking mamak, is a bloody racist. He blasted the Jews, the chinese, indians, malays and other races except Mamaks. Mamaks are actually bloody jews of the highest order.

12:13 AM GMT+8  
Blogger DIASPORA said...

Thank God that TDM did not 'hang' around for a little while more. Had he done that we may be having another Mugabe in Malaysia.

One feels sad that UMNO is dithering all the time tring to plug holes in the dyke while more holes keep coming up. This situation cannot go on forever lest the country is brought to ruins.

The President of the USA has so few Cabinet Ministers to handle that mighty country. But we have a mighty Cabinet to handle a mouse country. Too many Ministries create their own empires and Napoleons and Josephines and this leads to greater bureaucracy and more and more meetings requiring the employment of more and more Government sevants and expenses serving them lavish breakfasts, tea and cakes, luches and possibly dinner - all at the Rakyat' expense whilst Mothers go on watering the milk that they have to give their child.

Reduce the bureacracy by 50% and eradicate all the State owned companies which act as conduits for the cronies to loot and plunder the country. That woould be the one best way to cut wastage - instead of window dressing the public by switching off the lights during lunch breaks.

And lest we forget - is it not time that all the Departments; Local Authorities; State Owned Companies; etc got rid of the huge SUVs and massive 11 seaters and buses and go towards supprting the Malaysian produced vehicles. Maybe the Auditor General can say how much Capital is wasted on these equipments and how much is spent annually in maintaining them in terms of 'flicked' parts; repairs; fuel; drivers; drviers' assistants; parking space; etc.

Do these vehicles serve any purpose other than the bureaucrats beeing driven from one meeting to another - to think of ways to further loot the kitty.

6:31 PM GMT+8  

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